This video will take you through the steps on how to get the cash to max out all three characters bank accounts, garages, wardrobes, armouries, property & stock portfolios at quite an early stage in the story. At this stage of the story, Trevor still has not been introduced. But this exact same technique works just as well for him, once his first mission is complete & you have access to his ‘safe house’. So get your head around how this exploit works & you can pretty much generate as much cash as you like whenever you like while the LFI stock’s price is in the doldrums. So first things first… Finish the mission ‘Friend Request’. Go upstairs to your save game bedroom, but don’t save. Go to the LCN stock market screen on your smart phone & take a look at the LFI price.

It should of just dropped about 50% after you ‘docked’ poor Jay Norris. Don’t buy any LFI stocks just yet, as this crash still has quite a way to go. As I said earlier don’t save. Instead have a little lie down to progress time 6 hours. To do this just hit the button to save when standing next to the bed, then cancel straight back out of the save screen.

Keep on using the bed to progress time to about 7-8 days into the future. That’s about 28 little naps in total. Be sure do this all without saving or reloading. In the interest of time preservation, I’ve edited out most of this part of the process. As you get toward the end of waiting out LFI’s price crash, remember to keep an eye on the stock’s price from time to time. What you are looking for is a 1 or 2 cent bounce signalling the end of a magnificent 98% price crash. Now using all funds available pour every penny you can into LFI stock.

Making sure you remember to switch to ’Franklin’ & do the same. As I said don’t forget about doing the same with Franklin. Now you can finally save. In fact you must save. So switch back to Michael. I use the ‘Quick Save’ function on the smart phone to do this. But ‘bed saving’ works just as well also. Now use the pause menu, go to the game tab, find the game you just saved, & load it. As soon as you are back in control, take a look at LFI’s price It should now have a new random 5 day price history, with a new current market value of between 50-360% higher than the bottomed price you just bought it for. So sell it all, & for now hold onto the profit. Don’t forget to cash out Franklin’s portfolio also. It’s important to sell before the market cycles into a new session. Otherwise the price will drop back down to the ‘bottomed’ price, with no profit. In my PS4 version the market price, or sessions are updated at 8:00AM & 4:00PM each day.

Now switch back to Michael & get him back to bed & take a lie down again without saving. This will hasten the market to cycle LFI’s stock price back down to it’s all time lows. When you wake up, Check LFI’s price. If the market has cycled LFI’s price back to it’s bottom, use all that profit from selling high to buy it again. Again, remember to do this with both characters.

Switch back to Michael. Now save the game yet again. You can repeat this process over & over until both controllable characters have reached the max balance of $2,147,483,647. Enjoy!.

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