What’s up you guys and welcome to this segment right here I’m your boy you’re sheriff we got a brand new money glitch that we are going to sit and test but I wanted to show you guys things a little bit from my perspective big thank you for people that are supporting videos like this us exposing other fake youtubers I do want to say I’ve changed the banner alright and that’s also for you guys to understand that this channel is not a one-trick pony we do test glitches we also do test fig glitches that are not working and we bust on those guys as hard as possible to let them know that we’re here and we speak our our mind big thank you again for the 58,000 subscriber YouTube is telling me there is no need to subscribe to yourself that is super funny let me know what you think of the setup with the camera and stuff I keep experimenting with different stuff and today I figured why don’t we test a glitch a little bit face to face maybe you get to see a little bit of the struggle and if your boy gets to struggle with it too much you know you get to see it in person I’ll cut but if I do I’m going to let you know now one of the winners has come forward and I want to be a little bit careful here that I don’t show you that code that I gave him on them what’s it called under Xbox Live okay again big thank you and 260 likes on that mr.

Boss for the win expose video you guys are awesome on that I might hide the screen a second here let me show you the guy that came forward and this is the seventh winner one of them came forward I’m telling you you guys not everybody comes forward and that’s why we check like this and see if these guys are active on the channel or not I want to say congratulation he sent me the information 19 hours ago he told me his email he confirmed it and he also told me which system he’s playing on and I got him the code instantly right there you can see it I’m hiding it with the picture that we have right there of my logo in order to keep everything a little bit you know private he needs to activate that code now I haven’t even checked if this dude is active on my channel or not so let’s go ahead and check that now the best way for us youtubers to go ahead and check if people are active on the channel and they’re actually supporting is to take the username and we’re going to paste it right here in the comment section and this way you see if this person is supporting or not again I was too happy that somebody came forward and right away I represented in the code so he’s got multiple comments right there and it seems like he’s one of the most active people on the channel multiple comments on a lot of videos so I want to say thank you for that that’s a lot of support that’s a dude that’s really really awesome love your videos man you’re funny as f you know what I mean these are people that I want to hook up with these are the people that I really love on the channel and they’re giving me good support thank you for that and I always notice and I always reply as you can see thank you for your support you know what I mean like I know like I reply to him multiple times on different videos you guys I want you to know I’m not fake bro I represent and I read all your comments on I respond right back to you so there you go that’s how I do the check I haven’t even checked on this dude because I was just happy that somebody came forward and I could represent and give him the code let’s switch over now to the glitch strap down and get this thing going damn alright it’s night time here so we have the setup I got the controller damn that’s the wrong button we have a fresh allergy this allergy is not stored in the MOC yet so what they did is the patch that glitched you guys the one that we were doing somebody found a workaround we’re here to document it as we always do is the workaround easy or not that’s always a question that you guys ask and you struggle with so let me run you through the setup before we get into it here first thing first you need to be in an invite-only session so that’s what we’re having you don’t really have to be an invite-only session it’s it’s personal preference I mean you can be in an open session but what if somebody blows you up at the docks so it’s a good idea to be in an invite-only session after that you need to be in free aim if you’re in free aim it’s going to give you the two messages that we’re looking for now here’s what I’m going to do first I’m going to pull this car into the MOC because a lot of people struggle with that I’m going to transfer a retro allergy over to my garage okay so I did the transfer now is the part that a lot of people struggle with and that is putting the car exactly where the blue circle is supposed to be here’s how this work that the glitch is working right now this is the bypass that you need to get around in order to get it to work or the workaround whatever you want to call it you know when you get out you get out right here now if you have the interaction menu out and you step into the blue circle you don’t really give you enough time in order for you to do it so if we collapse it if we click B and Y like we used to do probably going to get sucked in instantly let’s give it a try we got sucked in instantly there was no chance for the animation to take place so there is a way around that now now the way around it is you have to position the car in a specific place almost very similar to the one that we had before which when your character steps out he gets in the blue circle but now you need to kind of trick the game a little bit here like when we get out we’re standing right in that blue circle right we need to go in from the passenger side that’s what I’m going to do exit and try to get back in super fast if you hit it right you should be okay let’s try that all right let’s exit try to get back in we got the animation we got the animation so there you go you can go to your menu you can see if somebody’s playing gta5 super fast here we got one person playing we’re going to try to join join game and that the timer at the back is taking its time so it’s all good I think we’re going to hit this on the first try BAM we’re inside the truck we’re frozen did you guys see that that’s the workaround right there we’re inside the truck again we’re inside the black screen it’s working like a charm so from here you’re going to pull up your phone and I actually need to lean forward because the camera is in the way we’re going to accept the Leicester invitation to the heist and from this point you go on with the glitch like she did before super glitch super easy it’s so low don’t let