Hello, everyone and welcome back to another GTA online guide where today We’re going to be taking a look at the brand-new DUKE O’DEATH Well sort of brand new this car has been in the games files since the enhanced version of the game was released But not until now have we all been able to get our hands on this rather strange vehicle So now’s the time to do review on it for the surprisingly low low price of just six hundred and sixty five Thousand dollars for non returning players like me and absolutely free for returning players You can get your hands on a car which on the most part looks like something that came out of a mad max movie with it Mean look ball bars on the front padded out cabin and black default color the DUKE O’DEATH is a car that is definitely something to consider buying especially considering its reasonable price So what do you get for the price tag hmm? Well despite it being a war stock vehicle It’s a car that you can fully customize and store in your garage which means you don’t have to rely on God damn Pegasus to call one end the car itself to drive is very good its performance is as good as it looks with good acceleration cornering and top speed It’s also as heavy as it looks being able to easily ram cars out of the way should players have to do so, so it Makes for a great Getaway car especially when I show you what defensive Capabilities it has but before we get to that let’s do a basic drag performance test against another car of the same class Now it might not be the best muscle car in the game But it’s definitely one that would be a good benchmark against the DUKE O’DEATH, so let’s see how they perform shall we? So as you saw just then the DUKE O’DEATH isn’t a sluggish car as you would expect from looks alone This thing is fast Definitely fast enough to be used in racing just get used to it handling before taking it to the track is my advice So now we all know it’s a really good muscle car to drive around now It’s time to get to the real testing of this machine its Defensive capabilities the DUKE O’DEATH as you may imagine is an armored car But this one’s a little weird compared to the likes of the kuruma and the insurgent because depending on what Explosive weapon you use against it.

It’s durability changes accordingly the Duke can survive two sticky bombs three Rocket and A ton of buzzard rockets I counted seven hit when I tested it But that number could be more or less depending on the attackers accuracy and where they hit the vehicle? unfortunately, though the DUKE O’DEATH Windows are… What windows? this thing doesn’t have any and a search one well-placed bullet t] the driver’s head will take it down instantly So be sure to watch out for miniguns if you’re wanting to do some drive byes in this thing But as far as explosive weapons go this thing’s pretty good at defending yourself against it.

I remember there used to be a special ability associated with the DUKE O’DEATH where it allowed you to instantly blow up any vehicle they ran into For those of you expecting to have that ability and be overpowered Unfortunately for you that ability is non-existent unless you run it into an aeroplane in which case YEEHAW! So there we have it guys the DUKE O’DEATH It’s fast. It’s mean and it can be used in a variety of situations Which I wager people make good use of in the future and if you enjoyed this video it would be great if you could leave A like and subscribe to the Pyrerealm gaming channel for loads more GTA. Online guys come to you very soon. See you around.

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