Hello everyone! Today’s video is upcoming VR games 2018 part 2, because we encountered some new amazing games. And if you want to check out part 1, just check our link in the description below. Yes, and if you need some subtitles. We added them as well. So just turn them on if you like. And now, let’s move on… In Toran you solve puzzles using beams of light while exploring an alien environment. It has a strong narrative based around a science fiction backstory, nice visuals and sound design. In this game you will be solving puzzles on a platform, which will also move you through the universe. You will be travelling to amazing places, where you can find new discoveries. Just be careful for the ancient horrors that you may find… Skyrim VR A few days ago the release date of Skyrim VR was finally announced! On April 3rd, 2018 everyone can finally enjoy the VR version of Skyrim. It has support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

We already have been enjoying Skyrim on the PSVR, and if you have seen our videos. You will know we had the most amazing time in Tamriel, so we really cannot wait to try this version out as well. If you haven’t seen Skyrim VR before… This is the true, full-length open world Skyrim game ported to VR. In here you can explore the world of Tamriel fully immersed like you are there. Swing one of the many weapons, from sword and shields, to bow and arrow, two handed weapons and magic with your own hands. Fight dragons, do quests, SHOUT. It’s all in there. It already felt epic on PSVR, so I’m sure having full roomscale is gonna be amazing. If you would like to see the PSVR gameplay, check out the link in our description. Shaman: Spirithunter is from the developers of two other awesome VR games: the Climb and Robinson The Journey. And it is coming to Oculus Rift this year. Here, you are a shaman that returns home from a quest.

However, you discover that your tribe has been ravaged by an unending winter. And only you can uncover what is causing nature’s deadly imbalance. To do this, you have to grow your powers as a shaman, hunter and shapeshifter to be able to break the winter’s curse. The gameplay consists of stealth, but also shapeshifting which gives you new abilities. The game looks like a very interesting blend of first and third person too.

When using a bow and arrow the gameplay is in first-person, while doing other things you will see your character in 3rd person. This sounds unique and promising in my ears! White Day 2: Swan Song A first person horror game that you can play with or without a VR headset on the PSVR. This is the sequel to the original White Day, which was a huge game in the horror scene. It popularised the gameplay where you have to sneak through spooky locations while avoiding horrific enemies. There isn’t much information yet about the story of this game, but the Korean website does reveal that it is about surviving overnight in a scary school, just like the first title. Unknown Fate Unknown Fate is a strongly story-driven first person adventure game with mind-twisting puzzles to solve and bizarre creatures to beat. You will become Richard, who suddenly finds himself in a different universe. One that is surreal with all kinds of strange characters. Here, you can find unfamiliar artifacts and get to know Richard’s former life – of which he has lost all memory. Judging from the trailer, this game looks like an amazing experience.

And, who doesn’t want to travel into a surreal world in games? Am I right? 😉 Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR Virtual Reality goes to the movies! Yes, Crisis On The Planet Of The Apes VR is the game from 20th Century FOX. It is set in the universe of the last Planet of The Apes movie. In this VR game you can experience the apocalyptic world where a strange virus has wiped half of humanity on earth. To try and find a cure, humans do experiments on apes. And… lucky you, you are one of those apes in this game. An ape with advanced intelligence, but held prisoner in a scientific facility.

Your mission is to escape together with fellow apes to return home to Caesar. To do that, you will be doing what an ape does best: climbing, jumping and shooting…. This game seems dark, but amazing. As fans of the movies, we cannot wait to sling around like an ape. Kiss or Kill VR Kiss or Kill is the ultimate trivia game show in VR, where you battle it out with others. Use your wits and VR skills to become the champion! We had the chance to check out an early version and we can tell you that it is a fun experience. You can play this game online, against others, while inviting a real game host or using a game host bot.

Each game gives you a set of categories with trivia questions, answering them right will earn you points. In front of you, you have various weapons or boosts that you can use to your advantage. After a set of questions you get a random mini game where you battle it out using your motion controllers. But the most fun part? The developers of Kiss or Kill are going to host tournaments with REAL prizes. That sounds like a really good incentive to get more people playing! I know we’d like to win something 😉 Protocol VR In this game you sign up for the Protocol program, however soon enough you will know that you made a huge mistake, but there is no turning back anymore.

Lucky us right? 😉 Now, your goal is to establish first contact with alien life, while having to follow the Protocol, which consists of very strict rules and a maximum level of security and control. However, it’s up to you whether you want to follow it or go against the system. We already know we would be rebels and try to f* the system 😉 Curious to hearing what you would do…. 😉 CREED: Rise of Glory By the developers of Sprint Vector and Raw Data comes two new games this year. CREED: Rise of Glory and Electronauts. CREED is an intense VR boxing game. Creed is also a movie released in 2016 and a sequel of this movie is releasing later this year together with this VR game. Players of the game will be able to take on the role of the protagonist Adonis Creed. The game starts off with a tutorial from Rocky Balboa himself and afterwards you will be able to start boxing yourself! As the game is from Survios, we already know that this is going to be good! The second game released by Survios is Electronauts.

