Gaming is something that’s universally loved; people all over the world pick up their controllers or boot up their PCS and dive into a plethora of games as a beloved past time. But, like most other things, those who game a lot can pick up a few bad habits, some of which are annoying, others, quite dangerous. So today, we’re breaking down some of those embarrassing and confusing practices and routines with our list of the top 10 worst gaming habits. 10 Quitting Early You know what’s frustrating? A sore loser. This is a problem that’s plagued games like Halo for a long while now; people who dip out when they’ve clearly lost, making it impossible to actually finish the damn game. This isn’t too terrible when you’re playing a game that allows others to join mid-match or session, but one on one becomes impossible when you’re constantly dealing with this kind of behavior. Accept your failures, friends. If it was real life, you wouldn’t be able to run away. 9 Take All of the Things When it comes to RPGs like Skyrim or Fallout, when you can pick up whatever your heart desires, it’s really hard to not accumulate an inventory of useless stuff.

So what if I’m carrying around a bunch of goat cheese wheels, what’s it to you? Who knows when you’ll need that extra 15 health points boost, right? Hoarding never really helps much, and depending on the game, if you refuse to throw away all your cast iron pots or rolling pins, well, you’re going to find yourself slowed down and lacking the space when you really need it. In the long run, maybe it’s best to kick that habit sooner than later. And don’t even get us started on hoarding all of the good objects in multiplayer games.

Http:// – first one 8 Friendly Fire Just because your team is a few points down doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. You can turn that around. It’s not impossible. But you know what does make that impossible? When you decide to starting firing and killing off your own teammates, just cause you feel crappy about seemingly losing. Not only is it counterproductive, it’s super immature. And of course, if you’re shooting at your teammates, they’ll shoot back at you, and next thing you know, it’s all gone to s***, just cause one dude felt inclined to be as ass. 7 Plug it in If you live with someone else who games alongside yourself, whether that be a family member, a significant other or roommates, this may be a problem you encounter. You come home, all you want to do is play whatever title it is that’s enchanted you at the moment, and as you turn on your console, what do you notice? The system boots up, but almost immediately after, you’re notified that your wireless controller needs to be plugged in. First off, HOW HARD IS IT TO CHARGE THE DAMN THING EVERY NOW AND THEN.

Second, yes, it’s partially your own fault for not having a second controller, but sometimes, if you’re real unlucky, both won’t be charged. Also, they’re pricey, if we’re being perfectly honest about it. Either way, always charge your chargers, friends. Or get an extra long cord. No one wants to sit that close to the TV while they game. 6 Over Achiever There’s nothing wrong with wanting to complete a game, the full 100%. But some people get a little…well, obsessed, to the point where it’s a tad unhealthy. If you’re trying to complete every single game you ever buy, just for the sake of saying you’ve done it and getting that little achievement notification to pop up on your screen, you’ve gotta ask yourself, is it really worth it? Or is that time best spent elsewhere? 5 Bad Pacing Sometimes it gets a little frustrating sitting through a bunch of dialogue.

But if it’s a game you haven’t played before, and you skip through things too quickly, you might miss some pretty important information, which could later result in your running around in circles to solve a puzzle or progress in the game when all you needed to do was pay attention better. On the flip side of that, many people are victims of the opposite and take forever searching and scouring every little last bit of a game looking for secrets or answers. Before you know it, you’ve been playing for hours and haven’t gotten very far at all, and the whole experience generally leaves you empty handed. 4 Selfishness If our Friendly Fire point wasn’t bad enough, this one is worse. Say you’re in the middle of a match in a shooter multiplayer game, whatever it may be.

You manage to get your hands on a great weapon, like a sniper rifle, and manage to either swipe it up quickly or knock out a foe and take it as your prize. But then some asshole on your team sees this happen, kills you, and takes it for themselves. Greedy little b******s! In most cases, the asshole who pulls off this stunt usually sucks, and can’t even manage to make use of the weapon nearly as well as you could. 3 Headset Debauchery Sure, watching YouTube videos where players troll angry little kids can sure be fun, but having to listen to people act like morons, well, it’s kind of annoying. But perhaps what’s worse are the people who want to harass others, or just be flat out racist and sexist. Like, c’mon man, we’re here to play a game, not to listen to you dish out on all the things you hate about a certain race or why woman suck because you can’t get laid. On the flip side of that, if you’re playing online multiplayer games, and not using your headset to communicate with your team, that’s often been a pet peeve of many a player.

But considering what we said above, hell, can you blame some of them? 2 Hopping on Trends Remember how great VR Chat was before Uganda Knuckles? Remember how s**** it became after Uganda Knuckles? Many people began to complain of how people who had hopped on the Uganda Knuckles bandwagon were harassing users on VR Chat; it wasn’t just fun and games anymore, the meme had gotten out of hand. And that’s not even addressing how many people felt it was racist. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, we can all agree that at some point, Uganda Knuckles got a little out of hand.

Thankfully, it’s now a dead meme, although we’re sure at some point another one will rise and take its place. 1 Not Staying Alive Quite literally. Perhaps the worse habit a gamer can have is becoming so addicted to a game that they refuse to get up, eat, drink or just flat out go outside for some fresh air. Most deaths associated with video games are not because of violence inspired by Grand Theft Auto (as some conservative view points may preach). Instead, a lot of the more infamous video game related deaths are because a gamer wouldn’t get up from playing. One man in Virginia Beach died after engaging in a video game marathon for charity, having not slept for 22 hours and consuming Red Bull and Five Hour Energy in order to stay awake. Gaming binges in Taiwan took the lives of two men, the first playing for 5 days straight in an internet café, the second dying from cardiac arrest after a three day binge.

Moral of the story? Get up and walk around a bit, no matter how addictive the game you’re playing becomes. There we have it friends! What are your terrible habits? Give us a shout in those comments below and let us know! If you dug this video, spread the love and hit that like button! And be sure to click on subscribe for more gaming videos, from lists to news to highlights and more! Thanks for watching everyone!.

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