So while the Call of Duty youtubers were having fun on DLC for warming up learning them fortnight dance moves motto or feat tube was put up on backwards-compatibility Charlie and he’ll speak about that forgotten modern war featuring master as well and I wonder when exactly is that coming up there’s also a little black ops or zombies until going around so let’s just get right into it if you love your mama smash a like and subscribe for more Call of Duty content so this is happening Xbox has announced that call of duty modern warfare 2 is now backwards compatible on Xbox one making it the final Call of Duty game to now be backwards compatible on the Xbox one platform I’m like damn son the rest of the call of duty community is learning them for tonight dance moves and you’re telling me it’s the last call of duty mmm we need more than that then they’re like call of duty modern warfare originally released in 2009 dwell by infinity war and modern warfare 2 features campaign multiplayer and spec ops co-op mode for those that already on either a disc version or digital version of call of duty modern warfare 2 on Xbox 360 you can now play modern warfare 2 on Xbox one if you own the disc insert the disc in the Xbox one tray if you own it digitally visit the Xbox one store now on Xbox once you download the title if you don’t own it it’s currently on sale on the Xbox Store of it backwards compatibility all modern warfare 2 DLCs are also available to play on Xbox one modern warfare 2 feature two DLC map packs the stimulus pack and the resurgence pack both of which can be played you must own the content in order to play it like come on in addition since the servers are the same Xbox 360 servers your stats will be exactly as before if you were banned on modern warfare 2 you will not be able to play man I’m telling you all this is a serious slap on the face to all the Sony ponies out there myself included I’m on the PlayStation but hey this is great news for Xbox for sure if you’re an Xbox we’ll have fun for sure but I wonder where exactly is that modern warfare 2 remaster and I wonder why they took this long to make it backwards compatible because this was the main point yes it’s not backwards compatible therefore we’re gonna have it remaster because Activision don’t want to leave money on the table so they’re gonna remaster it and then make it backwards compatible but now that we got it maybe it’s gonna be remastered next year I guess because this is what Charlie Intel says we have no new information regarding the possibility of modern warfare to remaster beyond what we shared back in March and back in March even could talk you and multiple different sources confirm that modern warfare 2 will be camping only and no multiplayer it’s not being developed in some shit like that that’s what they said right and maybe they’re working on multiplayer and they’re gonna come back hard with that I do not know but let me know what you think for sure also in the news this was posted back on July 27th a.m.

And it seems to be catching a lot of fire recently because a lot of people talking about this and it says the following call of duty black ops 4 invades the EB gamers zone call of duty black ops 4 invades the EB gamer zone on Saturday September 1st zombie sessions and developer signings on the EB stage follow us EB Games candidate on Facebook for updates follow us he begins Canada on Facebook for updates they say the same shit but the biggest thing here was that it’s gonna be on September 1st and we’re gonna get special tanks signing and whatnot at EB Games right it seems to be like a giveaway but I’m not totally sure of what’s going down with it but a lot of people are talking about it and a lot of people are saying that are we gonna see a trailer Dan but I think if we’re not gonna see a trailer then just because it’s September 1st Saturday so if anytime you can see a trailer before it but again we’re gonna have blackout coming out on September 10th and next week presumably we’re gonna have blackout trailer maybe it’s gonna grow up tomorrow after tomorrow or on Friday it’s very likely but maybe they’re gonna drop classified intro because you guys gonna keep in mind they also got a drop model the dead gameplay trailer and even the classified gameplay trailer with the intro so maybe they’re gonna do something before then but I’m not sure this is just something I’ve been hearing so taught I’ll share with y’all let me know what you think like and subscribe check out some other videos on the screen and I will see you in the next one

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