it overwhelm you you can always ask me questions and if not me the a squad fam always represents and release tips at the bottom of the video so let’s keep going on with it because a lot of people also struggle with the car when it breaks and go from there okay there’s a heist right there your boy is invisible so let’s take the player all the way down to the garage this has been one of the easiest glitches to to really work in the game and I’m really surprised that it’s still it’s still active you know you can always count on your boy if there is a workaround I got you covered I got you covered okay so at this point you just have to pick which car you want to duplicate if you’re going for maximum of course it’s going to be one of the retros if you’re going for something a little bit less you can take any of the other cars some people don’t have the money to to get the retro allergy yet so you could work your way up so there you go you can see the place because that place is going to switch as well we’re going to gas it and wait outside once you’re here instantly you need to click the back button and you need to select your mobile operation center don’t take too long because this thing might get bricked on you if you take too long to do it now here is a deal I have to cut in this section for a second for a moment it told you it told me we cannot give you your mobile operation center because there is somebody in the vehicle or it’s not empty that other message that they do I just sat here for a few seconds took down the menu back one time where I went into this area right here and then I came back into mobile operation center and lo and behold it’s highlighted again so if you do run into that problem you know exactly what to do right now so let’s request it and keep going ahead with this glitch we’re at the docks right now we’ve done this before so it should be a-okay did the plate change on the car yep the plate has been changed it’s already taking the plate of the retro allergy or what’s gonna be a retro allergy that is it’s a normal rh8 let’s look this way to get the operation center behind us I really hope that I am able to answer most of your questions in this video like that last part when you come out of the garage and you have to click it superfast or it’s going to break on you also the part that it tells you your operation center is not empty you can’t request it these are things that when I run into it on the video I don’t hide them I try to answer you this way you can you know you can have the answers to them if you’re watching your Sheriff the gamer we’re always representing man so what are you waiting for huh click that notification you need to subscribe we’re going to click right on the d-pad and it’s going to take the car right into the operation center you’re not done yet alright because I get messages of people telling me the car goes back to normal so when you’re in the operation center get back into it and drive it right back out let’s drive this baby out and I’m going to take it actually and store it into my garage I’m not going to just leave it here or just put it back in the operation centers up to you you want to experiment with that I usually just stick it back in my garage because I know if I have to demonstrate this glitch to you guys one more time I knew that I need to have a space for the rh8 to go in it and this way I’m clear okay so I don’t know if you want to hang with me all the way till down till the garage here I actually have multiple garages man let me see if I can maybe pull it into the one that’s near us here regarding to giveaway let’s talk a little bit we do have another giveaway that’s being cooked up in the background there could be multiple channels coming in on that but I’m waiting for the go-ahead with it I don’t want to jump the gun on anything people that have been announced for the giveaway that we did yesterday like I said in the beginning of this video one winner came forward you know there is a lot of random people that come on a channel it’s a big channel it’s getting up there but we do want to give it to people that represent yesterday in the livestream a lot of people were saying I never win well I really hope those are the legit people that I’m always looking out for by checking the comments by seeing if somebody is going to come forward and take the prize or not now of course there is like lgt nobody wants to talk to you bro there is a deadline and when you can come up and claim the prize like you can’t come two weeks from now and say I’m the winner can’t do that if you’re not active as f on your share of the gamer who’s putting in the time all the time to try and bring you guys some of the best glitches then I can’t really look out for you and I don’t think anybody in the comment section would support you if you come two weeks from now and say you know I didn’t get my prize or something so you need to be active on that on the channel every like every comment everything that you drop I don’t take it lightly I take it with so much you know attention so much value because we’ve come to this where we are right now because of you guys because of your comments because of the love that you’re showing right here people that come and leave hate on us or whatever like that right after I read a hit comment I see a comment that says something really nice and that makes me say you know what we keep pushing man we keep going forward we keep voicing our opinion yesterday after the mr.

Botsford the wind video usually asked youtubers man put something else we want to see like that the subscribers like it in my case I don’t look at your subscribers I’m looking at you as good friends so I always look at the comment sections after and they say I want to see positive feedback I want to see if they like it or not so I care about these things and you guys represented men above 200 likes it’s something that I could only dream up and I really thank you for that if you haven’t seen that video check it out like I said we only voice our opinion and have fun doing it so there you have it the place is right there do it stick out your hand wrong hand okay no that’s alright I’m and there you go the other plates right there that was the car that we pulled out the card duplicates you guys this game has been announced to be going even further in GTA 5 online we’re going to be playing this game a lot more okay be careful with your account don’t get yourself vain and thank you for being part of your share of the gamer I’ll let you go peace out everybody

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