The cartoon art looking very different from the game. One character’s art looked particularly different from the others and it was odd to see them next to each other. Other people have mentioned that they don’t like the voice acting I think it’s okay but there are changes in audio quality during voiced scenes. It’s been argued that the game is quite inaccurate in it’s depiction of the times. Such as Alex using records instead of CDs and so many record stores being around. The way Alex dresses in particular being more of a modern hipster style. There’s also a grave for Satoru Iwata in Wind Town which in an attempt to be some kind of touching memorial is just unnecessary and weird. I have a plethora of problems with this game to the point that I found it a chore to play. There are some major things such as the slowness of combat or the story but there are also so very many quality of life issues. The main problem is that the story in general doesn’t appeal to me as it’s about paranormal things and questioning reality and a touch of self reflection.