“Sometimes Armies require a little assistance, so it’s best to brief yourself on the incoming barrage of downloadable content.” (Swoosh) (Sword slash) (Intro Jingle) What’s up guys, Stevie here with Lucky Crit. In the days since my last episode focusing on DLC for Fire Emblem Echoes, we’ve received several official announcements of further DLC packs from Nintendo, and dataminers have also discovered images of all the DLC installments to come. Today I want to discuss all of the DLC that will be available for Echoes, and whether or not you should get it.

It’s not really spoiler territory, as this is extra content that’ll be available for purchase and won’t be affecting the in-game story or characters much, but if you’d prefer to experience the reveal of this content when it is officially announced, then I guess I’ll see you next time, however most has already been officially revealed in Nintendo’s own DLC briefing trailer. I’ve seen many of you in the comments expressing your concerns about the price-tag of the season pass of all the DLC, which has been revealed to be remaining around 45 US dollars, and I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Even the announcer of this new DLC trailer describes it as a barrage. “So it’s best to brief yourself on the incoming barrage of downloadable content.” Originally we thought there was the possibility of it being a bit cheaper in the west, when looking back on the prices of some of the DLC we got for Awakening and Fates, (compared to their original Japanese prices) but it seems that this time it’ll be remaining consistent with the pricing in Japan and our estimates from last time.

With that siad though, you won’t necessarily need to pick up all the DLC, perhaps there are just a few maps or a few extras you’ll be interested in, and there will also be a handful of free gifts for everyone, some of which will enhance the gameplay experience most of all, so let’s take a look. The first pack of DLC, that we discussed in the last DLC episode I made, has now been localized as the Fledgling Warriors pack, featuring the Astral Temple Dungeon, and Wretches and Riches and Band of Bandages maps.

Buying this pack alone will cost $7.99. As a quick refresher, The Astral temple dungeon will probably be a neat way for the player to acquire more items, and will even provide the player the ability to get star shards at random. Star Shards are from Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem (the third game in the series) and its remake that we never got in the west, New Mystery of the Emblem. In the original game they provided growth rate modifications, allowing units to be a bit further customized with altered growths. In New Mystery, the growth modifications were replaced by flat stat increases, but for Echoes it appears they’ll be retaining their original attributes that modify growth rates, which is great news for everyone. These shards will help you to further modify your character and assist characters with ailing growths in some areas to be a bit more balanced. Shards like the Taurus star shard will be incredibly useful, providing a flat boost of 5% to all stats save resistance, where it provides a 2% increase, and overall will be exceedingly useful to help your characters gain those much needed stat increases throughout your journey in Valentia.

You’ll also be getting a free one, but we’ll get to that later. The shards in general are also a nice tie-in to Marth’s storyline occurring across the sea, too. Wretches and Riches will reward the player with Silver Marks for forging, and Band of Bandages will be an EXP map with some Entombed enemies for fast exp gains. On May 25th we’ll be receiving the Undaunted Heroes Pack, featuring the Inner Sanctum dungeon, Wealth before Health, and Lords of the Grave maps at the cost of $9.99.

The Inner Sanctum will feature astral looking enemies and provide the player with more opportunities to get items from the dungeon, more chances to get Star Shards, and access to the Starsphere as a reward if you have all of the Star Shards and a Black Pearl. The Wealth Before Health DLC rewards the player with both Silver Marks and Gold Marks, whereas the original Wretches and Riches map will only provide the player with Silver Marks. Lords of the Grave looks to be an even more intense EXP map than Band of Bandages, too. If the announcer is actually stating the true names of these enemies, then it seems “Tomb Lords” might be enhanced versions of Entombed enemies, unless he’s just describing the Entombed.

One thing is certain though, the difficulty of these maps is 3 stars when compared to the Fledgling Warriors map pack with a difficulty of one star, so these will be a lot more challenging to beat. But as you could probably tell, the rewards are also a lot sweeter. We’ll also be getting the The Lost Altars pack on May 25th as well. It showcases what the dataminers found in the code of the game, brand new fourth tier classes (or third tier classes for classes that didn’t get to the third tier originally).

