428: Shibuya Scramble A visual novel adventure headed by Spike Chunsoft, it’s altogether more familiar for fans of their last titles. Take on the shoes of detective, virus expert, or weirdo in a catsuit and follow each of them on their way to solve a mysterious case. Try to make the best decisions in each scenario and try to find each of their 85 endings. It’s set to release on September 4th. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Get to know your legendary bloodline in this latest installment to Yuji Horii’s Dragon Quest series. Play the role of a young man from the Ishi Village and watch him come of age as he discovers his heroic destiny. Fight against evil in his epic adventures once it releases on Sep 4th, 2018 Shadows: Awakening A revisit to the good old isometric RPG days, Kalypso Media Digital delves into the world of magic with their gorgeous looking title. Explore the depths of their fantasy environments and battle against powerful beasts with exciting real-time combat. Boasting detailed graphics and a promising storyline, the action packed RPG is set to release on Sep 4th, 2018 Spider-Man Insomniac Games really knows how to shove coal into their speeding hypetrain.

Pitting spidey against his greatest enemies while keeping mum about the official stuff in their last presentation, there’s much to be excited for. Not only does Spidey look sleek in the game’s fast-paced combat, but it also seems to nail the neighborhood superhero’s biting wit. It’s set to release this September 7th. Immortal: Unchained What with the popularity of Dark Soul’s punishing gameplay, other titles have come forth to bring challenge seekers the dose they need. Travel forwards to their futuristic planet, and make use of their technology to shoot down enemies in their thrilling combat. Like Dark Souls, each death is a lesson to remember. Pick yourself up among the pieces, and find freedom in their hardcore gameplay.

Coming this Sept 7th, 2018 Shadow of the Tomb Raider The iconic heroine jumps into further danger as she dives into the darkness for the rebooted series third Entry. Safe in the hands of Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics, this final entry sees Lara Croft on her way to stopping the The Mysterious Organization Trinity. Explore the ruined halls of ancient Latin America as you recover ancient relics that could change the course of history. It’s set to release on Sep 14th, 2018 Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Nippon Ichi Software churns another one of their dungeon crawling RPGs, this time revolving around a witch and a cursed underground labyrinth. Play as the the legendary book, and guide the witch through the trials that lay ahead. The game has their signature Anime artstyle, letting you navigate the story through dialog boxes and turn-based battles. It’s set to release on Sep 18th, 2018 Spyro Reignited Trilogy Yup, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Not only does this mark the return of the iconic dragon, but three of Spyro’s biggest titles are also getting full on remasters. Watch out for spanking new visuals, controls and bonus content as you unleash the power of the generation-defining dragon. It’s set to release on Sep 21st, 2018 Valkyria Chronicles 4 SEGA is back with their animated take on War. This juicy new sequel comes out on the Switch too and it’s set in the same period as the original Valkyria Chronicles, prepare to dive into another chapter of their military fantasy series as you take on the lives of brand new characters.

Also faithful to the original is the return of their innovative Blitz battle system. It’s set to release on September 25th. Life is Strange 2 What with the adventures of Captain Spirit and the unexpected but totally appreciated Chloe spinoff, we’ve had quite a bit of preparation for DontNod’s upcoming sequel. However, not a lot of details have been revealed to the public as of yet, but we’re hoping they build on the new characters we met in their free demo. It’s scheduled to release this Sep 27th, 2018 The Gardens Between Already released on the PC, Voxel Agent’s adventure puzzle game brilliantly explores the loss that comes with the natural passage of time. Play the role of two best friends as they weave forwards and backwards through time and beautifully mysterious gardens.

A moving tale of friendship, it’s set to release on the PS4 sometime this 3rd quarter. Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption Another one of those games that take inspiration from FromSoftware’s iconic Dark Souls series. Atone for your sins in a doomed afterlife where monsters and evil co-exist in pure chaos. Scheduled for an earlier release this indie title has been delayed to sometime this third quarter. Mega Man 11 Finally some good news for the fans of Capcom’s blue bomber. After Inafune’s departure and the rather unwelcome Mighty No. 9, the folks behind megaman took their sweet time for this eleventh installment. Not in his usual environment, Megaman 11 will take some getting used to with their new 2.5D visuals and mechanics like gear abilities, rush buttons, and sliding and charged shots.

