A player can choose to either be born into a family line or as a ward of the state.[18] Players can start their own dynasty, or they can join another player’s if they like by obtaining a child code from the other player. A child code is a code that is generated when a player has a child in order to prevent random people from taking over that child to play. The parent can open up the capability to become their child to the public if they so choose though. Having children does not require marriage and is done by means of a contract which stipulates who has control over the child.

Being in a family has certain benefits such as financial and social support systems. If one chooses to become a ward of the state then you give up those benefits for additional character customization and flexibility. Unlike being born into a family, a ward can choose which gender they are and have a point distribution system they can use to set their starting skill values and character attributes. Wards also begin at age 12 (instead of 15 when born into a family) and so have an additional three weeks of adolescence in which they can further customize their character’s skills and abilities.