This ten piece set will cost $14.99. These classes are called “Overclasses” and the ones featured in the trailer are called “Spartans,” (which is an upgrade for Barons in the Soldier class-line) “Harriers” which are upgraded Falcoknights and Pegasus Knights, “Yakshas” look to be upgraded Dread Fighters from the Mercenary line, and due to the datamined info we also know that there’ll be more altars for Cavaliers, Male Mages, Female Mages, Clerics, Archers, and even Alm and Celica, which we’ve received some images of.

The Rise of the Deliverance pack, available June 1st, will feature more prologue maps where you can see how events played out before the main game storyline. It’ll cost $12.99. While I’m sure there will be some of you that are disappointed that this content could have come in the main game itself, I don’t personally blame them for offering this as DLC, as a bunch of random prologue chapters before you even begin the game as the main cast would have likely been a confusing and poorly paced beginning to the main Echoes storyline. Also remember that Fire Emblem Gaiden was complete with the story that it told, and you’re still getting the entirety of that main story here with the standard release of Echoes. So this is just extra history and development for some characters that didn’t necessarily fit into the main game. This pack will feature the Battle of Zofia Harbor, Outpost rescue, Flight from the Ruins, and the Siege of Zofia castle. The announcer then mentions that you’ll be able to command units that you can’t control usually, which looks to be Fernand, Berkut’s right hand man that we’ve discussed in previous episodes of this series.

Due to the datamine, we can see that the Outpost Rescue mission will be focused on Lukas, Flight from the Ruins will feature Clair front and center, and the Siege of Zofia castle has Clive in the spotlight. So perhaps if these characters are your favorites or you love diving deeper in the lore of the games, these chapters will be for you.

The rewards for these prologue chapters will be more character support conversations, and character specific items, like Lukas’s shield. The fifth pack of DLC isn’t revealed in the trailer, but we do know that we’ll be receiving some Fire Emblem Cipher card game crossover chapters as DLC, and according to IGN, there’ll be two maps in this pack valued at $5.99. Originally we weren’t sure if the West would be getting them, as with Fire Emblem Fates we still have yet to receive all the DLC for those games, and in Japan they also had access to DLC characters from special codes in the Fire Emblem Cipher trading card packs, that obviously never made it overseas.

However, it does appear that we’ll be getting these DLC chapters this time around, and thanks to Serenes Forest, it looks like the characters Ema, Lando, Shade and Yuzu will become playable characters in Echoes from this pack. With how small the total cast in Fire Emblem Echoes is, I personally really like the idea of adding a few more playable characters. Let’s hope they’re not like the Amiibo characters in Fates though, which were limited to certain classes or had various restrictions.

It’ll also be interesting to see if the Villager’s fork item will work on them as well, allowing them to access other classes. Will they even be fully voiced? There’s no way to know yet, but I’ll assume that they may not be. Still, I do like the idea of a couple of more characters added into the mix. The dataminers also discovered other DLC that appears to be pending or may have been scrapped by developers. These included more Fire Emblem Cipher gifts, like a Starter Deck purchase gift for Series 9 of the Fire Emblem Cipher card game, a fifth Prologue chapter that may have been cut, and more Cipher maps that may have originally been planned to feature one character each, instead of the two per chapter that we’ll be getting now.

There will also be free DLC called the “Gift of the Goddess” from the Goddess Mila, which looks to be 5 separate gifts, that we’ve discussed before. The first one will provide the player with some boots to add extra movement to a unit. We also have confirmation that the second free Gift of the Goddess DLC will give the “Villager’s fork” item, allowing any non-villager character (aside from Alm and Celica) to adopt the villager class and become any other class (barring gender restrictions, like with Faye unable to be an archer or mercenary because they’re male only). This will provide the player (once per playthrough) the opportunity to transform any character they want into another class line, further adding to the replayability of Fire Emblem Echoes, and the fun the player can have trying out different teams and different character classes on subsequent playthroughs alongside the original villagers as well as the choice between Sonya and Deen.

