Now this a test I have been wanting to do for a while. Grand Theft Auto 5 remains one of the biggest, most complex open world games out there (not to mention an insanely popular one) and therefore remains a bit of an intense game for low end computers. What better game to put the intel celeron intelHD combo that I have been so enamored with the past few weeks? You might be surprised of the results we get… with some sacrifices. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer the show where I find ways of reducing games to make them run on low end computer, under their minimum requirements and on this episode we are coming back to GTA V, this time on IntelHD. GTA V is a 2015 game running on the rockstar RAGE engine and it asks for a GHz Intel Core 2 Quad and at least Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, that’s lower than I remember. I guess the minimum requirements of the newer games have burned me out.

I will be using the $20 Intel Celeron G1840 with its included IntelHD and this is going to turn out to be an interesting choice as you will notice in a second. I am going to start with all the settings in lowest as usual, but on my old GTA V video which I hope you never watch because it is one of the first videos I made, I cringe every time I have to see it, I had no idea what I was doing and it is somehow one my most popular videos… where was I? Oh yes, there are a couple of things I missed or failed to explain there.

The first thing I want to now is Frame Scaling Mode under Advance Graphics. I did not know about this before but this settings is basically an internal resolution scaler that will allow you to cut the internal resolution while leaving a readable UI. Very useful if you have a low end GPU. I am going to leave the game on 720 and internal resolution at half. While benchmarking I noticed the GPU bottlenecked most still sections but any part that involves moving around the map causes this poor cheap CPU to struggle to keep the game going, which leads to a ton of stuttering in these areas. This was surprisingly fixable by using an FPS limiter. If you can get the game to get at least close to 30 fps you can the set the vsync of the game to half in order to limit the game to 30 fps and the stuttering will be gone.

If you are closer to say, 20, and you want to limit there, you can use afterburner for that by adding GTA 5 to rivaturner options and setting a limit. Ok, but what if you need a little help with getting to that 20 or 30 FPS. The first thing I am going to remind you is that you can disable shadows by going into documents, rockstar games, gta v, settings.xml and you change shadow quality to 0. This already represents a huge boost and will work while playing online.

The other things are a couple of mods I had not tried before, but these are offline only. All the mods and tools needed are in links in the description. The first, come courtesy of this reddit thread on the LowSpecGamer subreddit that inspired me to make this video, thanks Refreshomancer420! You can install a trainer, which a script that allows you to manipulate the world of the game, usually used for horsing around but can also give it an unexpected FPS Boost. To install a trainer all you need is to download this hook, and move these two files into the directory where you installed GTA 5. I will be using this simple trainer by moving these two files downloaded from there into the installation directory. While in game you can open the trainer with F4 and in the first page of options you can disable all cars and extra pedestrians, leaving only key missing characters.

You can turn them back on at any moment if you need it but do not underestimate the boost of disabling so many objects… Even if it affects your game experience… a little bit… Hmmm… oh, I made a mistake. My thing’s gone, now I have nothing to ride. Hello? Anybody? This is like a weird unintentional zombie apocalypse game. And as you can see, quests, things that are important for the map, are still there like this Vinewood tourism thing but everything else is just gone.

You can make this change default by going into the settings file of the trainer and changing no cars and no peds to 1. Hey, but maybe you still want pedestrians. Better if they look like this. This is the GTA 5 Extreme Low End Mod. While this has been discontinued it still seems to work pretty well on single player, not only by reducing the level of detail of these things but also by cutting the draw distance of the game and pretty much removing all grass. Download the mod to get all the files you need. And before modding I would highly recommend you backup your GTA 5 installation directory in case you can want to unmod the game. To install this mod you need to install openIV, the GTA 5 modding tool. Hello! This is Alex from the future. While editing this video, Take Two decided to kill OpenIV, I decided to leave this part of the video anyways because it’s interesting but this mod might or might not work.

If there’s still anyway to use OpenIV, I’ll leave it in the description. Back to the video. After you have installed it and specified where you installed GTA V you can press this button over here to enter edit mode and install the plugins needed to mod. Do not try playing online with this installed. Don’t say I did not warn you. The file structure itself will tell you where to move the files. For the grass removal you take these files and move it into common.rpf, data. Then theeeeeeeese files need to be copies into update, update.rpf, common, data, timecycle, just move them all over.

And finally, for the blocky NPC you have a bunch of options. I will use the most extreme low end one. This file will go into the data folder inside update that we were just in a moment ago. Well, that’s a good looking tree. Also, no grass. This is going to be an interesting trip. The game’s running really really well with the fps limiter, I want to see what happens if I remove it. See? You can see the micro stuttering that I commented as the cpu is trying to catch up, performance is much better than I expected, so far but you can see how it freezes from time to time when it’s trying to load new stuff.

Still even without that, it’s pretty manageable. Oh dear, we are reaching the limit of the loaded world. Yeah the game is having a lot of trouble loading- So I’m going to turn that right on. See? Butter smooth performance. I… yes. Gee, this is really interesting. Good thing I have- woah! This is- this is a much bigger challenge than I expected. Oh there it goes, loading a little bit more, needed a little bit more of time I guess. Well this is going to be a bit of a challenge isn’t it? Welcome to the- oh! That was unexpected. I’m sorry, I couldn’t see! Wow, I don’t really recommend this draw distance while flying. Oh hello sir, you’re looking… I don’t even have comments for this… oh boy. That is all for this video. This has been an interesting experiment, GTA 5 continues to be an interesting game to try and run in all sorts of configurations.

When this video is out I might be out on a little adventure but if you any questions or comment you can get me on social media or the growing lowspecgamer subreddit. Or you can just share memes. Thank you to all Patreon contributors, I will see you on the next video..

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