This video is sponsored by EA. Hey everyone, it’s Flakfire. DICE is making some big changes to gunplay and weapons with Battlefield 5 – and thanks to the game’s Closed Alpha, we finally got a glimpse of how everything is coming together – keep in mind this is all under development and could change by release. There’s no visual recoil in Battlefield 5, so where you aim is where you shoot. DICE have gone a long way to give guns more personality in the new game, as well. In the Alpha, we had eight guns to choose from. For the assault class, players could equip the iconic Sturmgewehr 44 – the precursor to all modern assault rifles. In Battlefield 5, the Sturmgewehr is a great all-purpose weapon with a very accurate first shot and reliable 3-4 round bursts. Hold down the trigger, however, and you’ll find the automatic fire hard to handle. It features a 30-round magazine and a fire rate of around 600 rounds per minute.

The ERMA maschinenpistole is one of Battlefield 5’s more obscure weapons. It’s got great hipfire stats, and is more manageable under sustained fire. The ERMA is fully automatic only, and fires from a 32-round magazine at a rate of around 570 rounds per minute. In the alpha, it also features a reflex sight for easy target acquisition. The support class in Battlefield 5 had access to two light machine guns – and both have serious suppressive firepower. The Bren gun is perfect for mobile, aggressive players. The weapon packs a serious punch, and an equally serious kick. Difficult to control at first, the Bren becomes more manageable the longer its fired. Players can also switch to single-fire mode and pop off accurate, individual shots. It features a bipod, and can empty its 30 round magazine at the rate of just over 500 rounds per minute. For support players who want to dig in, there’s the MG-34. Single shot or fully automatic, the MG-34 shines when bipodded, but can’t truly aim down sight unless it’s deployed. Although firing from a 100 round belt, the MG-34 can quickly overheat.

If this happens, DICE added a neat quick, barrel-change animation. The weapon’s fire rate in Battlefield 5 is 670 rounds per minute, which is useful for locking down objectives and chokepoints. For medics, the Gewehr 43 is king of medium range engagements. Capable of quick and accurate fire, the G43 is a reliable three-hit-kill weapon, and has two-hit-kill potential with a headshot and body shot. Its hip-fire stats are questionable, so it rewards players who aim down sight. The semi-automatic G43 fires from a 10 round magazine at the rate of around 250 rounds per minute. In the closed alpha, the weapon featured a times magnification scope. The MP-40 was also available to medics. This fully-automatic submachine gun is controllable under sustained fire and perfect for close quarters engagements. It’s still a viable option at longer ranges if players tap-fire the weapon. The MP-40 features a 32-round magazine, with a fire rate set at around 540 rounds per minute. The weapon is also the default weapon for Battlefield 5’s tanker and pilot classes. Meanwhile, the recon class fielded the venerable Kar 98. This bolt-action rifle controls the battlefield from afar, capable of one-hit kills with headshots.

It’s a high-risk weapon that rewards players talented enough to make those critical shots, but is a liability at close range. It has a five-round integral magazine and can only be reloaded one round at a time. For sidearms, all classes had access to the P38. This reliable semi-automatic pistol carries nine rounds – just enough to finish wounded enemies or for use as an effective last resort. Battlefield 5 features bullet penetration, and larger caliber weapons like the light machine guns can penetrate wooden walls.

Most weapons can punch through wooden doors, making them even more lethal. Developers say these weapons are just a sample of the armory that will be available to players at the launch of Battlefield V. For more Battlefield videos, visit Thanks for watching..

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