Torchlight Frontiers is the third installment of the Torchlight franchise started by Runic Games, and now being made by Echtra Games. It is an Action RPG MMO published by Perfect World, and will be familiar immediately to fans of Torchlight 1 and 2 as it shares the same vantage point and Action RPG combat you’ve come to know and love. But instead of a finite single player or co-op experience, Torchlight Frontiers is a persistent shared world where hundreds and thousands of players can meet, play, hunt for gear, and level their characters. We’ll be adding to this game listing as more details are revealed.

Last week, Torchlight Frontiers devs introduced “Contracts”, the game’s version of seasonal content. Each Contract brings with it the opportunity to complete objectives, earn Fame and unlock “valuable rewards each time a Fame level-up is reached”. Each Contract season will offer unique rewards, new missions and a reset Fame bar.

When the Torchlight Frontiers team goes live for a streaming event later today, they will be showcasing the latest additions and improvements to the ongoing beta test. Of particular note, viewers will learn more about a new system to be added to the game called “Contracts” that is “a new seasonal event system offering exclusive rewards by completing the Empire’s thematic quests”.

There was a time when I would look down on an Online Dungeon Crawler like Torchlight Frontiers. My taste in MMORPG’s was very specific. I knew what I wanted and if it didn’t fit my specs I wouldn’t give it a look. What a narrow view that was.