Welcome to a new episode of GTA Series Videos Tips & Tricks. You already know who I am, Gary7 MT. Now this time we are going to analyze the new business opportunity in Los Santos and Blaine County added with the latest GTA Online update: Gunrunning. With this video our intent is to give you all the info about the costs, wages, investments, upgrades, time and ins and outs on the new, big business of heavy arms dealing GTA style! So you can make the best choices and decide if you want to be an active part of this new business.

Remember, we never met… you never saw me. I don’t know you, and anything you think I said… I didn’t say, and you were delusional. Remember that. I’ll be in touch. You’re a hero. Now for a few groundrules: just as with the CEO, Import/Export and Bikers businesses, you can only “buy-and-sell” in public sessions, and exactly like the Biker’s businesses, obtaining your product or selling it later, doesn’t necessarily require your personal presence or interaction. Bunkers first requires a setup mission and then, most of the time, a re-up mission every now and then.

To create product, the game must be on so your GTA universe is active. This simply means while your staff is transforming the supplies in stock to killer, high-tech weaponry, you’re free to enjoy acting like the boss you are: so go and do missions, heists, races or watch TV. Or walk in a circle. Now let’s get down to the real reason for all this in the first place – the numbers! To start your business you’ll need a bunker – which one you choose is up to you. And just so you know, it doesn’t affect the quantity or quality of weapons produced. With that said, the cheapest bunker is located in Paleto and costs a cool $ 1,165,000 smackeroos.

The most expensive is near a Farmhouse, south of the penitentiary, and costs $ 2,365,000 bucks. Mind you, in both cases we’re pricing the facilities without any personalization at all. Of course some will want to go all the way and really do it in style by adding stuff like personal quarters, shooting ranges, gun lockers and transportation inside the bunker, but obviously this jacks up costs considerably.

Do what you want but be aware that choosing to go the “big-baller” route for bunkers will leave a 4M GTA dollar hole in your wallet. Kinda forcing you to sell a shit-load of weapons just to recoup astronomical initial investment costs just for a single bunker. Our advice is to keep everything on default adding only the shooting range – to unlock two liveries for the MKII weapons, the ability to keep more projectile weapons in your inventory and a load of t-shirts, hoodies and hats. Once you have your new bunker, get to it, wait for the long cutscene to end, then hit the computer in the research area to start the “setup mission”.

This mission is always the same: reach an Ammu-Nation, steal a Duneloader with a crate full of supplies and take it inside the bunker. With that done, you’re technically up and running – but – you can tweak your business a little. Here’s the skinny on that. First things first, upgrades: The equipment upgrade will speed up the production rate, improve the value of your weapons product and consume fewer supplies per stock produced. This upgrade also affects the look of the bunker interior. The staff upgrade gives you exactly the same bonuses as the equipment upgrade. Once bought, the new staff arrives in about 10 minutes. The security upgrade will lower the likelihood of being attacked by enemies – apparently lower, not remove, so don’t think you can’t be hit. According to our tests and to what people say on the GTAForums, being raided with or without the security upgrade is extremely rare. It took us almost four days and a nine hour session spent on a roof doing nothing at all – to be raided.

Contrasting CEO and Bikers, there is apparently one mission to complete that defends your business. In this mission, you need to reach a truck with your weapons, kill the competition, disarm three bombs with the classic hacking minigames, bring the truck back to your bunker and get it inside – fail to do so and you lose everything. But, if you manage to bring the truck, back you’ll only lose a small portion of your stock. But beware – a five minute countdown starts as soon as your enemies spot you. Fortunately success can still be had even if you die while fighting with them, but just remember to disarm the three bombs before time runs out or the truck will explode leaving you with jack shit in your bunker.

Oh and just one more thing: while hacking the bombs, more enemies are gonna spawn, so you better be fast with those minigames and shoot straight. Let’s get back to our business. With the set up mission done and the upgrades bought, we still have something that we can change and that is the staff. We can assign the staff to manufacturing – which will use supplies to create products – or assign them all to Research which will use supplies to unlock the Mark II weapons attachments and vehicle modifications. Now, about Research: There are 45 items to unlock from research, from modifications for the weaponized vehicles, to parts for the Mark II weapons including a gang of liveries. We’ve already shown you every upgrade in previous videos, so if you don’t know, that’s on you but what hasn’t been discussed is how the research works. The research bar fills up twice as fast as stock and like stock, it consumes supplies. You might choose to move all your staff to research in order to unlock the parts faster.

The result in moving all your staff to research is that it takes half the time otherwise necessary to unlock some new research project. That is, if you don’t choose to spend your money fast-tracking projects as soon as they’re available. Speaking of spending money, how much does it cost and how long does it take? Check out the tables: As you can see, with no upgrades and the staff divided between research and manufacturing, to unlock 1 of the 45 items you’ll need to be online for almost 17 real-world hours. Instead, if you move all the staff to research and buy both EQ and Staff upgrades, you’ll need just under 6 real-world hours – that makes a total of four to five days to unlock all items.

