Fortnite%u2019s Season 6 newest Halloween themed mode: Fortnitemares, launched today and is available in Solos, Duos and Squads. This new mode is the best mode yet, adding a whole new element to the game. Not only do players have to fight off enemy squads, but at the same time, hordes of zombies will spawn everywhere on the map and attack the nearest player. This time, danger comes from everywhere in Fortnite.

This Fortnitemares guide will show you a few tips and things you should know before you start playing.1.Zombies come from Cube shardsPurple cube shards are scattered all over the map and more will spawn randomly as the circle gets smaller and smaller. Zombies will start spawning a few meters from the cube shards whenever players approach. The zombies or cube monsters will spawn indefinitely until the cube shard is destroyed.