Hey there gang guys! It is SpooferJahk here again with another video from Vadim M and today’s video will we be dealing with a cut “Social Networking” mission for GTA V. Before starting this video, I want to warn you that all of the information will be based on the leaked “missions dot xml” file, which can be found in Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 game files exclusively. If you are not aware, this file has some sort of a database or a develeloper’s diary describing lots of in-game missions, even the cut ones.

Why is this file considered to be a leak? Because it wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. With that being said, let’s get on with the video. Today’s mission on our list is the cut mission for Devin Weston by the name of “Social Networking.” According to the leaked file, the whole story during this mission took place around stealing a red “Stinger” for him. It would be another luxury car so he could sell it to high ranking Chinese government officials. Despite the fact that this mission was cut once and for all, during the last car theft mission by the name of “Pack Man”, you can still see this red Stinger loaded on the Trailer. This specific car has a unique license plate which read “ALPHA DOG.” Sound a bit familiar? So anyways, this mission involved both Franklin and Trevor to be engaged for hunting this luxury car.

The leaked file states that in order to get this car: Franklin gets a photo of a hot girl in the first and then sets up a Facebook account for her. You heard that right, it mentions Facebook, but since the developers were talking about GTA V here, I am pretty sure they would use LifeInvader for that. By using this profile, Franklin contacts Brucie and arranges a meeting with him. That’s right. Originally, this red Stinger belonged to Brucie and Franklin had to trick him in order to steal his car. If you didn’t get it, this is the same person from GTA IV – Brucie Kibbutz, one of Niko’s weird friends, an alpha dog, a manly fan fueled with testosterone and a good friend of Roman.

To make our story real, we pay a call girl so she could pretend to be the girl from the Internet to go out with Brucie. In other words, this call girl is our bait and in the best case scenario, Brucie should be tricked. And lastly, we will drop our bait at the meeting point and watch. Sadly, it is unknown how this meeting took place, but it is said that Franklin “follows Brucie and girl while Trevor bursts in on them and takes incriminating photos to put on Facebook.” That’s it, Franklin sneaks into his Stinger and drives away to Devin Weston’s garage. Poof, mission completed. Sadly, there are lots of gaps in this story, but this is the best of what we can get by scanning this leaked file. As we found out, we could meet Brucie in person, something you can’t normally do in the final version of the game.

Interesting thing is, he doesn’t even have a character model anymore. But thanks to his “Bull Shark Testosterone” website, we can see what he could look like in the GTA V universe. Kinda the same as in GTA IV, except he looks way older, probably due to abusing testosterone. But we are not done with this mission yet. In one mission, Devin Weston told Michael that he wants to get exactly 5 different luxury cars. But for some weird reason, the trailer in the “Pack Man” is loaded with 6 of them.

We have one extra car here, which came out of nowhere. Also, do you remember the checklist in Hayes Autos, the garage where we stored all of the stolen cars? Guess what, the list on the wall also features 5 different cars required for Devin, without listing the Stinger anywhere. But if you look carefully, you can see that “Monroe” in this list has an arrow pointing towards “LifeInvader” with a question mark, which makes absolutely no sense. “Monroe” was the last car, stolen by Lamar off screen causing no troubles for him. I assume, this texture with the checklist was changed after the mission with Brucie was cut, which would be logical. As a result, the sixth car a.k.a the red Brucie’s Stinger on this trailer comes out of nowhere, the game doesn’t even explain where it came from, which makes it an oversight.

By the way, it looks like “Facebook” in those logs indeed refereed to the “LifeInvader” service. If this mission wasn’t cut, this would be the first mission where we had to use “LifeInvader” and ironically, the way Franklin would have lured Brucie out in a similar fashion that was told to Niko Bellic by Bruce in the Grand Theft Auto IV mission, “Out of the Closet” to lure “Tom Rivas” to his death. But in GTA V, Brucie would just lose his beloved car. Typical Rockstar’s humor..

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