The third Gift of the Goddess will provide the player with a Taurus Star Shard and a Golden bag. The free Taurus star shard will be an awesome gift that you’ll probably give to your favorite character to boost all of their growth rates. As far as DLC pricing goes with the season pass, they’re offering it at $45 and claiming that it will provide a 30% discount, however their math seems to be off a bit, as adding up all the packs individually amounts to a total of $52, and 30% of that is $15.60.

The season pass would’ve had to be totaled $37 to provide that big of a discount. Unless of course they’re planning on selling the DLC chapters and maps within the packs individually, and they added up the individual prices that way. Or maybe they could be planning another future pack? Probably not likely, but who knows. The silver lining about the season pass though, is that if you’d rather pick and choose which packs to buy, you won’t be losing out on much money as opposed to buying them all together. The incentive for actually getting the season pass is a savings of $7, or about a 14% discount in total with the information we have currently. So, should you buy the DLC? My recommendation would probably be to skip out on the first DLC pack, the Fledgling Warriors pack, and to wait the mere 6 days after launch for the Undaunted Heroes pack instead. This pack seems to be an upgraded version of the first pack, so the first pack will ultimately be obsolete once the second one releases.

The only downside to this pack instead of the first one is the increased difficulty ratings on the maps, but if you’re actually getting through the game by the time it’s released, it shouldn’t be too bad. The Temple of Stars Inner Sanctum provides all the same rewards as the original Temple of Stars DLC, with the addition of having the extra reward of a Starsphere if you have all the Star Shards and a Black Pearl. It’s not clear if you need to have the original Temple of Stars DLC in order to play this second Inner Sanctum dungeon in this DLC pack, but I’m assuming that won’t be the case.

The Wealth before Health DLC rewards the player with both Silver Marks and Gold Marks, whereas the original Wretches and Riches map will only provide the player with Silver Marks. Though it’ll also be more difficult like the others, the Lords of the Grave map also seems like it’ll probably give out more EXP, so that’s better, too. Aside from that, the Overclasses seem a little overkill, if you ask me, but if that seems fun to you and you want to see your favorite characters upgraded even further, perhaps that could be an option for you. And unless you’re really interested in the game’s lore and want to see more about what happens before the events of the main storyline, you probably won’t miss out on too much by skipping the Rise of the Deliverance pack. Finally, I’d grab the Cipher Series 5 DLC pack if you want the extra characters, but perhaps hold out until we know for sure the limitations of these characters, and more about them.

Personally, I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get any Marth DLC. A lot of you did mention that it would be difficult for him to have a Cameo in Valentia due to him currently rebuilding in Archanea after the events of his first game, but honestly we’ve had many worse and more non-sensical ways of having cameos before, like with the Einherjar cards for Awakening and Fates. Considering he really is just right across the ocean, I think it’s a missed opportunity to tout the series mascot, but I suppose he wasn’t REALLY needed in Valentia. I also know a lot of you are sad to see that Anna won’t be DLC in Echoes either, as this is the first game in series history aside from the original Fire Emblem Gaiden to not feature Anna in any way. To be fair, she wasn’t present in Gaiden, so maybe we shouldn’t have expected it, but she’s such a series staple at this point that it’s weird not to see her somewhere. I know some of you were also hoping that we’d get an axe unit as DLC, but unfortunately that also appears to not be the case.

That’s gonna wrap up today’s episode guys, thank you so much for watching! Be sure to slash the thumbs up if you enjoyed this episode or learned anything new, comment, “Echoes” in the comment section, and also let me know how you feel about this DLC, and if you’ll be getting any of it. Make sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet, so you can stay up to date on our content, and for behind the scenes information and news revealed on the fly, follow us on twitter @Luckycritgaming. And I’ll see you all next time. .

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