This may be the most powerful gaming mouse ever. Howdy howdy guys ponchato here, and today we’re looking at the crazy Logitech M325. I’ve long searched for the perfect gaming mouse with the right balance of performance and aesthetics, and I believe I finally found it. This one here is the “cocktail party” variant, and there are about 15 other colors and designs to pick from. Logitech says this beast has a 1000 DPI sensor, plus or minus so… you know, it’s an estimate, but roughly probably accurate. And it has the perfect setup for gaming with only 3 buttons: left, right, and the wheel. No distractions to throw off your game. It runs on a single AA battery, which they say will last for 18 months of regular use. But of course, if you’re a real gamer you’re playing at least 30 hours a day so it’s not going to last that long.

It utilizes a 2.4GHz wireless connection with 128-bit AES encryption, in case the NSA is trying to steal your 360 no scopes. It weighs in at only 93 grams so it won’t slow you down, and has the perfect size for a gaming mouse: 3.7” long, 2.2” wide, and 1.5” tall (that’s 95mm by 57 by 39). And don’t let its tiny stature fool you; this is a gaming machine. Now take a listen to the quality of the clicks. And here’s the shake test, to see if any of the buttons are loose… As you can hear, basically everything in this mouse is loose, which is actually good for gaming, because it all moves freely. I ran some tests and measured the polling speed to be 130Hz, which is 5Hz faster than a typical mouse you’d find in a cereal box, so I think Logitech applied a factory overclock. Gnarly. And here’s the sensor quality test. I think this mouse actually has whatever the opposite of angle snapping is, because I was completely unable to draw a straight line.

Now, that’s actually a good thing for gaming because it makes you a stronger player, since you have to compensate for your mouse not actually following your hand movements. In the bottom right you can see the lift off test, which shows pretty clearly how terrible this mouse is at tracking. Again, a good thing for gaming because it makes you stronger. Now check out some gameplay with this mouse. And just as final proof of how strong this thing is, check out this clutch 360 no scope. Here’s one I almost landed but this dude was way too good so he got me first. He was probably a professional.

The wait for the perfect gaming mouse is over. The Logitech M325 is everything we could ever hope for, and more. Not only will the awful tracking make you a better player, its low weight and small size will help prevent fatigue during those 14 hour gaming sessions that you always end up regretting. Marvelous. Follow the link in the description to pick one up for yourself, and bring your gaming to the next level. If you want to get notified of new videos as soon as they’re up, hit subscribe then click the bell icon to enable notifications. So guys if you liked this video hit the like button, if you want to see more hit subscribe, and if you didn’t notice this is an April Fools’ video, leave a comment below. Thanks for watching, I hope I helped, and I’ll see you in the next video. Please don’t buy this mouse..

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