And we are fully max “STEALTH” what’s going on dear WONDERS, my name is WONDER RAI. welcome to another GTA video today is going to be different than usual today I’ll be showing you the best way to fully max your stealth in GTA 5 online as you guys are saying stay tuned until the end because this is really special and really too careful up so as you see this is my second character that i introduced on couple of days ago so it is guys as you see my character you see the money and everything it is fully low and you have to go all the way over here just mark this area on the dt plus when you go to the map and as you look at my character setting as you can see this is not even close to like one as you see just noticed the cast and the skills that I have for myself so here it is go to this location right here and yeah let’s begin guys so edgy guys and see it right there just come from again still is pretty much low and i am just level 6 about to be seven pretty soon so here it is this is what you gotta do just call that we stay on the attacking position and stay stay and go all the way down to the hill to what try to take your time and try to go a little bit longer way because i think this is the one of the steve its area for GTA also where you don’t fall actually and this kind of like a little flat board right now you call it looks like you’re walking but actually you are doing is you still in the cell from attacking position but you it looks like you are walking so I’m going to fast forward a little bit so that we guys have a clue what to do so as you can see i’m making my category live with sideway side and left and right and see so that we take a long time to go all the way down and it’s really good chance of increasing faster and faster to your old Mac sorry still so I just felt right there EDC is some of the hills you see are not always meant .

This is the best one followed our case and always look at that first one we almost hit that breaking one chart for that stealth mode so you’re going to keep doing that again and over and over as you guys are seeing it I’m taking more of the space and boom already we are up to still 20 our first chart and yet keep repeating this process as you see i think this is my 04 time going in and we’ve got to make some good process and it doesn’t take very long time usually in order to max out to take a long time as you guys seen my cat still the same my level everything say matt baume guys and see I’m level six and you saw the our second chart we’re up to 40 stuff out a hundred guys this is that fast and this simple and this easy there’s no had no anything so you don’t have to worry about with the rockstar account are getting bad because lately there’s a lot of rockstar has really been doing is that they’ve been sending players and because if they do model or something like that so another trick I find was get your custom a motorbike if you on that and try to use that to get up and when you go to go down and your top of the hill try to keep the multiply so that we you don’t have to still vehicles and get a cop’s on so already are up too deep for our third charts and we are almost there almost there guys literally it doesn’t take that much long as you can see Sam level that much more money i have is still same and i’m still doing a live guys I just don’t want you to was a little more time and boom guys we are already up to eighty percent of three stealth mood so we have one more to go and it doesn’t take long at all so they go guys at the I think that was a two-run of going up and down and we are fully max health which is pretty awesome agic Sam level same cat you guys seen before and just to be officially it is legit and you guys stealth is mac and you see my level the timing and it is that easy so there you go guys so hope you guys will finally help with you enjoy and want to see more of a trick like this hit that like them subscribe to my channel as always guys I’ll see you next time Oh yeah yeah

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