However, he is kidnapped by Keener and the LMB before the Division can reach him. After helping the JTF secure supplies and weapons, the JTF and Division agents launch an attack on the LMB’s base, the evacuated United Nations headquarters. The agent finds footage of Keener and his fellow rogue agents abandoning the LMB, with Tchernenko as their prisoner. The leader of the LMB, Charles Bliss, initially escapes in a helicopter, but then returns to make a final stand alongside his men. In the end, the agent destroys the vehicle, killing Bliss. Lau informs the agent that most threats are destroyed or weakened, however the LMB was split into factions. New York is approaching stability, but an unknown signal leads the agent to a secluded laboratory. There, they find Dr. Amherst’s remains, having discovered that he has died from exposure to his own virus. In the message, Amherst reveals he engineered Green Poison as part of his eco-terrorist plan to decimate the human race and preserve the planet.

Tom Clancy’s The Division was originally being developed as an eighth generation consoles exclusive.[8] Shortly after the game’s unveiling, Ubisoft stated that other platforms were not ruled out.[9] Ubisoft asked PC gamers to show interest in the game by signing petitions, and then they would decide.

During E3 2013, the game was officially announced,[12][13] with a trailer explaining the results of Operation Dark Winter and the purpose of Directive 51. During the Expo, Ubisoft announced a companion app that allows players to play the game on tablets.