Hello and welcome to a new episode of GTA Series Videos Tips and Tricks. I’m your host, Gtamen, and today we’ll be focusing on the new Adversary Mode: Power Play. In “Power Play” there are two teams facing against each other with a variety of different “Power-Ups”. Each team member can only pick up one power-up at a time, so that means that you’ll have to work with your team if you want to stack up a combination of two or more. If the color of the power-up is the same as your team, you’ll receive a boost. BEASTED – Become the Beast and gain super powers like invisibility, super jump and super strength.

And yes, it is possible to have 2 beasts on your team. RAGING – Inflict increased damage with your entire team, while taking reduced damage. DARK – Hide your and your team blips from the enemy team’s radar. ZONED – Slow down time, for all players, and get the true Max Payne out of you. The others tinted with the adversary color instead, will affect your enemies. FLIPPED – Mess with your opponents by temporarily inverting all enemy camera controls and mixing team chat. DOPED – Cloud your opponent’s judgement by making them feel like they hung out with Snoop Dogg. Smoke weed everyday… Zoned is the only Power-Up that will affect both teams at the same time in the same way, so it’s both an advantage – if you’re really fast and really good with sniper rifles – but also a disadvantage if you’re far away from cover and armed with short-range weapons.

The Beast will be affected by this Power-Up as well, making him lose all his super speed and become a really easy target. Speaking of the Beast, this guy can be pretty difficult to kill. There are a few great ways of making sure he will meet your big foot. First off is the good old fashioned RPG or Minigun. If you see an RPG lying around, make sure to pick it up and save it for when you see a Beast coming for you.

Fire it near his feet and the blast will knock him out, making him an easy target. If you’re a bit further away and the Beast is being distracted by your teammates, the Minigun is a good option. If all hope is lost and there’s no means to take out the Beast, then a great way to avoid being killed is climbing onto objects. The Beast is slow when it comes to climbing and the super jump will only make him overshoot the object and lose valuable health. If you’re the Beast instead, make sure to use your super power to your advantage by jumping over objects and behind groups of enemies, but watch out to not overuse it, because if you use your super powers, your health will decrease at a faster rate. In addition to Trading Places and Power Play, Rockstar also added a new “Winner’s Bonus” to GTA Online. This bonus affects ALL Adversary Modes available in the game – past and future – and is active if you play 2 or more rounds and it is determined by the total length of the match, not by the amount of players or kills.

To find out how this bonus works we did some testing that allowed us to understand that Rockstar has increased the maximum payout of the Adversary Modes from $10,000 to $13,330. So, in addition to the $13,330 you receive after winning a single round, you’ll also receive bonus cash at the end of the match of around $13,000 for a 2-round match, almost $20,000 for 3 rounds, $26,000 for 4 rounds, etc. And that bring us to the end of this Tips and Tricks video. I hope you found this useful. Thank you very much for watching from me, Gtamen, and the GTASeriesVideos Crew, and we hope to see you next time..

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