Hello everyone and welcome to a new GTA Online review! Where in this video we will take a look at the LF-22 Starling Included in the new smugglers DLC. And it is probably the most interesting of the DLC … So let’s take a look, right ?! Priced at million, without discount You get a bomber that throws bombs! Yes of course! If you bring it to the Mod-Shop, and upgrade it completely You will see that you get the choice between a lot of different bombs! I will upload another video later that will dedicate itself to the different bombs, and their effects but for this video I’m going to arm it with cluster bombs because no other bomb makes as good a sound as this one.

[Intensive / Comedian] Ow yeah, die die die die die! But before we start, let’s first look at the Mod-Shop possibilities! So just like the Molotok you can arm it with some armor, And also some diversions against missiles … But because this is a bomber, -as I mentioned before- Do you have the choice between ordinary explosives, flashing bombs, gas bombs or cluster bombs! So to continue, We also have the opportunity to its ease of management, the colors of the aircraft inside and outside, rockets, And finally we also have the possibility to operate the jet engine of this aircraft! What I will explain soon …

Otherwise, when the fighter plane is fully customized, we can enter the airspace! So this plane is a bit weird, compared to all the other old GTA aircraft You will find that the acceleration of the aircraft on the runway is very slow! And that is because of the amount of force that has been spent on the weapons and a small amount on cruising in the air just as you would throw some bombs. If you would like to take off, Acquire height or go a lot faster use the horn / landing gear button to activate the engine from behind! This gives you a lot of speed and speed gives you the opportunity to take off and do other maneuvers that you perform on other planes! The upgrade actually ensures that you can use the engine for longer. So you use that to go faster which, admittedly, can easily be switched on and off by pressing the button, in contrast to the Rocket Voltic and the Opressor that actually just burns out until it’s finished. Its capacity is quite large, so you do not have to worry that you would get bored by the speed without a booster.

Unless, you want to go into a keen battle with this plane, that actually is not really suitable … Because you will not have such a nice trip … The first thing you’ll notice when flying this plane, is the fact that the maneuverability is not the same as with other aircraft. It is difficult to explain it, it feels shaky … However, when it flies normally, it is beautiful and stable! And that makes the bombing very easy to control! Speaking of control, you will first have to open the bomb hatch by holding down the ‘Mode button’. Simply a small push of a button launches the ‘flares’ … Do not try to confuse it, so that you will not lose anything when you are away for a while. However, when the hatch is open you can press and hold the perspective button to look straight down and facilitate the throwing of the bombs.

When everything is top-notch, you can press the button once to throw one bomb or you can keep it pressed to throw a carpet full of bombs! This is amazing! I do not recommend, however, to fly too high because the bombs become invisible after a certain distance and the bombs and their explosions become completely invisible near the ground so you can not see the damage you are doing. Then, when you’re done with bombing, you can close the bomb hatch and continue with the flight. The plane has ordinary rocket launchers and also machine guns without explosives.

That should only be used for air to ground attacks, instead of air against air. You see, the fighter plane is actually fast when the jet engine is active. But when it runs out, or does not work at all the plane almost does not have the strength to keep itself in the air. So you really have to be careful how you will use your jet engine. However, although it recharges very quickly, so it is not entirely a case of fuel shortage.

If you think you’re just on the plane right now, try to land it! Forget about all the wrong landings that you make in any other plane … In this case you have to go all the way straight, otherwise you will have a serious problem with keeping it under control! Not only that, the ‘touchdown’ is often the most difficult part of the country! This thing likes to go up and down and many! You really have to get used to this before you can use it in combat situations. But besides that, this plane is a great addition to GTA Online! And I advise you to purchase one of these, because it is fun to use it! And … hey! I hope you enjoyed this video! If you have done that, do not forget to leave a like and subscribe on the Pyrealm gaming channel To send many videos to you soon! Goodbye everyone!.

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