The days of making do with a few rounds of Snake on your Nokia phone are long gone. Thanks to increasingly powerful hardware capabilities in smartphones, as well as rising levels of affordability, it is now possible to truly play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games on your average phone.

The rising graphics capabilities of even budget smartphones now means that you can play huge open-world online games that look and feel very much like high-end console games.

If you’re looking for some real entertainment in the year ahead, read on to find out which MMO mobile games are truly the best for 2019. 

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition


Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy release pushes the capabilities of mobile gaming to its absolute limits. The rich and detailed open world of FF is available in all of its glory here, with very few sacrifices having been made in the quest to transform a full-sized console game into a 10+ hour mobile gaming experience. Online team missions and combat options are varied and don’t feel repetitive, while the level of character customization is staggering. This is the future of mobile gaming. 

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare 

If there’s one thing that mobile gaming has been sorely lacking throughout its history, it is modern military strategy games. Available for both Android and iOS, this sprawling MMO mobile game from Plarium raises the bar for military strategy games to new heights. It takes a lot of conventional strategy game mainstays such as building bases, collecting supplies etc. and infuses them with a collaborative online element that feels fresh and exciting. Definitely, one to play in 2019. 

Dragon Nest 

One of the most popular PC online games in recent history made its way onto mobile last year, with predictably amazing results. The main thing that distinguishes Dragon Nest from many other mobile MMO games is how much it still feels like you’re playing a PC game, even if you’re actually playing it during your morning bus ride to work. The graphics are stripped back but the essence of the game is still there: team up with your friends to slay dragons in various settings and collect gold. It’s simple, stylish, and endlessly replayable. 

Runescape: Old School

This is one for the nostalgia addicts out there. When it was released almost two decades ago, Runescape quickly took the world by storm, rising through the ranks to become one of the most widely-played and iconic MMORPGs ever, with only World of Warcraft being able to compare in terms of influence. In a perhaps jarring sign of how fast technology has moved since then, the entirety of the original version of the MMO is now available in full as an Android and iOS game, including all of the settings, quests, and collectables. This is one way to lose track of an afternoon.

With releases such as these, it really looks like mobile games will soon reach parity with console games in terms of capabilities, graphics, and connectivity. We can’t wait for that day to arrive.


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