Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope the weekend treated ya well! Last time we took a look at How To Trinity, today’s Rhino’s turn! Now one of my better kept secrets is that I’ve actually used the ol’ guy once or twice in the past. I can’t think of any videos off the top of my head, but if you take a close look at our past videos you’re bound to find him tucked away in one somewhere! Rhino was the original Tank frame, which is actually what drew me to him in the first place. Unfortunately for Tank lovers out there, while he’s durable, he’s no tank. If that’s the one aspect of the game you were looking for, Valkyr and Inaros are the two you want to aim yer sights on. In my opinion, Rhino is more like a sturdy dependable DPS. Glass cannons are nice, but you do zero damage when yer dead. Rhino can both eat up and dish out damage, buff your group to deal even more, and has some utility and mobility in there for an extra spice.

Let’s take a look at his abilities a lil’ closer! The first one you’ll have access to is Charge. This one’s pretty simple, ya pick a direction and charlie sheen across the level. Enemies in your way get damaged and knocked down. If you enjoy that, try it with Iron Skin active and you’ll send em soarin’! Each time you cast charge you’ll notice a meter pop up for a second. If you cast it again during that time it will reset, your Charge damage and distance will increase, and the cost to use it will decrease. This stacks like twice so if you can tolerate the level flying past your screen, you can zoop around the place dealing damage for marginal energy costs. His second, and unfortunately only ability most people know he has is Iron Skin. This is the sole source of Tank Frame you’ll find on Rhino, and why I think calling him such is a bit of a stretch.

Cast the ability, gain a shield! It applies on top of your current health and shield stats and will be consumed first. So if you are almost dead and see a rocket with your name on it, pop Iron Skin and welcome to awesome town. Population: Every Rhino player. Ever. In fact, right after you cast it, for a few seconds you’ll actually soak up the damage you receive and store it like a battery. When the timer expires that feeds directly into Iron Skin’s health pool, making it last even longer. While active it prevents status effects like bleeding, some knockdown effects, or getting your energy drained by Infested Ancients. A great ability, but try not to overly rely on it and get lazy as that’s a very easy trap to fall into. His third ability is Roar and is quite handy. Using it buffs you and any nearby friendly target damage. So if you want a defense mission to move a little faster or enemies armor is startin’ to get a bit thick, give out a shout and there ya go! It applies the damage buff to both weapons and abilities, but the strange thing goin’ on under the hood with this is, while you’ll deal more ability damage, you don’t actually gain any ability power.

So don’t cast this and then Iron Skin assuming it will be stronger because of it. Not like I ever assumed that’s how it works, or anything –ahem– His ultimate ability is Rhino Stomp. Ya might notice a Rhino _blank_ naming scheme here. Never said nothin’ bout Rhino bein’ eloquent. Using Stomp causes a fairly large area around yourself to damage enemies, lift them off the ground, and sloooowly fall back down Matrix Style, making any survivors easy to locate AND provide excellent headshot target practice. Or if you’d prefer, you can use Charge on the slow-mo enemies for double the damage ontop of your multiplier. That’s the basics on how his abilities work. But how does he play in the field? Well, that’s gonna be up to your own playstyle, Legion. Build-wise you can swing him however ya like, but I suppose his main three options are damage, defense, or support.

For damage you’ll want to focus on Power Strength, Range, and Efficiency mods so your Stomp deals a lot of damage across a huge area for minimal costs. You’ll probably want Rush or Armored Agility in there as Rhino’s naturally big boned so he’s a bit on the slow side. “I’m tryin’ ta lose it, boss!” Hey, you’re beautiful just the way you are, baby. Defense of course would gravitate toward Iron Skin, so Power Strength and Efficiency. The rest of your mod space should go towards buffing your health, shields, and as much bonus armor as you’re comfortable with. Support is what I actually go with as I’m a nut for various reasons, in fact I could probably do a guide just on this style of play alone, but basically this one’s more about making sure the group as a whole is doing well and that the mission is successful. It’s a bit of a mix of the two previous builds with equal amounts of customization and what some fancy folks would describe as “yeaaah, that looks good enough”.

You’ll want to be able to soak a decent amount of damage to help the group when it needs it, so you’ll want to buff your stats and Iron Skin. On higher level content you’ll want Roar on pretty much at all times, but I’d actually recommend efficiency over duration as that can lead to difficulties reapplying it. Those are just the main three routes of course, you can do any variations ya like. Good news is, no matter which ya choose, I dare say ya won’t get bored of him as I’ve been goin’ on three years with the ol’ lug and he’s still as dependable now as he was then. If you are curious how modding works I’ll put a link to it up on screen right about now, that should cover darn near everything ya might be wondering about it.

If you liked this guide, we’d be honored if you like, favorite, and share it with your fellow Tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does! As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank-you for watching and catch you next time, Legion! Take care! “I’m tryin’ ta lose it, Boss!” Hey, you’re beautiful just the way you are, baby..

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