If there’s one thing we love about the mobile, it’s their sheer amount of survival games with endless replay value. What’s up, Whatoplay. My name is Earnest and today we’re going to talk about the top 10 Survival iOS games of all time. What’s up, Whatoplay. My name is Earnest and today we’re going to talk about the top 5 Survival iOS games of all time. The playscore is an average of gamer and critic ratings. And starting the countdown is… 10. Opening our list is iOS Survival games is Into The Dead 2 Survival horror is survival too. The sequel to the hit zombie action game from 2012 gets a fine new adventure in a bigger picture. Guide a man separated from his family in a post-apocalyptic world filled with the undead.

Save your family in a shooter slash runner game where you evade from the clutches of the creeping undead. Similar to the first game, you run and run until you find noticeable changes in your area. Find weapons along the way and blast off these pesky little buggers to their doom. Surprisingly, the story takes you to 7 action-packed chapters and hundreds of challenges.

Not to mention its “multiple endings”. A good start to our list, it has a PlayScore of 9. Lost Within From the developers of Prey, enter a haunted asylum and face monstrous inhabitants. Play as an officer of the law trying to double check any remaining anomalies inside the asylum before it gets demolished. Things to awry when you slowly encounter beings different from normal. Lost Within has its fair share of problems, but its sheer amount of scares and atmosphere kind of makes up for everything. and it receives a PlayScore of 8. Dead Trigger 2 Because of course, when we’re talking about survival games, how could we forget the zombie FPS games. And, for this list, we have one of the best of its kind on the platform. A game from MADFINGER, this second installment of their Dead Trigger series brings the undead destruction to a global scale. Become part of the resistance and travel the round to save Earth from the viral outbreak.

Choose from any one of their over 30 different weapons and clean all 10 of their regions one zombie at a time. A gorgeous gorefest of a survival game, it has a PlayScore of 7. Fortnite Fortnite really took a turn for the better when they answered the call for battle royales with the rising popularity of PUBG. And, while they still kept their roots in StW, that hasn’t yet reached mobile shores. Not a survival game in the strictest sense, we could still make the case for the Battle Royale mode…right? Step inside the vast corners of their map, and use cunning and skills to become the last person standing. With the addition of building to survival arsenal, Fortnite added a new layer of strategy to the formula–which is probably what gave them the edge in the first. That, and their totally memeable dance moves. It has a PlayScore of 6. Five Nights at Freddy’s From dolls to ventriloquist dummies, electronic automatons are probably the latest in that list of creepy, anthropomorphic, inanimate objects.

Capitalizing on these personifications of evil, Scott Cawthon built his survival horror. Already a series with three installments, there’s nothing quite like the original, setting the tone for the panic-inducing camera checking that comes with it. Praised for the originality of its premise, Five Nights at Freddy’s has become a popular choice for twitch and youtube streamers. Gotta warn you, it’s as scary on the small screen. It has a PlayScore of 5. Radiation Island Nothing like a quintessential open world survival game.. Distilling the pure chaos of the open world environs on the mobile sphere, Atypical Games pulled out all the stops to give you the complete experience wherever you go. Sign yourself up for the Philadelphia Experiment and find yourself in the wilderness of a parallel reality filled unchecked nightmares.

From zombies, to colossal dark beings, the dimension is rife with surprises and your job is to make it through everything. Scavenge abandoned villages, craft weapons, and make yourself at home in the world of danger. It has a PlayScore of 4. Sunless Sea An indie game from Failbetter where exploration is your strongest suit. Control your ever present Steamship and set sail for the great unknown. Let go of your undersea phobias and brave the deep dark abyss. Set in a dark Victorian Gothic universe, lead your crew to its salvation, or demise. As long as you survive enough to achieve your life’s ambition. Featuring a deep world packed with a demented premise and hand-drawn art, it’s not for the faint of heart.

It receives a PlayScore of 3. The Blockheads If you want an iOS game that’s as similar as Minecraft, Terraria or basically any other Sandbox game, then Blockheads is for you. It’s simple, you explore, mine, craft (pun intended) and build your own world. Survive within the changing of the seasons by adapting to the environment and thinking ahead. It’s randomly generated world spawns various surprises, so keep an eye on everything. Make sure you don’t forget to treat your character with the good amount of sleep, food, clothing, and shelter. It’s just like any other Survival Sandbox out there, and it has a PlayScore of 2. This War of Mine It doesn’t get any realer than this. While most games put a focus on the thrill of the battlefield, 11bit opted for the more human path. Changing what it means to be in the midst of war, see the tragedies unfold in the sidelines as you help a group of survivors through the hunger and sleepless nights that come with it. Create a home amidst the chaos as you manage resources by day, and scavenge by night.

It’s a game that lets you see the two faces of humanity through your encounters with neighbors and other NPCs. Test your will and moral fiber as you face against difficult decisions in the name of survival. It has a PlayScore of 1. And the best survival game on the iOS is…Crashlands You said it and we heard you! Butterscotch Shenanigans’ action adventure RPG may not be a survival game by name, but it has enough of the genre’s tropes to merit not just a mention but the actual number one spot. Leaving you fending off for yourself on a hostile alien planet, do whatever is possible to live another day and thrive in the extraterrestrial environments. Explore the vast wilderness, craft weapons and items, and fight against the dangers of the new world. Of course, you don’t win the top spot with just gameplay, Crashlands is also an excellent game with its detailed art and unexpected laughs. Dominating the ranks of Android and iOS, it has a PlayScore of 8.92.

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