The more you dive into The Division 2, the more you realise just how far you can hone your personal playstyle and all of that can really influence how you work within a squad too. Your solo loadout might work for you, but in a squad it’s more about blending skills and abilities to make more of the team. And you’ll want to play as a foursome – or at least a healthy duo – for most of the later story missions and the rock-hard Strongholds, because they’re not easy at all. It’s incredibly tactical when you’re working as a team, and the ability to change out your gear on the fly is Well, after playing 70 or so hours of Anthem, it’s amazing how something so simple, which will take for granted in other games, is so appreciated.

Whether you’re playing in a squad or solo, rest assured: I was hooked from the first mission. The Division 2 deals with the pacing of its main missions incredibly well, introducing chunks of action and combat that constantly ebb and flow in a way that’s utterly enthralling. The fact that The Division 2 manages to make this kind of linear storyline within an equally compelling open-world structure is seriously applaudable, even if the gameplay within is basically just ‘go here, shoot the bad guys, get the loot’ and repeat ad nauseum. Incredibly, it never feels monotonous, or repetitive because the locales you’re doing all that within are so varied and atmospheric.