Welcome to TeeTekTrab’s Super Channel! Well hey guys! Thanks so much for tuning into TeeTekTrab again that is TeeTekTrab, signing IN with anotha TOP TEN VIDEO! In Super Mario Odyssey DLC. Number 1! Isle Delfino Because you might as well! I loved SMSS and contrary to popular belief, it was an enjoyable mario title that shouldn’t be over looked. Also Super Mario 64 got their own shout out so, why not? You can capture bloopers and ride around in them ink splatoon style, and collect some sun shine-sprites what about that? Or in that case, shine sprites. Cause that’s not what they’re called they’re called shine sprites not Super sunshine sprites! yaegh! They also alluded to *laughs* Sunshine with the costumes so they may even go that route. I mean you guys already ya know, OH! maybe that’s next I mean they did have the super mario 64 costume but now they got the super mario sunshine costume so I mean I don’t know what the hold up is, cmon make it happen.

Maybe we can run and spit juice Yoshi or voimit. Remember in super mario sunshine… Yoshi…vomited juice?. …which by the way Ihave something to tell you guys, I don’t think is YOSHI AT ALL The super mario sunshine yoshi is not yoshi! Put in that dramatic music baby! ROLL IT! *DRAMATIC MUSIC* Have you ever noticed that Yoshi in super mario sunshine, doesn’t seem to be himself in that game? You know what, If you’re interested, I actually have a theory about that. You might want to check it out! Go ahead, click on the icard or the link in the description down below.

Number 2! Fall damage- There are people who say Super Mario Odyssey is too easy and I can see why people would think that. I mean, this form of 3D mario platforming (Super Mario 64) has been out for 21 years…. 21 YEARS! Do you know how long that is?* I don’t want to sound like an old man, but yeheh back in my day Mario had Fall Damage! That’s terrible you know what? Don’t click off the video yet! While trying to desperately push down a young-mid life crisis I will remind you that in those days Mario did indeed take fall damage. He could fall off of high places and take damage.

Now, although you could do a dive or ground pound at the very last second and avoid damage, it added an extra wrinkle of difficulty that some veteran players would appreciate. It would have been a nice touch Number 3 Less coins. There are alot of coins with Mario in this game. This wouldn’t be the case if it weren’t for Balloon World. You know, it’s a thing that I’m really happy that they did so don’t get me wrong I LOVE Balloon world! Balloon world is aweswome! I mean I still play it to this day, I mean I played it trying to make this video so. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Balloon World, it’s just extremely easy to get the maximum amount of coins now. I constantly run around with9,999 coins on me. And to be honest there’s not much use for them at this point. You can buy every costume and spend it all on moons, but that’s pretty much it. They don’t effect gameplay that much for the end game. Lot’s of coins. There’s tons and tons of coins. But uh, there’s not much use for them what are we gonna do with all these coins! I mean we have so many of them! What are we gonna do with them, there’s so many COINS SO MANY coins!! What is this top list, what am I doin? Number 4 Have costumes that matter.

Super Mario Odyssey has a plethora of costumes. I think over 50 to be exact. There’s a lot of costumes in this game folks. You can dress almost any- only person you can’t dress up as right now is toad. You can dress as so many different characters and wouldn’t it be cool if they effected the gameplay elements as well? You know like for example, have Luigi be able to jump higher, or ya know the diddy kong costume so that way he can run faster, jump for longer distances. I think it’d be a pretty nice touch I mean, there are so many coins I mean, why not do it? Why not just implement those.

But I mean of course I know they have alot of stuff going but I’d think it’d be a pretty good idea. Also, I mean you can also bump up the price a little bit. I think they should be 10,000 coins. *BOO* Oh, hey everybody calm down, it was just a suggestion ok? CALM DOWN! Number 5! I understand that Cappy is the best asset for Mario and, yes it’s true, that is the reason why Cappy is in the game, but we know in this world power-ups do exist so why not include them? Or better yet, have cappy get a power-up? For example, Mario could throw cappy on a mushroom and become bigger, allowing him Mario to trampoline even higher on cappy almost cannon like in the air, Or Fire Flower Cappy.

