Hey guys, GreyleafGamer here, and we’re gonna run through the LosSantos Connection today. It’s a Martin Mission that gets unlocked at level 40 and is one of the trickier missions to do solo. Now we’re gonna drive down this road here, but we’re gonna go straight down to the train tracks before turning right. This is gonna set us up to get a clear shot at everyone that’s in back of these buildings here. And we’re just gonna take cover by this garage here and take the 5 guys out one by one.

And we shoot the crate so that we can collect the cash before we check the vehicles GPS. Now I said there were 5 guys back here, but it only looked like I took out 4. Apparently I must have gotten a twofer because there’s two bodies lying here beside the crate. Now we just hop in…and back out of the SUV and run back to our own vehicle. We’re gonna follow the GPS most of the way, but watch out for the other vehicles on the road, because if there’s one thing that’s predictable about them, it’s that they’re unpredictable. And when you get to this hump in the road, it’s best to slow down for it, or drive into the oncoming lane if it looks clear to do so.

Otherwise you could end up at the side of the road, or into a telephone pole. Then once we get here, we’re gonna take a shortcut up this hill, and try to stay a little off to the right as we don’t want to alert anyone to our presence. If you’ve been followed here by an SUV though…they’re gonna know that you’re coming and it throws a bit of a wrench in our plans. Luckily this time, nobody saw us pull up, we can take cover by our car, and take out the first 4 guys. Then we quickly run over and take out the guy up on the platform there…and get over to the open container as soon as possible.

It gives us a good protected place to take out the next few guys. And if the guy hiding behind that building gives you any trouble, just shoot the tank next to him, and you can move on. Then it’s just a matter of clearing out a few guys here, and shooting everyone that shows up in SUVs. Now for a second there, I thought I might have time to hack the Laptop, but decided that after getting this far into the mission, I was probably better off taking the time to make sure it was absolutely safe to do so. And I switched to a gun with a little better range. And we all know how to do this. I just look at the first two numbers, and scan the screen for them. In this case it’s 32.64….and I’m not quick enough to do three letters side by side, I can do two, but not three.

Then we just grab a little health here, and head of to the Airport. And we’re gonna get outta here pretty much the same way we came in. I ‘m just gonna skip past the driving bit here, because it’s just following the GPS to the Airport. For some reason the Gps decides to abandon me here, but that’s ok ’cause we can see where we need to get to from here anyways. Now we’re gonna pull up to the left side of the Hangar here, using this concrete barrier to stop us. Then we use our car for cover as we take out anyone in the area that could hurt us when we run to the chopper. And we’re just gonna take it down to the end of the runway and destroy that plane so we won’t have to do it later.

Then we fly over and take out the other chopper because it’s gonna try to take us out when we try to leave with the coke. Then we just fly back to the hangar and wipe everyone out. Once you get out of the chopper, you’re gonna run over to this concrete barrier here, and take out the two guys up top with your sniper rifle. Then you just need to go grab the coke…and some armor if you want it. The rest is just flying back to Madrazzo’s house. Well, I hope you enjoyed the video guys, I hope it helped you out. If you’re new to my channel, I put up two or three of these videos a week, so make sure ya subscribe and if there’s anything you want to see, just leave a comment below. So as always, make sure ya like it, make sure ya subscribe, and I ‘ll see ya next time..

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