But, as we said, you can also throw money at research and speed up the process. This approach will cost you between $45K to $225K- depending on how much the research bar has to be filled to unlock any given object. So that means up to $ 10,125,000 to unlock them all. Considering the validity of the Mark 2 weapons and the actual use of the weaponized vehicles in freemode, our best advice is to pass on fast-tracking projects. But to return to the meat & potatoes of this episode, considering we spent the last week in-game, unlocking all the research projects, the staff is automatically moved to manufacturing thereby emptying our bunker of white-coats. With that done, you can start filling crates, just remember- you don’t have to wait till the bar is full to sell stock. Contrasting the CEO warehouses and Biker’s businesses, you can sell a single crate of weapons 100 times or all 100 crates at once. The value of a single crate is always the same. But keep in mind – especially if you play solo – never sell more than 25 crates of product all alone because when you do more than that, you face the possibility of having two or more vehicles to drive to a specific destination and most of the time that is gonna translate into failing the selling mission.

Now you’re free to sell your weapons in Blaine County or Los Santos, the difference being the nearer the drop off, the easier the mission. But to all you would-be arms dealers out there – if you think selling in your own county pays good, selling it outside it pays better. Exactly times better. And depending on upgrades bought and amount of dedicated manufacturing staff, you can have a bunker of weapons to sell after almost 12 hours. This time more than doubles to more than 33 hours if you skip upgrading. That was just the exact amount of time necessary to transform supplies into product. To drive this point home, here’s yet another table showing exactly the amount of time necessary to create a single crate of weapons. With no upgrades, a single crate of weapons requires from 10 to 20 minutes to be created – to then be sold for $ 5,000.

Instead, if we invest some money in staff and equipment upgrades, the same create of weapons gets made in 7 to 14 minutes and can be sold for $7,000. One fundamental element not yet discussed is one of the most important aspects of the arms business: Supplies. If you decide to buy the supplies – rather than stealing them, you’re gonna spend up to $75K for a fully refreshed bar. 10 minutes later the staff receives the supplies. Now if one thinks like you should be thinking – like a true ghetto entrepreneur – you realize the problem with buying supplies is that it costs you almost half the profit from your bunker. And that’s bullshit! To avoid this and preserve profits, you always have the option to steal your supplies by firing up a mission. In such missions you and your friends steal what you need inside a mine shaft… by crashing a deal… from the Merryweather Headquarters etc. You’re also going to steal a tank with a Cargobob or be on top of a flatbed with a Ballistic vest and minigun bringing the damn pain to any and all foolish enough to pursue, while your friends haul ass back to the bunker.

The problem with the resupply missions – if there is one – is a single mission is hardly enough to fill the whole supply bar. If you’re playing solo, you’re not gonna fill more than 20% of the bar – while another 20% is gained for every member of your crew. So, how much supplies you need is again a simple math calculation. According to the upgrades installed and considering always a full-bar supply, you’re going to use the supplies in a different way. A bunker with all the upgrades and a staff dedicated completely to manufacturing will use an entire bar of supplies creating exactly 20 crates of weapons, again for a total of 100. So to completely fill your bunker, you’ll need to refill your supply bar at least 5 times.

Now that we have all the details on time and supply consumption, etc, let’s look at real money and real profit. To do this let’s make some sales. Like when re-upping on supplies, sales are done through a timed mission where, most of the time, you have to bring your vehicle to one or more locations, fight Merryweather and at the end, dump the product and leave the area. Like every other update, there’s a High Demand Bonus – a 1% dividend on the income for each enemy player inside the lobby at the moment you close the deal. And as always, payouts for your associates suck. If you keep them as CEO/VIP associates, they gain nothing more than $10K. Start an MC instead before a deal and give them a role in order to allow a fairer payout of up to $35,000. But how much you can gain from selling your goods is all about how much you spent on investing in upgrades.

The less you spend, the less money you’ll get back because, as explained before, a single crate’s value is lower. With no upgrades at all, a full-bar of weapons can’t be sold for more than $ 750,000. While those who invested on both staff and equipment upgrades, will be able to sell the goods for more than $1M. The cheapest bunker purchase is buying the one in Paleto. With no upgrades at all, move all the staff to manufacturing and every two days you can sell 100 crates for a total of $ 750,000, opting for a remote sell.

That means that after a couple sells we could break even, if we don’t have to pay $4.700 every 48 minutes. To show this precisely with numbers, as we did with the Bikers video, let’s imagine the worst case scenario. We bought the most expensive bunker adding every possible personalization to it for $4M. We then upgrade the staff, equipment and security spending another $2M To cover these expenses we need to sell almost six times our bunker of goods, but again, at the same time we also have to pay wages to the staff adding almost another million in expenses. So, to make it easier, if we want it all, assuming we have the money to spend, we then will need almost four days – 82 hours – and seven, SEVEN, selling missions to break even and make a profit of just $250K – that we’re probably going to spend later to speed up research. We’re talking of a lot of time, but exactly like the Bikers businesses, the Gunrunning activities are for those players that continue to play the game a lot. So to wrap it all up, in review, Gunrunning can be seen as a new business for the Biker’s club.

It’s even better to sell your goods while being in a MC if you have some pals with you, because your associates will receive a bigger cut – $25/30K instead of a measly $10K max. To unlock every project and make profit, you’re gonna need to spend money, and a lot of it – up to $10M – or a lot of time. Weeks, if not months.

The good thing is that, technically, nothing is necessary or extremely overpowered, in either attack or defense. If you’re still an active player, you may find a reason to invest in a bunker and you may gain a profit soon. Otherwise, enjoy the other tons of content the game offers. That’s it for this Tips and Tricks. If you want to chat with us and other players or find someone to play GTA Online with, join us at our Official Discord Server or follow our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. From the GTA Series Videos crew and Gary7 MT. Keep those guns up!.

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