– Can you answer this question? Yes? (upbeat music) What do you think of the alleged Pokémon Switch leaks? Okay, so for those of you that don’t know what that is or what’s been going on, a little while back, we talked about that they are working on a new Pokémon game for Switch, and that was about it. It was gonna come out maybe in 2018, maybe later. We’re not gonna say anything specific, there’s just a Pokémon game in the works. And recently, people have uncovered trademarks for something called Pokémon Let’s Go!, with the idea being that’s Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu Edition and Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee.

Now, because of these names, a lot of people think that it might be either a remake of Pokémon Yellow, in which you started off with Pikachu and Gary slash Blue, whatever you wanna call him, started with Eevee. Other people are saying that it’s just pointing to the fact that the game is going to be featuring the original start area. And then there’s also a lot of people kind of assuming that it might have some kind of crossover with Pokémon Go!, because of the names Pokémon Go!, Pokémon Let’s Go!, but it’s all kind of just conjecture based on the naming. So, as far as what I think about them, I mean, it’s all wild speculation. The only part about it that I do really believe personally is the fact that it is going to take place in the original starter location from the first games Pokémon Red and Blue. The reason being is because even before all this news, Nintendo was already laying really heavy hints that they were kinda gonna revisit that area. Pokémon Sun and Moon constantly mentioned the Kanto region, so yeah, I think that those might be the names.

I think it’s gonna be in the first area, but that’s all I really personally believe out of all those rumors. Everything else, it’s just people kind of making thin connections. So one of the things that I got a lot of questions on are my thoughts on the new Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and there were two main things that really came up. First off, what do you think about Call of Duty making a Battle Royale mode, and do you think Battle Royale is the future of gaming? Well, I think it’s a little extreme to say that Battle Royale is the future of gaming.

– I’m from the future. – Yeah I don’t think it’s gonna replace all games out there, but it certainly is the hot thing right now, and I think all major, big name shooters are gonna offer some kind of Battle Royale mode for quite a while until maybe the genre starts getting a little too old. So, Call of Duty, I think even Battlefield, I think all those companies are gonna start having some kind of Battle Royale mode in their games, even if it’s not the focus.

And kinda like when MOBA’s blew up and we got a flood of those in the market, the same is gonna be true of this genre, and we’re gonna see a lot of smaller companies and big companies pumping out Battle Royale games to try and cash in and compete against PUBG and Fortnite. Is it gonna be something that’s just gonna be the main standard for all shooters from now on? I don’t think so. I think it’s gonna be really popular for awhile. I think there’s gonna still be games that celebrate the genre, but like all trends, it’s going to be something that has its peak, and over time just be another game genre. And second, do you think Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will actually be as successful as Black Ops 3 ’cause of the lack of single player campaign or will many players abandon it? Personally, I don’t think the lack of a single player campaign is going to affect sales at all.

And if it does, it’s gonna be really minor. Don’t get me wrong, I like single player campaigns. I know there are people that look forward to that in Call of Duty, but it is just not the focus of the franchise anymore. I mean, even Activision has said that for Black Ops 3, less than 10 percent of the people who played the game actually finished the campaign.

It’s just not the target audience anymore. And making those campaigns is expensive. I mean, they have to hire acting talent, they make specially designed levels, it’s just a lot of resources that could instead go to making the multiplayer better and giving you even more maps to play on. So yeah, I don’t think that affects sales at all, and honestly, I kinda think it’s the right move. Do you think we will get game cube and GBA virtual console? – [Announcer] Get ready for eye popping, jaw dropping, Gamecube action. – Yes and no. So, Nintendo has said repeatedly that they are not putting virtual console on the Switch, but I don’t think that necessarily means that they aren’t going to have retro games. So the entire system virtual console is that on some of their other platforms, you’ve had the option to buy some retro games for like six bucks a piece as digital content and play the games there, but didn’t cross over between system. It was kind of annoying, it was a whole thing.

And they’ve said that they’re not doing that on the Switch, but they have said that retro games are gonna be some part of their paid online service, so what I think Nintendo’s doing is they’ve been really trying to pick up on a lot of the business strategies that other companies have been doing for longer. We’ve been seeing a lot more DLC in their games, that kind of thing, paid online service, so I think that if we’re going to see retro games on the Switch, instead of being virtual console where you’re buying individual titles, they might move on to some kind of new system that’s more a long the lines of Playstation Now or the XBOX Gamer Pass where you have a membership and that gives you access to a number of retro games. Now, that might be just all one thing under the online membership or maybe that’s just sort of a taste of it and they announce a more full service down the line.

If they’re going to do retro games on the Switch, I think that’s the direction they’re gonna start going. Would you rather see the return of Fable with a proper fourth entry, the resurrection of Scalebound, or a new XBOX IP? Any of these would be really tempting, ’cause I would just love to see some more exclusive content on the XBOX. Between the three of ’em, Fable, I think it’s time is just done. I mean, Lionhead is gone. The original creators aren’t around anymore, and now they’ve just done a card game with it. I think it’s just, the time’s over. It was a fun series, but it’s gone.

Between Scalebound and new IP, the new IP is really, really interesting to me, ’cause it’s just like, it could be anything. Maybe they do something entirely brand new or something really cool, that’d be awesome, but on the other hand, I was really excited for Scalebound. I like the idea of riding dragons and blowing stuff up and kind of having a little bit of that Devil May Cry style action mixed in. That all called and appealed to me a lot, so if that could actually get resurrected, which there’s been rumor that maybe it’s back on track, that’d be great. Either way, Microsoft needs some more exclusive games.

That would be awesome. Do you think any other Zelda games will be ported to the Switch, for example, Twilight Princess or Majora’s Mask? So, for a little while, Nintendo got really hooked on porting some of the bigger Zelda games to the WiiU and 3DS. On the 3DS, we got both N64 games, Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time, whereas on the WiiU, we got Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. And yeah, I think it’s possible they might bring those over again to the Switch, especially with the high number of WiiU games awaiting rerelease on the Switch, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a top priority.

I think they’ve already got a lot of other bigger games they’ve been bringing over, and I think doing a port of a port isn’t quite as high. And if they do do it, I really hope they don’t just do them individually. Again, I would love if they just did a collection, whether that was having Wind Waker and Twilight Princess together, maybe throw in Skyward Sword so we have that whole kind of run of games all together. That’d be cool. I just don’t think it’s a top priority. I think down the line, some point for Switch, maybe. If you could choose a new Switch with better resolution, but the same battery life or a new Switch with the same resolution but way better battery life, which would you choose? You know, resolution is nice and all.

I’ve even said in videos before that I would love to have some version of the Switch where you do have a 1080p screen, ’cause it does look a lot better, but honestly, if I had to choose between that and battery life, I would take the battery life, because if I wanna have better looking visuals, I can dock the system, but when I use it in handheld mode, the whole point is to be portable, and if can get more than just three hours while playing certain games, that would be fantastic. And really, if we’re talking about performance verus battery life, there’s actually a third option I would maybe take instead of battery life, which instead of better resolution, I would love higher and more consistent frame rates, because while a lot of games do run great in handheld mode, it really breaks my heart when I play some games that I really like, but then in handheld, they have some frame drops, they’re not really doing a steady 30, it’s just high consistent frame rate was definitely the best way to go for me, but between resolution and battery life, battery life, hands down.

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