So today, we’re diving in our favourite picks for the top 10 best games for the Xbox One – so far, that is. You’ll probably notice that not many on this list are Xbox exclusives, but keep in mind that we’re looking at how the game performs specifically on the console. Plus, if you’re a strictly loyal Xbox gamer, the future looks pretty bright for you, since Microsoft acquired a bunch of indie studios that they announced this past E3. So expect next years’ list to look pretty darn different. Anywho, with all that in mind, let’s jump in! 10 The Witcher 3 The Witcher 3 typically lands on most ‘best of’ games list.

So seeing it on ours should be no surprise. An immersive and in depth open world, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt brings back Geralt of Rivia whose adventures this time around will preoccupy for hours on end. The game is a commitment, friends, but one that is filled with fantastic characters, witty writing and a whole lot to unearth and discover. It’s also got a sense of humour that many a player will appreciate. If you were a big fan of Skyrim or any of the Elder Scrolls games and you’re looking for an alternative to play, The Witcher 3 is a game you can jump into to satisfy your craving.

9 Rise of the Tomb Raider If you were a big fan of the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot from developer Crystal Dynamics, you’re going to love Rise of the Tomb Raider. Initially a timed exclusive for Microsoft, Rise of the Tomb Raider came out to rave reviews, praising the emotional story and well-developed characters to the stunning graphics and how unique each and every location was. If you were a fan of Lara Croft as a much more relatable human being in her last game, this one, despite not having as strong of a story, will definitely be up your alley. Plus, the game’s DLCs put Lara up against the likes of swamp witches and zombies, and that’s pretty darn cool.

8 XCOM 2 XCOM 2 is the reboot of the 2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown. And it adjusted many of the issues players and critics had with that title. Released in 2016 by 2K, it was nominated for a slew of game of the year awards, and was praised for its new concealment system and procedural generation of maps that shook things up and kept the game constantly feeling fresh while still managing to maintain a lot of depth. Many missions also included timers, and the addition of new aliens made players who were fans of the previous game rethink their approaches and strategies. It’s also one of the more difficult games on this list, but for those looking for a really strong challenge in the strategy department, XCOM 2 is worthwhile. 7 The Witness The Witness is different than most of the other titles on this list. That’s because it falls into the puzzle genre category; as most critics noted, it’s a simple game with complex puzzles that will leave players feeling incredibly engaged. A first person puzzle adventure game, The Witness puts you in the shoes of an unnamed character who is exploring an island that has a bunch of structures and natural formations, roughly divided into 11 regions around a mountain, with reaching that mountain being your ultimate goal.

Each area is filled with puzzles for you to solve, and finishing puzzles activates a turret. When all turrets are unlocked, you’ll be able to access the inside of the mountain and finish the game. If you were a fan of the puzzle game Myst, The Witness is definitely something you want to give a go. 6 Titanfall 2 Titanfall 2 really up-ed its game compared to its predecessor. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Titanfall 2 is a first person shooter that lets players pilot mecha –style exoskeletons that are equipped with a variety of abilities. Including a single player campaign that was praised for its design and execution, along with several multiplayer modes, critics felt that the sequel was an incredibly fluid shooter that really learned from its previous title in terms of proper pacing that keeps players much more invested.

Described as frantic and exhilarating, its often considered one of the most intellectually driven first person shooters out there, with its players being forced to think tactically and strategically in order to succeed. 5 Gears of War 4 Gears of War 4 is the perfect game for those who like co-op and those who like the idea of blasting the crap out of enemies (in a sophisticated way, of course!) This third person shooter is a Microsoft exclusive, and if you’ve ever played a Gears of War game, you’re bound to be satisfied by this entry in the franchise. All of the previous elements in the game that you loved are back, and it even introduced a few new ones, like the Dropshot weapon that fires explosive drills, and the Buzzkill that fires ricocheting sawblades. You can play the campaign solo, or in co-op with a second player or locally online. Departing from its previous developer Epic Games and now developed by The Coalition, many critics felt it was a refreshing take on the series that didn’t sacrifice a lot of the aspects that fans loved about previous Gears titles.

In addition to this, Microsoft has committed to continuously updating the game. 4 Overwatch Overwatch is a game that has captivated millions of players. A team based multiplayer first person shooter, it’s Blizzard Entertainment’s belle of the ball these days, and it’s easy to see why. With a diverse cast of over 20 characters, each with a very unique style of play, it’s quickly become one of the most beloved and competitively played video games in the last few years. It’s got a lot of charm, and a devoted fan base, and markets itself as a friendly online shooter, having managed to appeal to many new players to the genre.

3 Fortnite How could Fortnite not make this list? Another cartoonish multiplayer shooter game, Fortnite has pretty much taken over the globe with its free-to-play highly addictive and highly competitive nature. Whether you’re just goofing around with your pals in a squad or going solo, it’s become a game that a wide range of younger demographics have become compelled by. Plus, the game keeps evolving; with developer Epic Games’ constant updates, it doesn’t feel like the game will be getting old any time soon, thanks to never ending influx of new events, challenges, skins and much, much more. One of the benefits of having Fortnite on your Xbox is that you can use the Xbox Play Anywhere feature and sync it up with your PC, which is super useful not only if you’re addicted and being kicked off your TV by your family members or roommates, but also if you want to dabble in streaming and feel that a PC would better suit your style of play for the game.

2 Monster Hunter: World Monster Hunter: World took the Capcom series to the next level. Adopting the series standard formulas from its older home console titles and more recent handheld ones, the experience of playing this game really blew the minds of Monster Hunter fans. It also improved upon a lot; long gone are the zones, and instead we now have a game with a fully connected world. Capcom has made use of AI to better craft their monsters, creating living ecosystems, all while making it one of the most captivating multiplayer experiences to date. It’s also got a great sense of community; prior to the game’s release, fans of the series created an official program called Adopt-a-Hunter in which more experienced players were paired up with new players in order to teach them more about the game. 1 Cuphead Cuphead may not be a game for everyone, but it’s a game that’s undeniably brilliant in the way it presents itself. For starters, its entire aesthetic is inspired by 1930s art styles the likes of the Fleischer Brothers, and its sound track has got some serious Cab Calloway Duke Ellington vibes.

Not to mention the characters are so incredibly unique and unlike anything we’ve ever really seen from a video game before, at least when it comes to this caliber of quality. The reason why Cuphead may not be everyone’s cup of tea (pun totally intended) is that many people find it a little difficult. The shoot-em-up side scroller often requires players to pay attention to timing and precision, and as you progress it only gets harder. But its oh so worth it. There we have it friends! Which one of these games is your favourite? Was there one we left out on our list that you think should’ve scored a spot? Give us a shout in those comments below and let us know! If you dug this video, spread the love, and hit that like button. And be sure to subscribe to top 10 gaming for all of your gaming lists, news, updates and much more. Plus, if you want to dive down the YouTube rabbit hole with us now, why not click on the playlist that’s currently flashing on your screen right this minute? In the meantime, thanks for watching! I’ll catch you all in the next video!

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