So, we now have confirmation of Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee coming to the Switch on November 16th, 2018. Pokémon Yellow is actually being remade for the Switch, we’re revisiting Kanto in HD and Pokémon GO is being integrated with the game as well as we saw in the trailer. Short summary of my reaction, I’m completely fine with this, I think it’s a good move on Pokémon Company’s part and from what was shown off, this seems promising.

It’s not Generation 8 amazing and I have a few issues with it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m thoroughly excited to play this remake of Pokémon Yellow. Not only that, it’s honestly a sensible thing for this to even be happening, but before I explain why, I wanna share some of my two cents on this when it was rumored and for those unaware of the whole story surrounding this game. This game was actually leaked on 4chan on April Fools Day and only came back up as April and May were passing by. People were up in arms over this when it was leaked a few weeks ago because of it being a return to Kanto, but especially because it said Pokémon GO was being connected in some way and most of us were worried that meant the battle system would change and issues arose such as, “wait, this sounds nothing like a core line Pokémon game at all!” and I was worried as well, but I was confident it was referring to catching Pokémon with the motion controls in the joycon.

Thank god that was proven true. And there were leaked screenshots, pictures officially released on Pokémon’s Twitter and Instagram of other random things with Pikachu and Eevee in them numerous times, and more and more consistent details and information regarding the same rumor were being revealed and it started holding more merit to it. This reminded me a lot like how the Mario + Rabbids rumor started with how ridiculous it sounded, but more details continued springing from it as time passed, then leaked images came up and then we eventually got the blowout last E3; it’s a very similar situation and because of that, I was cautiously optimistic and willing to place my bets on this game being real and turned out it was.

As far as my personal impressions go, this is exactly how I was expecting Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee to look like and cater and I’m still excited. The game looks beautiful and the sheer fact that we’re getting a remake of Pokémon Yellow in HD on a home console you can bring with you anywhere you’d like is astounding. It looks like an uprezed version of Sun and Moon but taken to the next level and I’m actually looking forward to it.

This remake is taking a much more casual approach with it and it makes sense as to why. Pokémon GO was a gargantuan cultural and gaming phenomenon and took over the world almost 2 years ago. This seems to be trying to attract that swath that fell off the GO bandwagon and is trying to show those who may have never played Pokémon or who haven’t played in 20 years the basic gist of the mainline games in this hybridization between Pokémon GO styled catching and traditional Pokémon battles. This is coming from a guy who’s played at least one game every generation of Pokémon and almost every remake from every generation but I think this is a healthy hybridization. They’re not ostracizing the core fandom and keeping a large chunk of the core Pokémon experience in these games. Like when you get down to it, this definitely looks and feels like a Pokémon game and that’s exciting. Game Freak has also gone on to state they are interested in remaking more Pokémon games like a year or two ago and this is proof of that. This could be our way to experience Crystal or Emerald, Gens 2 and 3, on a console along with Gen 1 and I was legit predicting this to happen.

I wish I made a video on the idea sooner but for anyone who’s followed me on Twitter or Facebook, you guys remember I distinctively said ‘we’re gonna get Pokémon Yellow remade on consoles, whether opening the gateway to Pokémon on the Switch or later, and the third titles of each Pokémon Generation will be given the same treatment so each generation can be played on a home console in HD.’ I actually got that right and I feel it was a missed opportunity not making a video on the topic sooner. Really, I only have one gripe with it, and I’ll likely be ok with it in the long haul if everything else has remained and is fine but it’s still something I question and that’s you can’t battle wild Pokémon traditionally.

It works exactly like it does in GO and any sort of traditional battling is restricted to the trainers and PvP battling. I get why they’re trying to attract primarily the GO players and not just the core fanbase but I personally would’ve had an option between the two. Battling wild Pokémon has always been a main element of almost every game, Pokémon against Pokémon and all. That’s how people earned the Pokémon they caught, “Gotta catch ‘em all” has had a purpose beyond trying to just throw the Pokeball at the Pokémon.

Encountering Mewtwo and other Legendary Pokémon the same way as every other Pokémon in this game like in GO doesn’t sound very cool or earned as regular encounters would. I would appreciate an option between the two and then the situation would be like “Hey! You like how to catch Pokémon in GO or you don’t like the thought of battling wild Pokémon? Here, the wild battles work exactly like it does in GO! Would you prefer traditional battles like the main games if you’re a traditional fan or would you like to see how Pokémon has always played in its main games? Here’s an option to fight wild Pokémon a lot like how you fight trainers in this game!” Something to appease both camps and make both sides equally happy, y’know? I also really wanna know how levelling up and grinding is gonna work. You have traditional battles in there for EXP, you can see the levels and PP Pokemon have, but the CP is in there too so like what’s the method of progression here? Is it still through battles or are candies gonna be involved? I hope they allow us to fight more trainers than in Yellow or allow us to re-battle trainers multiple times in order to grind because I don’t think people will take the candy thing with kindness, it could be another step back, but I just need to see more of this game.

