25. Overwatch Nothing better than opening our entire list with a Blizzard game. Overwatch is the result of a failed MMOFPS RPG that was so ambitious, they decided to pivot into a more action-oriented hero-based First Person Shooter. Featuring a diverse cast of memorable characters and a deep and engaging gameplay, it continued to resonate around the hearts of many FPS players. It has a PlayScore of 24. FIFA 17 Witness one of the most popular sports game ever, powered by the insane Frostbite Engine, experience high quality visuals and smooth performance. It’s also the first game of the series to include a story mode. Take the role of Alex Hunter and experience his journey to become the best Football Player in the world. Your choices and skills will determine your career progression along the way. It has a PlayScore of 23. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Nazi is back on the menu.

Play as BJ Blazkowicz in a quest to eliminate Nazis in an alternate America. It’s a first person shooter madness with brutal animations, mature plot and The Third Reich.Use a variety of guns to blast off your foes in epic shooter action. It receives a PlayScore of 22. Battlefield 1 The latest Battlefield game that takes you back to the dawn of war. Before Battlefield V comes out, experience World War 1 at its peak and step into warplanes, zeppelins, trenches, tanks and more. The game has a single-player campaign that packs good fun. Follow through six different chapters in various character perspectives. Critics loved the game for its intense action experience. Making you feel like you’re in the middle of a warzone. It has a PlayScore of 21. Detroit: Become Human From the team that gave us Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, Quantic Dream goes beyond the supernatural to dive deeper into the realm of Artificial Intelligence and science fiction. Players assume the role of three androids with their separate stories. Similar to most of Quantic Dreams’ games, choices are huge and it defines the ending.

It has a PlayScore of 20. Gravity Rush Remastered An action-adventure game from Sony. Originally a Vita game, this was ported to the PlayStation 4 with improved visuals and gameplay. Use the laws of physics as you save the future from imminent doom. Players take the role of Kat, a strong-willed girl with the ability to bend gravity to her will. Uncover long-lost secrets in the beautiful floating city of Heckseville and eliminate the Nevi threat. It has a PlayScore of 19. Nioh The Land of the Rising Sun beckons and badass Samurai William Adams goes on a path of vengeance to stop a rival foe. Darkness covers the entire Asian continent as corrupted warriors and dangerous Yokais lurk in every corner.

Engage in seamless hacking combat similar to the Souls series. Use the proper stance to take advantage of the enemy. It has a PlayScore of 18. The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim: Special Edition E3 2018 gave us the good news about Elder Scrolls VI, but before that, why not buy Todd Howard’s definitive Skyrim experience? Special Edition contains all the DLC’s from the original game with improved visuals, bonus content, better sounds and so much more. It has a PlayScore of 17. Assassin’s Creed Origins The latest and possibly the best Assassin’s Creed game on the series since Black Flag. Ancient Egypt awaits you as you scale the Great Pyramids, explore creepy tombs and ride your horse around the great Egyptian Desert.

Follow Bayek in an origin story that takes you to the inception of both the Creed, and the Templar Order. It’s also the biggest AC game with more content and refreshing new RPG elements. It has a PlayScore of 16. Dishonored 2 The original was hailed as one of the best stealth games ever created. Dishonored 2 ups the ante with a whole new direction to their story, and a new playable character. Following the events of the first game, return to the shoes of the legendary Corvo Attano and her Daughter Emily as they stop a mysterious usurper in their peaceful land. Use your supernatural ninja skills to take down enemies, or manipulate them to turn the tide in your favor. It has a PlayScore of 15. Yakuza 0 Experience the birth of the Yakuza in this prequel of the popular Yakuza series. This time, uncover the origins of Japan’s most powerful underground syndicate.

Set in the 80’s, it brings a whole new feel to classic open-world Japan. It has a PlayScore of 14. Ratchet & Clank One of Sony’s iconic buddies. Follow Ratchet and his mechanical pal, Clank in a grand action-adventure experience. Control both characters as they defeat hordes of enemies and solve puzzles Use Ratchet for incredibly devastating third-person shooting gameplay, and Clank for puzzle solving elements. It’s praised for its visuals, fun combat, weapons and great platforming designs. It has a PlayScore of 13. Doom Before we see the return of the legendary Doomguy in Doom: Eternal, let’s look back at Id Software’s humble revival of the franchise. Trapped in an infected Space Station on Mars, survive the ghastly horde of Demons from taking over the place. Use your heavy arsenal of futuristic weapons to smack them down to pieces.

