There are of course items and skills. These skills also require different inputs not that you get much instruction for them. Not only that but even if you get the micro game right it still might fail or have detriment. As is the case with one of Michael’s skills where you must take a bad photo but they still have to be in the picture. When a bad photo is taken they’ll get hit with a sick status effect, but if a good one is taken the defense and attack will be temporarily buffed. Whereas with one of Alex’s skills for a status effect to cause sleep sometimes you input it correctly and it doesn’t do anything at all. Running away requires you to play a small 2D platforming section. In boss fights (except the first encounter with an entity) it is pointless as you’ll be blocked. Thankfully enemies that appear in world do not respawn after being defeated. As even with a fast forward button the combat is painfully slow and regular enemy encounters can take around ten minutes.