Otherwise, it doesn’t seem that far off base from Pokémon Safari, but especially, ESPECIALLY Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, even though you could catch wild Pokémon in the latter albeit an incredibly small amount. There’s also another issue fans have with this and that’s the fact Pokémon Company and GAME Freak are still stuck on a grind of pandering Gen 1 fans and it’s essentially started since XY because of the Mega Evolutions mostly consisting of Gen 1 Pokémon and the fact you can obtain plenty of Gen 1 Pokémon including the starters and Legendaries in X and Y, the Alolan forms of Kantonian Pokémon in Sun and Moon, Pokémon GO starting out and leaning on the original 150 Pokémon in most of its first year, and now these Pokémon Yellow remakes obviously being remakes of a Gen 1 game. We’re kind of treading the line, hitting a sort of Gen 1 fatigue that fans are sick of and to some length I agree, it can be a bit much but as far those Gen 1 marketing ploys and panders go, that never outweighed what was new and added in games like X & Y, Sun and Moon and such.

X and Y was still a new generation, and we still got some other Mega Evolutions outside of Gen 1 Pokémon, especially in the remakes to follow after being Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Sun and Moon was a bigger example of this and its new slew of Pokémon along with its story, the Z Moves, and it was only a number of Kanto Pokémon that returned, which most of them had different forms and typing based on Alola and that helped add more to it than just bringing back old Pokémon again. Pokémon GO really is the only one that actually tried to capture not just the broad demographic, but all the nostalgic people who grew up with Pokémon in the late 90s. With each remake of Pokémon, we’ve gotten upscaled reimaginings of old regions with the addition of Pokémon new to the region like Gen 2 or 3 Pokémon in Kanto and a couple twists here and there since Fire Red and Leaf Green, and this became even more prevalent and spiced things up more with Heart Gold and Soul Silver and even more so again with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

It’s also the fact that this is a remake of Yellow, so obviously it’s supposed to appeal to Gen 1. But really the big thing that makes me ok with it the most is that we’ve gotten confirmation on Twitter from Pokémon CEO Yuji Nakamura that the new actual core mainline game people want is coming in the second half of 2019. He didn’t explicitly state it was going to be on Switch, but I think it’s a safe bet it will considering they made an engine for the Switch and will likely go back to it. This entry into the Pokémon remakes will likely try and hold fans over until the big huge new Generation 8 that’ll come.

This also seems like an extension to Pokémon GO as well. I don’t know if the game would be called good now at least by me, but it’s gotten so much better than it was when it released and this seems like a decent way to get the train rolling again. On the whole though, there’s plenty to pull from the trailer itself. Pokémon get to follow you again as we saw with Electrode, Gengar, Nidoking and Nidoqueen and it’s based off the Pokémon’s true size which is absolutely awesome. The fact that one joycon is all you need to play is super convenient and really comfortable and the fact that there’s co-op multiplayer is another cool add-on, something Pokémon’s never done.

I really like that you can actually see what Pokémon are lurking in the grass and caves, it’s not randomized based on where you step in the grass, you can visually see what Pokémon are there and that’s one of my favorite things about this. This makes exploring, grinding and catching Pokémon a lot easier because you don’t have to randomly walk and hope for this Pokémon to appear on a more random scale than usual.

I also hope the Pokeball Plus thing is around $20 or $30, at max $40. It better be inexpensive because that thing is essentially the Poke walker from Heart Gold and Soul silver evolved and it looks not only cute, but really intuitive. It’s another controller you can use to play the game and that’s the kind of immersion Pokémon Company’s been rocking lately. Unfortunately, the battery sucks, it lasts for 3 hours, but I really hope that thing will be roughly half the price of the actual game since it’s another controller.

They’re also teasing one brand-new Pokémon is going to be revealed in GO when you connect both games. I’m predicting we’re going to get an Eeveelution, a new evolved form of Eevee that will be a Fighting type. Calling it right now. There’s also the fact that this can connect with your phone and you can transfer Pokémon from GO into Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee and that’s kind of surreal.

So much of this game’s existence feels surreal to me. It’s an HD remake of Pokémon Yellow, on a home console, a home console you can bring with you anywhere, that can connect to your phone, and the Pokémon game to come after this next year will likely look and play even better. On top of this being a smart marketing strategy to attract GO players and older Pokémon fans, this is going to be one of the Switch’s best-selling games. As I’m recording this the trailer just got #2 on trending on Youtube, which is absolutely crazy. This game is gaining a lot of buzz and traction and for as many negative reactions I’m seeing, there’s a lot of positive ones as well. This game is clicking a lot with millions of people and plenty have come out and said it’s the kind of shake up they can get behind to either get back into or start investing into Pokémon. This game is going to be HUGE. And I’m looking forward to it. It looks absolutely gorgeous, most of the core Pokémon experience is still present in these games, it’s a Pokémon on a home console in HD, it’s a remake of a Generation I actually did grow up with in my teen years, during Gen 5 I played Red and Yellow on my Game Boy Advance and jailbroken iPhone respectively.

I can’t wait to play this and experience Pokémon Yellow on my Switch. Provide your opinions in the comments below, do you think this looks good? Do you not like what you see? You think it’ll be a success? You gonna use this to hold over until Gen 8 releases in 2019? Let me know down below. As always thank you for watching and we’re in E3 season.

You’re gonna wanna stay tuned for more on Pokémon, Nintendo and other gaming related news and content. Stay super..

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