It’s satisfying as hell, pun intended. It has a PlayScore of 12. Titanfall 2 This second entry of Respawn Entertainment’s sci-fi military shooter pulled out all the stops with this sequel, creating an explosive return for their colossal franchise. It marks the introduction of a host of new gameplay elements and an arsenal of destructive new weapons. Slide around with your refined parkour skills, and tinker with holo-pilots, pulse blades, grappling hooks, and so much more in this huge improvement of a sequel. It has a PlayScore of 11. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard The RE Engine is making most of our favorite games better now especially with their sequels and remasters. This game was CAPCOM’s primary example on how they’re going to modernize the Resident Evil experience. Now in First Person mode, follow Ethan as he stumbles upon a creepy Louisiana Mansion in search for her missing girlfriend. Terror ensues as a whole new threat emerges from the shadows, and not to mention the mysterious Baker Family.

It has a PlayScore of 10. Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20th Year Celebration Lara Croft returns in this definitive edition of the 2nd entry to the reboot of the franchise. This time around. Follow our favorite survival heroine as she travels to the frozen wilderness of Siberia in search of a magical artifact. Use her new stealth abilities to eliminate a rogue Organization from taking the world and be in awe with the game’s gorgeous graphics. This edition contains all the DLC’s and with added improvements to visuals, framerate, and bonus content. It has a PlayScore of 9. NieR: Automata Square Enix’s hack and slash RPG and a spinoff to the Drakengard Series. Venture into a post-apocalyptic Earth populated by alien robots. Play as a smoking hot YoRha unit 2B as she begins to question the meaning of her life in this barren world.

It’s a weird game, especially when Yoko Taro is involved. But it pleased fans both visually and philosophically due to its deep and well-written story. It has a PlayScore of 8. Dragon Ball FighterZ Arc System Works’ take on the popular Dragon Ball franchise is beautiful, if not for its steep learning curve. A casual filter to most fighting game enthusiasts, select from a wide range of characters set in the Dragon Ball universe and pit them against in each other in gorgeous Cel-Shaded 2D combat. It has a PlayScore of 7. Horizon Zero Dawn Guerilla Games’ first Triple A open-world game. It’s one of PlayStation 4’s best selling games and it’s also one of the most beautiful games ever made. Follow Aloy, a young girl caught in a time where humans and machines roam the land. Society has regressed into primitive ages, and the hope for the future is lost. Explore a breathtaking world filled with remnants of the old Civilization and deal with mechanical dinosaurs that block your path.

It’s a must play game for people who want a good story and gameplay. It has as PlayScore of 6. Dark Souls III It’s not just a game. It’s a genre-defining experience. FromSoftware’s action-adventure masterpiece is now in its third entry to the series. Unfortunately, it’s also its last. Once again, enter a gothic world filled with dreadful monsters with highly-detailed designs and use your video game skills to survive difficult boss battles. It has a PlayScore of 5. Monster Hunter: World With Capcom’s giant of a franchise released from their Nintendo chains, there’s definitely no stopping Monster Hunter from conquering the world. Their most ambitious title yet, step inside the vast landscape and show your might as hunter against their living, breathing behemoths. Experiment with their arsenal of weapon types and get ready to tame an array of new monster types. It has a PlayScore of 4. Shadow of the Colossus Sony really pulled out all the stops for colossal PlayStation 4 remake. Already considered by many as a timeless classic, this action adventure title feels right at home on the console with its reworked controls and enhanced graphics.

Relive the journey of this brave knight as he fights to save his beloved from a mysterious illness. A modern vintage spruced up to perfection, it has a PlayScore of 3. Persona 5 The fifth installment of Atlus’ spinoff franchise, their band of colorful Phantom Thieves have been busy stealing hearts in-game and out. An open world slice of life RPG, take on the double lives of these high school students as they save the world from evil one acid jazz tune at a time. Loaded with unforgettable characters and relationships and a generous splash visual flair, it receives a PlayScore of 2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End In the last adventure before their beloved posterboy’s retirement, Naughty Dog does what Naughty Dog does best and gives us and the charming Nathan Drake nothing short of a spectacular sendoff.

Guide him through his most personal quest yet and stand in awe of Uncharted 4’s jawdropping setpieces. Going full blast on action, detail, and narrative, it receives a PlayScore of 1. And the best Triple A PS4 Game is God of War Well, looks like nobody could dare get in the way of Mr. Personification of Strength. In this latest installment of their mythology based action adventure series, it’s not just a clash of titans: it’s a clash of myths themselves as Kratos dives into Nordic realms. It’s an amalgam of excellence, winning you over with their reworked combat system and finishing it off with Kratos’ heart-melting journey of fatherhood.

Raising the bar for all videogames, it has a PlayScore of 9.54.

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