Which is an entirely different genre. It is a VR music app, a tool to create music and remix. In a futuristic room you will be able to work on the key components of a song. You also have different sound manipulation tools at your disposal. I have a feeling that this app is going to be awesome for people who love making music. Space Junkies A game announced for a while already by Ubisoft. Space Junkies is a multiplayer arcade shooter finally launching this year. You are equipped with a jetpack and you will be flying through deadly Orbital Arenas in hostile space, facing off in adrenaline-packed battles.

And there are insane weapons to use, like Sunblasters to Bioguns!! This game looks intense, but promising so we are definitely keeping an eye on this. Torn Torn is a dark-science fiction mystery VR game. It is inspired by the Twilight Zone and Black Mirror and will come to the PSVR, Oculus and Vive this spring. The story is about a renowned physicist that vanished on the brink of a major scientific breakthrough in 1953.

For 64 years, his mansion remained hidden. His laboratory and work forgotten. Until now…… This game looks like a detective game, where you will be equipped with a gravity tool that can lift up objects, so that you can research everything in the house to find out what is going on. It looks like it uses VR very well, so we’re curious to see how this turns out! Failspace Have you ever wondered how well you would perform if you and your friends were on a spaceship that’s breaking down in mid-flight? In Failspace you will finally find out. You and your crew are space truckers, which are the nomads of space.

You can choose your own path and own cargo to deliver across the galaxy. Unfortunately the ship you’ve been assigned to is a real rustbucket that keeps breaking down constantly and at an alarming rate. Now, you have to work together under high pressure to fix the ship and to complete your mission! You think you and your crew are up to the challenge without breaking friendships? Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is set in the world of Gaminindustri that consists of multiple dimensions.

One of these dimensions is the Zero Dimension, a world on the brink of collapse. There is a war going on with the last guardian of Zero Dimension, and as she desperately cries for help across dimensions, it reaches not only other Goddesses, but also our own world. In the VR experience you will be able to interact and hang out one-on-one with each of the anime Goddesses, listening to their conversaions and watch as they interact with you. By looking at the trailer and description it is hard to say how much of the 2016 game is ported to VR and what it is going to be like. But as fans of the anime role playing game genre, we are definitely curious what it is like to talk to beautiful anime girls….

Hahaha. Espire 1: VR Operative In this upcoming VR game you get to be sneaky sneak! Yes, it is a single-player stealth game. Inspired by Goldeneye 007 and Metal Gear Solid. In Espire 1 you assume the role of an Espire agent, a drone operator of the future. From the safety of their Espire Control Theatre, they deploy the Espire Model 1 operative on assignments around the globe. You will remote operate this drone while doing your missions and challenges. The developers promises 15 objective-based missions and 200 Virtual Challenges in the final game. Raiders of Erda Raiders of Erda is an online co-op RPG game currently in development. It is a dungeon crawler that you can play with others online. There isn’t much information yet, but I really like the idea of having a VR dungeon crawler that is made especially for multiplayer. And the current gameplay footage that you are seeing here looks pretty good. We are hoping for an awesome full online RPG game. That would be magical! Bebylon Battle Royale Bebylon Battle Royale’s core gameplay is multiplayer arena combat, but brought very comedically. You play as little immortal babies in crazy vehicles with weapons. In a futuristic arena you fight multiple opponents while smack talking and taunting.

This game has the goal to make you laugh, so it’s graphics style and music matches to this. We have tried this game before during Twitchcon and it was fun trying it out. Also, I beat Cas so… I’m definitely looking forward to winning more battles against Cas *Muahaha*. Eden Tomorrow Eden Tomorrow is a science fiction dinosaur adventure. Do we need to say more to get you excited? Or are we the only ones who love dinosaurs in VR?! It has been announced for a while now, and finally has some kind of direction for a release. It will be released on the PSVR first, in Spring 2018. The current trailer does not reveal much, but the scenes that we saw do look great.

So let’s keep an eye on this one too! Alvo Alvo Is an online VR Tactical Shooter with cross platform support. PSVR players will be able to play this with the AIM controller too. There will be multiple game modes: Search and Destroy, Free for all and Domination, which is like capture the flag. The developers are aiming to become the CS: Go of VR. There isn’t much information yet, but you can sign up for the beta tests on their website. Let’s hope they can live up their promises! Adoption Another awesome title from the same developers as Protocol, which we mentioned before in this video. In Adoption you are just doing your thing, when suddenly a little girl asks you to help find her mother. From now on, everything goes beyond the normal. You enter a nightmare in a house, of which you cannot escape… you can only help the girl. This game contains hardcore gameplay, challenging puzzles, oppressive atmosphere and a constant sense of danger nearby waiting for you.

If you are a horror baby like us, then you can also play this game with a friend in co-op. This is gonna be interesting! All right, hope you found this video helpful in any way at all. And if you are gonna buy any of these games, please let us know in the comments down below or better yet… come chat with us in our cozy chat on Discord. The invite link is down below as well. Well, this is the end of our video. One special thanks to our Patrons and supporters. You have been a tremendous help. Yes, thank you so much. And if you all want to explore more VR with Cas and I, I’d say…

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