Windorf, North of Lincoln, nine years ago Come here! Well, watch out, no one will be hurt Open the dog, or it will get worse than the harm Come on! Hands behind your back. Please sir, we will give you anything you want. Do not even think about it. I’ll do it, I’ll do it …. my God Enter there Sit steadily. I will deal with explosives Do not blow yourself up! At the back! Come on! Faster! ready. In the phone Well we will do this, huh? Show me the money! Slow down and calm down, T.

Slow down and calm down. Oh ….. There is enough here for all of us to enjoy! Depends on the way you look at it We’re done here. Let’s go Get out. B give up! I caught you! I saw your face. I will remember You You forget thousands of things every day. And that which you see will become one of them I see his eyes. he’s crazy.

Curse! You were not forced to do this Let’s go now. Let remorse for later. Yes, you are right. Move! I will adjust the shipment. It’s on timer device. So set yourselves up! Oh fuck. I heard this? Siren Fuck police T. Press lock. Drop it! Wrong career. I do not lie to them. Lie down! Stay away from the road or bear the consequences. Damn those guys! Let’s get out of here! let’s move! Come on! There can not be many policemen here in this city What is this bullshit. Hey man. You exaggerate. I will take my share.

My appetite is still open! Cars here! Come on! Move! Come on! This was not described in the function We got the signal – let’s go What’s behind you? Shut up and have the car. did you see that ? I have pinned that dirty face on the glass Have you seen this? Yes, you are really a professional. Babapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapa! Oh fuck how did that happen? Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Curse! Oh my God, I think they will … Oh fuck! Throw the body These guys are fools Damn you.

Damn you. Wow! Come on! Let’s go to the helicopter! We move fast, we can overcome the train. We’re almost done! Police Men. Arriving on our way Be quiet … you will not catch this car Hey man. I will believe in miracles if I see the plane. Curse! Curse! Curse! road is closed! Go to the right! East train, man! Gosh!!! Are you okay? Curse! Come on! The car crashed right? We can go from this road to the helicopter No. wait! Commit to the plan. What? Stick to the damned scheme! Come on. Where’s the damn helicopter? Curse! I’ll lose the back. Run! They’re federally fuck! Someone has to be silly speaking Well Brad would be fine But we have to get out of here. Uh. Damn I’ve hit! Uh. Gosh. You have to go from here. I will not leave you, Michael Go! Oh God, I can not survive.

I will bleed to death. Uh. Go… No! Hi! You are! Oh my God. Do not shoot! Where is the plane? I do not know what you’re talking about! Go back! If you approached me I would kill her! They retreated Oh my god, help me! help my! Oh! Go! Go! Michael… He was not always a good husband Not always a good citizen He did not die the heroes dead.

But he was a man Lord, have mercy on the two thieves Maybe…. We have no right to punish them. Michael… We were born from sin And we will die with sin … And this deceased, Michael … He was like his predecessors O Lord! We do not know your unlimited qualities … But we know … You will have mercy on our friend.

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