Here, here, here Yep, go get em’ Coming up behind you! Ah I’m down. Is he down? Yeah. I’m going to their galleon. Oh there’s a Sloop in front of me Oh yeah? I just killed the person who respawned Alright, there’s another sloop coming right towards you. Towards the galleon? That’s not me, that is not me, yeah. This crew, this crew only had two chests, and we got them right? Yeah. Anything in the crow’s nest? Oh, there’s a gunpowder barrel here Yo, blow that s*** up, yeah. I blew it up. The sloop that came up on this galleon is the people from last time. Do we want to stop here? Uh, we can get behind them. We should stop here, yeah. Get em’ boy! I shot the captain One dead You wanna board? Two dead. I gotta get ammo, yeah. I’m gonna sink them, you board. Alright. You ok? Two are dead! I got em’ both again. Wooooooooo! We are kicking *** right now, dude! You okay? I just got hit down because I think I was sinking, but I’m good.

S*** he got me..

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