Ever since the release of GTA V, there’s been talk of where Rockstar would set its follow up game, GTA 6. A few years have passed, and despite the ongoing success of GTA V online, fans are getting hungry for the next installment. While it seems we have quite the wait ahead of us, with Rockstar releasing the likes of other major blockbuster games, including Red Dead 2, that hasn’t stopped players from guessing at what GTA 6 may entail, especially when it comes to the game’s location.

So today, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 locations GTA V will be set in. Let the speculation begin! 10 London London, England isn’t unknown territory for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The very first Grand Theft Auto game had two mission packs set there in, titled GTA Mission Pack #1: London 1969, and Pack #2: London 1961, a prequel to the first mission pack. But it seems that that may be the last of the UK that we see in the franchise. Despite how cool of a location it would be, GTA producer Dan Houser has noted that its highly unlikely any of the games would ever be set there. “…my own personal feeling is that GTA is America.” He went on to say that, “These days I think we would love to set a game in the UK, but I don’t know if it would be a GTA game.” 9 Tokyo Once upon a time, the possibility of a GTA Tokyo wasn’t completely unheard of.

Rockstar actually considered using it as a location, around the time that GTA 3 and Vice City were released, but counted it out after doing further research on the city. This was due to the road system in Tokyo being too problematic, which would ultimately hinder a large component of the driving mechanics we all know and adore from previous GTA titles. It’s worth noting that back in 2003, Take-Two Interactive filed trademarks for GTA Tokyo though, along with two other cities coming up on our list. That being said, it seems unlikely that Tokyo will become part of the GTA family, but perhaps may make an appearance in a future Rockstar title instead. 8 Paris Paris, France has been another speculated location. The city has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetic – it’s got a bunch of famous landmarks, beautiful old buildings, and a distinct culture that could open up some really interesting potential narratives and missions, especially if Rockstar took the whole ‘american in Paris’ route.

What makes this one unlikely is the same logic debunking the London theory – it seems that GTA will continue to be set in American cities. 7 Somewhere in Canada There’s speculation that Rockstar will head north of the border in grand ol Canada. Being elsewhere in North America isn’t completely a long shot – Rockstar has a history of previously crossing North American borders in its games, like it did in Red Dead Redemption between the US and Mexico. Could GTA be set in an American city and venture north? In terms of actual cities, it seems the most likely that they would hit up Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa, despite the latter being a little lack luster compared to previous cities the franchise has ventured.

And, fellow Canadians, let’s be real – considering Vancouver has played a bunch of major American cities in films a billion times, it seems super unlikely that a game would ever be set there. 6 Carcer City Another big hypothetical is Carcer City – the city in which Manhunt, another Rockstar game, is set in. Carcer is largely inspired by the Rust Belt region, with bits of Camden, Detroit, Flint and east St Louis all in its mix. There are references made to in within the GTA franchise, like a news segment in Liberty City that describes Carcer as being nearby. Manhunt also has car models from GTA in it. Theories suggest that Carcer will be a mix of Chicago, with a little bit of Toronto, Canada. 5 Boston Could we be heading back to the East coast in GTA 6? If so, Boston, the oldest American city, could be a likely candidate. Rockstar may want to spread out its locales by mixing it up with a city that shares fewer characteristics with Los Santos.

It’s also been pointed out that Boston, often being a snowy location, would allow for Rockstar to use some of the slicker snow assets that have been available in GTA V online in the past, and that would be pretty neat. 4 San Francisco Despite many fans feeling that setting GTA 6 would be a little redundant or bland compared to the previous setting of Los Santos, San Fran is a theory that is still alive and kicking online.

High speed chases on the Golden Gate bridge, anyone? Yeah, I get the allure. Playing within San Fran would also open up the possibility of missions in the Bay Area, including Oakland, which could allow for Rockstar to give us a very interesting take on the sociopolitical climate going on there. That being said, there’s already a GTA V mod of the city, called San Fierro, despite it feeling a lot like a San Andreas mod. 3 Bogota One of the other trademarked titles – Gta Bogota – the capital city of Colombia could prove to provide gamers with one hell of an interesting experience.

The country has quite the history of crime and violence, along with a diverse collection of architecture that could seriously mix things up setting wise for the franchise. There are also a lot of connections from previous GTA games to Colombia. Aside from the obvious Colombian cartel, Mike from Grand Theft Auto Advance leaves Liberty City for the country, and, more importantly, Jeremy Robard from GTA Vice City stories claims one of his offices is based in Bogota. Could those loose connections amount to anything? 2 Miami Miami seems to be the most popular location theory for GTA 6. Despite GTA 3 being set in Miami, fans of the franchise think there’s a good chance that Rockstar would want to return to the city for the 6th installment, and it’s fair to say that it would look quite different considering the innovations the company has made since.

It has all the right components to make a perfect GTA game, as proven in the past. But that past is exactly why other fans think it may be unlikely that Rockstar return to the city – why repeat? 1 Las Vegas The last of those other 2003 trademarks filed by Take-Two Interactive was for GTA Sin City. It’s worth noting that another city was also trademarked at the same time – GTA San Andreas, and look how that panned out. So while trademark speculation may just be that – speculation – it’s still something worth considering. And to be fair, Las Vegas has a very good chance at being chosen. It’s a big American city yet to be fully explored by Rockstar, it’s got a dynamic landscape with a solid ratio of bustling city scape and rural horizons to explore, and there’s definitely potential for lots of good ol crime drive activities.

There we have it friends! Which of these cities do you think is likely? Or do you think it’ll be set in a location we didn’t even mention? Development on GTA 6 is already rumoured to have started, but in typical Rockstar fashion, details have been super hush hush, and it’ll likely be a while before we hear of any additional updates, so speculate away in the meantime! Make sure to drop us a comment below with all your thoughts and feels. If you dug this video, please show us some love by hitting those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already, and make sure you check out one of our other great gaming videos, like the ones in the playlist currently flashing on your screen.

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