Enemies are encountered throughout towns, the overworld and dungeons. Combat is turn based however in order to successfully land an attack you have to do action based inputs. With Alex you must press a button within two coloured sections on a record turn. Other characters have to press button prompts at the right time or release something. If you mess this up your character fails their attack when the enemy attacks you, you can press a and if you hit the yellow section you take slightly less damage and if you hit the red you dodge it. Enemies can also have attacks with three reds so you have to hit them all in succession to avoid taking damage, just one or two doesn’t count and you get the full hit. There are also some attacks you can’t dodge and can only take less damage from by joystick and button input at the right time. With Alex it wasn’t until some hours later that the game tells you, you can press the button multiple times in the sections. Not that it matters much since Alex is the most useless character only able to hit about two points of damage at most.