Mario could use it or cappy could use it just just throw em in there. Mix em together all in a big pot and make it happen it’d be great. That would ad tons of variety to the gameplay! Number 6! A fully fledged cloud kingdom. Yeah, that’s right I said it. Have you looked at clouds inside this game? Inside all the mario games? Except for this one maybe, but look at the clouds! They have eyes for crying out loud! I feel like the developers really missed an opportunity here and it would be great to see this in DLC. A kingdom isn’t really a kingdom without people is it? So why would they call it the cloud kingdom without inhabitants? People there cloud buddies or cloud people? I mean I think it would just be it’d be crazy.

That way you can explore that thing we’ve all been seeing for well over 21 years now. We’ve seen clouds with eyes inside the 2D platforms and I think it’d be a great idea to include it. There are so many things you could do with the cloud kingdom. imagine, all this time, the clouds with eyes in the background of all the mario games had actual inhabitants in them? Same goes for ruined kingdom.

Mario should have some people to save or bring maybe he can bring the ruined kingdom back to life. that’d be great in the DLC wouldn’t it? Those are two underdeveloped kingdoms that I think maybe if I had to guess I’d put my money where my mouth is. I would dare say the next DLC will have those kingdoms that we kinda just treading over actually become fully fledged kingdoms with their own story lines inside the DLC. Nintendo, TAKE NOTE. Number 7! Use Cappy to take over Koopa Troopa and other baddies in the Mario Franchise. How cool would that be? Yeah, you can take over a goomba but what about a koopa troopa? Or what about a troopa? Or what about a koopa? I don’t remember his name. The lil green guy that you always race all the time. That’s koopa troopa right? I mean I been playin this game for 21 years and ahahaehbehaha and I don’t know the haha I don’t know anything! I think Mario should be able to take those guys over. He should also be able to take over BOOS. What about boos people? Hm? The ghost? A ghost in a ghost and a Mario and a ghost like a ghost sandwich? Instead Mario would be the meat and the ghost cappy and the ghost boo would be like the bread inside the sandwhich ya know? Nice little Mario ghost sandwich it sounds awful! And I regret saying it.

Alright *chuckles* but yeah I mean to be honest I think they missed a few opportunies in this one. I mean to be able to take control of every Mario baddie in the GAME *Muuhahahhahaa* That was awful. I might cut that out, or I might leave it in. If I left it in why don’t ya leave a comment and a like at the bottom of the bedebeibedbedebah- Number 8! Use Cappy to take over Toad\b0 – Because you can take over Yoshi, so why not Toad? Why not anyone? I mean it would almost paradoxical to take over Luigi as well! Take over your friends! Sort of like that Billy and Mandy Episode. You know what? Actually, forget I said that. That was creepy. Number 9! }Spin jump is useless. Why not make spin jump a little more useful? Maybe it’s because I’m not a speed runner, but it seems to me that this awesome looking move that Mario has had for a while now, seems pretty much useless.

Ya can’t do anything special with it. He falls slightly slower, but not enough in my opinion to warrant a special move or even programming into the game. If you’re a speed runner, let me know what’s up with that move. I’d like to know. Number 10! Mario cannot spin jump from a while jump like in Super Mario Sunshine. Now I know this totally contradicts my previous number, but I like the spin jump! I like the way it looks and just overall it’s a cool thing. I just wish you could spin-jump off walls like you could it sunshine. In super Mario Sunshine you used to be able to Jump, slide off the wall, do a spin jump off of that wall and I think that was just the coolest thing ever. Now, I realize ya can’t do it.

So cmon bring that back. Or make spine jump more useful, you can kinda rap 8 and 9 together. Yeah. Do that. But yeah guys there’s my list of Top 10 things I wish was in Super Mario Odyssey DLC, Or Top 10 Super Mario odyssey DLC predictions whichever one gets more views, Ok guys if you liked this video they why don’t ya subscribe tubscribe rubscribe pubscribe bubscribe and share the video! Guys I wanna thank you so much for doing this, for watching if you made it all the way through but even if ya didn’t I still appreciate ya anyway thanks for clicking on my video. Uhm Yeah I actually mostly do lets plays. Those be my main stay, but don’t worry this is the Super Channel we’re gonna cover all the parts. So thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate you. So uhm yeah that’s all got to say. Duh, what do you guys think? Do you like the list? Do ya think it’s garbage? Let me know in the comments section below.

I can’t believe I almost missed that. Guys have a great rest of your day and byyyyyyy-yyyy-yyy–yyeeeeeeyeaaah. .

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