There will always be a heated debate about whether console or PC gaming is better. For some, they see PC as the superior way to game, and being of a higher tier when it comes to competitive gaming, whereas console fans prefer the simplicity of controls that PS4s or Xbox One’s boast, and believe that not playing a game on PC doesn’t mean you’re missing out in anyway on what the game has to fully offer.

When it comes to games that appear on multiple platforms, this debate often gets even more heated, and currently, one of the biggest games that appears on pretty much any gaming platform is the worldwide sensation, Fortnite. So you bet your butt there’s been an argument or two amongst fans who are PC loyalists versus those who like to play on console. So today, we’re breaking down those arguments with our list of the top 10 differences between fortnite on console and Pc. 10 Frames Per Second There’s a limit on the FPS you get out of a console versus what a PC is capable of. On a console you can get 60 FPS whereas on a PC, depending on what your specs are, you can have up to 300 FPS.

Now to some, you may think, meh, not really necessary when it comes to enjoying your game. To others, that difference is a big deal. So I suppose you’ve gotten determine where your priorities are. Generally, a higher FPS allows for a smoother gaming experience, with significantly less lag, resulting in better performance of your games overall. 9 Setting your button Preferences There are only so many buttons on your console’s controller.

Whether you’re playing on the PS4, Xbox One of the Switch, you’re somewhat limited to by the number of buttons on a controller. On PC, there’s more options. Have a particular way that you find your hands like to sit on your keyboard, or the way your fingers innately react to certain keys? You can always adjust your button settings to easily satisfy those preferences. 8 Preference Of a different sort! Really the console vs PC debate comes down to what you’re more comfortable or familiar with. While starting out on either for the first time has its own learning curve, playing Fortnite on the platform that is the most familiar to you will always feel like you have a better grasp on the game compared to playing on a platform that you’re unfamiliar with. Personally, I’d rather play it on the Switch or the PS4 compared to the PC, since I’m a bit of a Playstation loyalist, and generally just like the Switch’s controls.

And most games, if you throw me on a PC, it’ll take me a while to get comfortable with the controls, since I rarely play on PC. Not saying anything against the advantages that playing on PC has, it’s just not my jam. So if you’re debating about playing the game and have multiple platforms to choose from, but are determined to be as competitive as possible, pick the one that is the most comfortable one for you if you’re really having difficulty deciding. 7 The Challenge Speaking of playing for the challenge, many fans of the game play competitively.

Whether that means professionally or just for the sake of reaching tier 100 and not being knocked out of a match outside of the top ten spots. Since activates like building and shooting (which, we’ll touch on later) there is arguably a higher level of competency visible in matches, generally PC is seen as being the more competitive of the platforms to play on. This isn’t to say that overall average skill level is lower on console, just that in terms of flexibility and versatility that the keyboard and mouse give you, the games are generally of a different pace. Fortnite was initially built for PC, despite part of its mass popularity being thanks for console users. And! Remember, cross platform in Fortnite when it comes to battle Royale doesn’t happen randomly; players on different platforms aren’t randomly thrown into servers together, but rather, you can join parties with your pals who are playing on different platforms. The Save the World mode works a little differently, but considering the more popular mode is Battle Royale, it’s safe to say you probably won’t be coming up against any PC players while you’re playing on console.

6 Your Screen Now typically when playing on PC, you’re using a monitor. What size monitor that is is totally up to you, but generally, you’re not playing on a screen of massive proportions. But, when it comes to playing console, you often can have a very different screen experience. You’re not typically playing while sitting right in front of your screen. You could be sitting on a couch, staring out at a massive television screen, if that’s your prerogative. While this may seem like a very vapid point, its worth keeping in mind how the proximity of your screen can affect your eyes. Many a professional gamer owns a pair of glasses, like Gunnar glasses, that helps put less strain on your peepers. The more distance, generally, the better. 5 Your Hands Not a handsy kind of guy or gal? Not the best when it comes to hand eye coordination but still love shooters? Well, console might be more up your alley than PC.

Obviously, like noted in our previous number, that kind of thing falls down to preference, but what your hands will be doing on a controller (and how they sit on a controller) may be more intuitive to some compared to the layout of a keyboard. 4 Streaming differences I mean, this is kind of not a big deal, but hey, we have ten numbers to fill. Many a player capture their footage and stream their Fortnite games.

So the way in which you stream (and the possibilities of what you can add on to that stream) are a little limited when streaming directly off console. For example, with Playstation, you’re limited to just using the playstation headset and camera if you want to stream. You can still connect to Twitch, but compared to your options when streaming on PC, it’s not nearly as flexible. 3 Movement Away from peripherals and returning to game mechanics for this number! Your movement in Fortnite varies a little between console and PC.

When playing on PC, thanks to your mouse and keyboard, you’re able to swivel around significantly faster than you can on your console. 2 Building Building is significantly easier on PC. Why? You’re a bit limited in terms of your controls on console compared to what you have on PC. Not only can you build faster due to button placement and accessibility, but since you can literally map out your button controls to be whatever you’d like them to be on your keyboard, you’re just going to get faster building experience, and can edit your builds faster, too. The difference is noticeable when you compare building on a PS4 versus building on PC. 1 Accuracy It’s generally agreed using that playing Fortnite on PC is more advantageous when it comes to aiming at your foes. The mouse generally allows you to move more fluidly versus using the joysticks on your controllers. So this means you not only aim faster, but using a mouse also allows for more precision, which can make a huge difference when aiming from a distance. Using a mouse also allows you to have more ease when jumping and shooting. PC also doesn’t have aim assist, and on console, you can’t see your curser.

There we have it friends! What’s your opinion on Fortnite PC versus Console? Do you have a preference? Or do you not give a s***? Give us a shout in those comments below and let us know your thoughts! If you dug this video, hit that like button, and subscribe to top 10 gaming for more gaming lists, news, theories, let’s plays and much more! In the meantime though, thanks for watching! Catch you all in the next video! .

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