Yarr me hearties! It’s time to raise the Jolly Roger and set sail for gold and glory on The Sea of Thieves! Yarrr!! Sea of Thieves is the latest game from renowned British developer, Rare the studio behind all-time classics like Donkey Kong Country and Banjo Kazooie It’s a very different kind of game than we’ve seen from them before Here you and up to 3 friends are thrust into an always online sea of other players and left to forge your own path to becoming a pirate legend There’s no real story to follow here though, instead you set out on voyages which are issued by one of three factions: the Gold Hoarders send you out looking for hidden treasure The Order of Souls have you taking on armies of skeletons and legendary pirates While the Merchant Alliance task you with collecting and delivering goods like chickens and pigs Once you’ve completed the voyage and have your loot you must return to an outpost and hand them in to get your reward Except of course, this is a world full of player-controlled pirates who can swoop in and steal your hard-earned booty at any time and claim the rewards for their own There’s always a moment of terror when you’ve got a haul of cargo to hand in and you spot a ship on the horizon heading straight for you Yarr shiver me timbers! Ahoy there, me hearties! I just wanted to point out that you can sail off on these voyages solo in a small ship called a Sloop.

I quite like pirating alone, with the salty air coursing through my grill! Harrr! Adventuring alone goes from being extremely relaxing to terrifyingly hectic! Oh shiver me timbers! I hope he makes it back to port okay. I have to agree though, there is something quite magical about sailing off into the horizon alone. But this game is designed to really shine when you form a crew with friends and command a mighty galleon Aye, this game is built for interacting with other players, for example, it takes a full crew to control one of these galleons While someone needs to steer they can’t really see where they’re going so someone else needs to be checking the map and helping navigate, whilst others need to trim the sails and keep a lookout for trouble or potential booty and it’s all hands on deck when trouble arises! Man the cannons! I love the idea of everyone being needed to fill these roles But it felt like once the course is set in the sails are trimmed there’s not really much for the crew to do.

I would have really liked if there was more to do to pass the time Well, you can always play a delightful sea shanty or dance a jig, and that view never gets old. I can watch those waves for days Yeah, it is super pretty, especially when the sun catches the waves just so. But this all quickly started to feel a little pointless to me I mean the world feels kind of more like a movie set than a living breathing place that you want to explore There’s almost nothing to do or see on islands unless a voyage sends you there and even then it’s always the same thing Yeah, the voyages just gets super repetitive Go here, dig up chest, go here, Kill skeletons, go find chickens, go hand them in, then do it again and again I would have loved a bit more of a structured story or something to really draw you through.

Well, the voyages do get harder and more complex as you level up with each faction And there’s other things to do like attacking skeleton forts and finding sunken shipwrecks. And apparently there’s a kraken out there! Which I’ve yet to find… And that mysterious stranger seems to have something cool to offer you once you’ve levelled up enough. That character is so useless! Why tell me to come back every five levels if you’re not gonna give me anything? At least give me like a new hat, or some gold, y’know, bit of pocket money. Something! And speaking of the rewards none of them are interesting. All you can buy are cosmetic upgrades like new sails, clothes, and weapon designs. And speaking of weapons, while ship combat is fun the melee combat felt super clunky. Yeah, it needs some exotic or rare weapons, or special buffs for your ship to give players something worthwhile to work towards. It’s just crying out for more interesting toys to be added to the sandbox. Yeah, while I totally agree with everything you’re saying I still had a lot of fun with this Getting voyages, setting a course, rigging the sails, tacking against the wind, following the clues, digging up gold, fighting off other pirates, Aah, it’s the Pirate’s life! It just creates these awesome organic stories and encounters from finding a lonely friendly pirate who wants to share his loot Or trying to fight off hordes of skeletons while a hostile galleon tries to raid your ship.

When all those systems are just working together. It’s so exciting No, I wanted more from the world. I think they’ve got the skull and bones of a great game here, but it’s missing the heart and soul for me Maybe after they’ve added in more stuff to do I’ll change my mind, but for now I’m giving this 2. Yeah, it’s got some great ideas and it can come together brilliantly, but I think it just banks too much on players making their own fun rather than giving them something fun to do. So it’s 2 and a half rubber chickens from me. I disagree with you both, I can’t wait to get back out on the high seas I’m giving it 4 rubber chickens. You know this game made me legit seasick after a while. Oh, yeah, I thought that too. Arr, you landlubbers. That’d be a bonus feature Ughhh, I think I’ve hit some rough seas I’m feeling a little sea…

sick… too.

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