Who doesn’t love a good hack? Like with anything in life, people have found a way to cut some annoying corners when it comes to gaming. Whether they’re hacks that help make your gaming habits less expense, hacks that cut down unnecessary wait times or hacks that simply make your life significantly easier when it comes to playing your favourite titles, there’s a slew of tips and tricks that every committed gamer should know about. So today, we’re taking a closer look at some of these with our list of the top 10 hacks every gamer should know! 10 Emulators! Dying to play Pokemon red or blue again but can’t find your old Gameboy? Is your N64 long gone and dead, but you really wish you could play Ocarina of Time like you used to? Well, there’s a very easy solution that will give you hours of satisfaction if you don’t want to hunt down an old console on eBay or Amazon. Get yourself an emulator! Emulators operate swell on PCs or Macs, and they’re free to download.

You can even get them on your mobile phone if you give it a google. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, an emulator is basically a program that allows you to play old games that you can download, typically from the same website depending on where you’re looking. For Atari 2600, you can download Stella, which was named after the console’s codename. The JNES is an emulator for the original 8 bit NES, there’s the PCSX2 for Playstation 2 games, and for Gameboy, there’s a handful of emulators based on the system, like the Visual Boy Advance for Gameboy Advance, DreamGBC for the Gameboy Colour and BasicBoy or the gnuboy for the original Gameboy. Most are open source, which is rad. When searching for games, just google the game and the word ROM; ROMs are a computer file which contains a copy of the data from a read-only memory chip, aka a game cartridge.

You can easily find libraries of ROMs online. All you gotta do is use the power of the googles. 9 PS4 Controllers One of the most annoying thing that PS4 gamers encounter on a frequent basis is having your controller die out. If you don’t have a second controller or a long enough cable to reach where you’re sitting comfortably, it can be oh so frustrating to have to pause and get up close and personal with your screen in order to keep playing.

And if you had a PS3, you know that the PS4 controllers noticeably drain faster thanks to the additional ‘immersive’ features they boast; the speakers and the light on the back of the controller. There’s a way to minimize the amount of energy your controller consumes, though, which may help with giving you more juice. The trick is to go into your controller settings and dim the light.

While you’re unable to turn it off altogether, it helps a lot. You can also turn off the volume on the controller, too. 8 PS Vita Here’s another trick for you Playstation users. Specifically those who went out and bought a PS Vita back in the day. While the PS Vita is now seemingly useless, there’s a fun way you can still use it with your PS4 that makes that once silly investment actually worthwhile. You can actually connect it to your PS4 and stream any of your console games into it with the Remote Play feature. You can also use it as an additional controller. Once again, sync it up with Remote Play, log into your PSN account, and select the PS4 Link option on the menu. Make sure your PS4 is on; the Vita will search for any PS4 consoles on the same network. On your Ps4, go to Add Device, and you’ll find a temporary code that you can then input on your PS Vita. It will sync up the image on your television or monitor, and allow you to use it as a controller, making couch co-op that much more fun when you have a limited amount of controllers.

Neat stuff. 7 Cord Storage This is a prime example of a brilliant life hack that makes your life much more organized; at least when it comes to the cords of your various consoles, that is. So you know the cardboard tubes that your toilet paper or kitchen roll is wrapped around? Rather than toss them out (or recycle them, as you probably should), hold onto them. Get yourself a box, load it up with the cardboard tubes, and then wrap up your individual cords into a tube each. May not be the most presentable way of keeping your cords organized and untangled, but hey, its super effective. And costs pretty much nothing; you’re gonna have to buy toilet paper anyway, or at least we’d hope.

To each their own, though. 6 More Memory If you have a large library of games that you’re flitting between all at once, lacking enough memory on your system when it comes to console gaming can be a pain in the ass. There’s a couple of ways to maximize the amount of memory you have though. For starters, getting an external hard drive is huge. 1 to 2 TB external drives are small, super portable, and will pack a major punch when increasing the amount of room for need for new games. You can easily plug it into one of the empty USB ports on your console. Second, some people have actually plugged in a USB into those ports, which essentially is the same trick but smaller in scale and even more portable. The downside to that is that you’ll need a USB with a large amount of GBs on it, otherwise it’s kind of useless.