It’s set to release on Oct 2nd, 2018 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Ubisoft returns with their annual AC titles and ‘lo and behold, we’re going back to the glory days of Ancient Greece. The next installment of the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed series is all about the Greeks. For the first time in the series, players can forge a whole new path with their character and gender. It still contains the familiar AC elements, and it’s gonna get better from here, I hope. It’s coming out this October 2, 2018. Disgaea 1 Complete The Disgaea series gets its own HD remake with this complete edition of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Following the release of Disgaea 5, return to the series’ roots and retrace the steps of the Netherworld’s Prince Laharl and his unlikely allies.

An RPG universe that doesn’t hold back on quirk and humor, it’s coming out this Oct 9th, 2018 My Hero Academia: One’s Justice Currently one of the hottest anime sensations, it didn’t take long for My Hero Academia to get on the Bandai-wagon, so to speak. Competing with the likes of Dragonball FighterZ for the topspot in anime-based fighting games, One’s Justice lets you take on the shoes of Deku, Bakugo, and so much more. Form your teams three favorites, and get supercharged on smooth animations and fast-paced battles. Set to release on Oct 26th, 2018 EVERSPACE: Galactic Edition The roguelike exploration game goes bigger on the PlayStation 4. From indie developer Rockfish Games, Everspace redefines stellar as you fly around the cosmos in your very own spaceship. Expanding the realistic universe, test your flight skills and enjoy your encounters with extraterrestrial friends and foes. It’s set to release on Nov 27th, 2018 Just Cause 4 Building a new engine from the ground up, this fourth installment is built on better foundations so expect the excitement to ramp up. They’ll be more things to destroy with four fresh biomes, each a fitting canvas for your explosive delights.

Have a go at the apple of videogame discord once it releases on December 4th. Gungrave VR The PSVR gets a look at the good old PlayStation 2 days with the comeback of this cinematic action game. A title perfectly optimized for Virtual Reality, wreak havoc around their interactive environment and shoot it out with your infinitely full clip. It’s set to release sometimes this Fall. Resident Evil 2 Remake One of CAPCOM’s most awaited remakes finally showed its true form during E3 2018. Witness the epicenter of the life-threatening T-Virus all built from the ground up with their latest RE Engine. Follow Leon and Claire as they escape the horrors of Raccoon City, and make it out alive. It’s coming out this January 25, 2019. Kingdom Hearts III The latest and possibly the final Kingdom Hearts game of the series.

10 years in the making, return to the brave quest of Sora and friends as they stop the darkness from taking over Kingdom Hearts. A crossover of a lifetime from Final Fantasy and Disney. This time around, enter new and iconic Disney worlds such as Frozen, Monsters Inc. and so much more with better combat and colorful visuals. Coming this January 29, 2019. Days Gone SIE Bend Studios sets the stage for undead massacres in this post-apocalyptic survival game. Faced with another growing zombie outbreak, help humanity retain their last strands of hope as you follow their troubled protagonist through a ravaged wilderness. Set to release on Feb 22nd, 2019 Metro Exodus In third installment of their signature stealth survival, Exodus brings their radioactive series to the open world sphere. Roam around the irradiated Moscow and fend off the hazards of the nuclear winter. A sandbox Stalker experience, it’s set to release on Feb 22nd, 2019. Devil May Cry V Starting up on their divine adventures after a ten year break, these devil hunters still have a few hack and slash tricks up their sleeve. What with another demon rampage in their midst, Nero and Dante are ready to deliver another dose of stylish combat experience.

No one knows for certain, but it might also mark the return of their beloved twin, Vergil. Coming this Spring 2019. SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice Certainly not the least among the PS4’s upcoming roster of Samurai videogames, FromSoftware makes their own addition to the mix, hopefully, with their signature style. Packed with the sullen beasts of Japanese mythology and the dynamic movement of the stealthy ninjas, we’re looking forward to its release sometime in the first quarter of 2019.

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