Hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA Online review where today we take a look at the Avenger an Osprey VTOL airplane clone that is in the Doomsday Heist dlc so let’s go right in the assessment okay? so for the price of ‘only’ 3,500,000 (!!) you get a huge plane not only that as a nice way to drive around but also a flying weapon ship and a vehicle to some vehicles and a workshop for pimping your weapons and upgrading them that is if you want to pay the price for the extra things that are available in the area of ​​pimping the plane the usual Smuglers run things on, performance upgrades, control the usual, but with the avenger you can also use two extra machine guns to compliment the normal rifle of the Avenger Stock when it is the Stock it comes with one cannon on the front but with two extra cannons the Avenger becomes an incredible ‘fighting machine’ but before we go too fast, let’s test the plane in a ride okay? so on the contrary to the Tula a lot on this plane / helicopter the Avenger only has the possibility to land in VTOL mode due to the oversized wicks there is too little space for the wheels without the sails on the plane so you have to remember that one avoid shameful crash in performance as I already thought the size of the plane does not work well in acceleration, speed and action but that is not necessary because this thing is a mobile fort! (cool) the Avenger can also be equipped with bombs! as usual there is: standard, cluster (lots of bombs in a row) gas and fire but as always I recommend as standard if you want normal bombs the three cannons on the Avenger are controlled by 1 to 3 people, if there is 1 person on the gun control they have the opportunity to switch between the three cannons by choice which is very useful and if more than 1 cannoners are all able to take control of a cannon the cannons themselves are very powerful, a bit like the Valkerie, Compared to the enormous armor you have a hell of trouble to shoot down.

I am planning for a cool Avenger fight but in the meantime I hope you liked this short video and if you find that, do not forget to leave a like and subscribe to the Pyrerealm Gaming Channel! for many more videos for you very soon, until later everyone! (bye!).

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