Third, if you’re having this problem with you PC, you could download software that helps you manage and free up storage space by deleting temporary files. Programs like CCleaner are a good choice for this. To clean up the RAM, try using something like Razer Cortex, which closes unnecessary applications and services. This should help boost your PCs performance. https://gamehag.com/news/top-10-gaming-life-hacks1 – 3 5 Cleaning Consoles Have you ever had an issue with your PC or your console where, all of a sudden, you load up a game and your system sounds like it’s about to take flight or just flat out blow up? Well, that’s because it’s overheating, which is a direct symptom of there being too much collected dust inside of it. The easiest way of fixing this, or preventing it, is to clean out your system.

While dusting them off once a week is the best way to stop this from happening, if your system already sounds like a fighter jet prepping to rocket out of your living room, you can give this method a try. The best way to remove dust is to literally open up your console. Get your hands on some tiny screw drivers that are small enough to unscrew the tiny screws keeping its shell together. Now you could try a bottle of compressed air to get rid of the dust around the edges, but you’re going to want to be super careful with that method; it could shoot the dust further into the system, making it worse. And the opposite, sucking the dust out with a vaccum, could cause even more damage; you might dislodge some of the more delicate components inside of your console or PC. The best solution is to open it up and carefully use compressed air to get rid of the dust.

And obviously, do it when the system is off. Also, qtips are your friends; they can be really useful when trying to remove any particularly nasty guck stuck inside there. It’s also worth noting that if you can, keep your console out of closed off areas, like tight shelves beneath your television. It’s the easiest way for dust to build up, which is pretty much inevitable. If you can’t, just giving it a clean once a week helps a lot, too, or invest in a custom made dust cover for your system. There’s a slew of them you can buy on Amazon, and they kind of look like duvet covers for your console, which is kind of adorable at least. 4 Button Remapping Are you someone who plays on multiple consoles? Ever disliked the way a certain game’s controls were mapped out, but you can’t fix it in the options menu in the game itself? Well, fear not, there’s a super simple way to get around that.

All you have to do is go into your consoles settings and remap the buttons. Regardless of whether you’re using a playstation or xbox, both consoles have options that allow you to remap the controls or customize button assignments. While it is tedious to have to constantly go back and adjust your preferences based on what you’re playing, at least if you’re playing one game for a long haul, you’ll be able to play it how you want rather than be frustrated by accidentally hitting the wrong button all the time. You win some, you lose some. 3 Help Your Eyes Out If you game on your PC A LOT, and can go for hours on end, you’re probably no stranger to feeling your eyes strain from time to time. If you game professionally, whether competitively or as a streamer, it’s probably a common occurrence for you. And all that strain can actually cause damage to your eyes in the long run. Gotta protect your peepers, people! The best way to help put your eyes at ease is to get yourself some glasses to protect them, buying something along the lines of Gunnar Optiks glasses.

These glasses are engineered to help eliminate digital eye strain and block out blue light, ultimately making things easier on your eyes and stopping you from getting those annoying headaches that strain can cause. There’s also cheaper options that you can find at places like The Source or Best Buy. If you don’t want to go all out and invest in a pair of glasses, another simple solution is to download a program like Flux, which is free for both PC and Mac that adjusts your screen’s brightness and colour based on the time of day. 2 Ethernet Cable Having a rough time playing online? Is your wifi connection sometimes spotty at best? The easiest way to overcome this problem is by getting yourself an Ethernet cable and directly connecting your console to your internet that way. It will exponentially reduce any lag you have. This is actually a good trick to do regardless of how confident you are in your wifi; it just ensures that any online game will run as smoothly as possible at all times.

1 Download on the go Unless you’re in school and have a solid amount of free time to devote to gaming, it’s probably safe to assume that you don’t have a whole lot of time on your hands. So when you get a new game, you don’t want to waste anytime downloading it; you probably just want to jump in and play. There’s a hack you can try that’ll allow you to do all of that tedious downloading and installing business without actually having to be physically in front of your console to initiate it.

If you purchase your games online with the PSN app or the Xbox Smartglass from your mobile device, and link your account to the app with the hardware at home, you should be able to ‘wake up’ your system and download the game you purchased while on the go. Oh the wonders of contemporary technology. There we have it friends! Have you ever tried out any of these hacks? If you’ve never given emulators a go, we highly advise you try it out, it’s a hell of a good time! If you dug this video, be sure to hit that like button, and don’t forget to subscribe to top 10 gaming for more videos on hacks, lists on your favourite games, news, updates and even let’s plays! We stream every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 pm eastern time, so come on over and join us! Suggestions are also most very welcome.

In the meantime though, thanks for watching everybody! I’ll catch you all in the next video! .

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