Hey guys! Welcome back to Top 10 Gaming, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey. As you may know, Grand Theft Auto 5 has a super popular online mode. And one really fun thing to do in this mode is, of course, racing! Now, there are a TON of great custom maps, and we can’t show them all, but we’ll go through some of our faves, particularly the more unique ones. And I know what you’re thinking. We? Our? Is Ron turning into Gollum? Well no I’m NOT, because Courtney McGinley will be helping me with this today! Say hi, Courtney! (Plug channels) If you enjoy this video, guys, let us know by throwing us a thumbs up down below. Now get ready, it’s time for the Top 10 Craziest Custom Race Maps in GTA 5! Number 10: Slippery When Wet by Kabukicho. Slippery When Wet, as the name would imply, takes place largely on the water, which makes it pretty unique. You’re driving on a platform that’s submerged in the water, so you need to keep changing your camera so you can see where you’re going.

Then you do a big loop on a ramp, and do it again. Just watch out for jerks knocking you off. Number 9: Anti Gravity Wall Racer by MaxTorque87. This race is really cool, and has a wicked Sonic feel to it. Now that I think of it, a LOT of these races feel like Sonic levels. Whoa. I just blew my own mind. Anyway, yeah, you hop from one wall to the other, making sure to manoeuvre properly so you don’t fall off the wall. It’s good practice for the longer races that utilize wall rides, so you can get used to it. Number 8: Things in Stuff 2 by Cynical_Creator. This one’s just crazy. Driving up stairs, going through invisible walls, falling through floors, stuff glitching in and out… it’s insane. By taking advantage of a few glitches, the race is pretty much impossible the first time through, but once you get the hang of it, it’s tons of fun.

Check it out. Number 7: Deadly Fun 2. Here’s one that uses not a car, not a bike, but your own two legs. Just like your granddaddy used to do it. Uphill. Both ways. This one’s a parcour race, and it’s just a riot. Run, leap, jump, pistol whip your enemies, do whatever you gotta do to get to the end. It’s fun to race in cars and go all fast and everything, but sometimes it’s more fun to just run around like a moron.

And for that, parcour races are great. Number 6: Maze Bank Mega Jump by Leeds-Monkey. This one is just plain fun. It’s a super simple race: Go forward, hit the ramp, drive up the big, long ramp, and boost off the edge and try to hit the centre of the building up ahead. Sound easy? Well, it’s not. First, it’s a tricky shot in the first place, since you need to aim carefully, and second… there are a bunch of people chucking grenades at you. But if you get there first, you win, and it is glorious. Number 5: STUNT BJs: it’s Huge by LordTominac.

This race is pretty bonkers, and no it is NOT what you think it is. Shame on you. Here, you’re way up in the sky, driving along a track without barriers. Already pretty dangerous. But then you blast off into the sky, and it’s super dangerous. Then you take a pipe down, and back up you go! You jump from building to building, and it’s just so wicked. Number 4: $ky Rollercoaster by Raymac6. This one’s pretty cool, and as with so many others, it takes place way up in the sky. Sky Rollercoaster is just a thin track with no walls, barely wider than a car, that you need to drive all the way up. And when you hit the top… the fun begins. Because you have to go back down really quickly. And you’re gonna fall. A lot. Number 3: 99% Impossible by BlancoDLD. This one starts off totally normal… it’s a bike race that starts just riding on the ground, until you reach… what can only be described as a monstrosity. Number 2: Super Stunt Sky by Guilherme_94. Super Stunt Sky is a super popular race that has you doing a long, colourful race through a bunch of cool tubes and boosts and jumps and whatnot.

Finishing up with a big ol’ jump through the city onto a building. It’s a fairly straightforward but very cool little race to play with some friends. Number 1: Crash Race by younes-albay. This race is absolutely hilarious. It’s basically just a straight line, with a few jumps. The fun thing about this one is that to progress, you basically drive to one side, then turn around and drive the other way. Which means that you’re often driving directly into other people. Add to that the fact that everyone has rockets, and the name “Crash Race” makes a hell of a lot more sense. That’s it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed, if you did please smack that thumbs up button and subscribe to Top 10 Gaming for more videos! Thank you, Courtney, for helping me out with this one! (Plug channels, yadda yadda).

Beauty. I’ll definitely be checking that out! Until next time, I’m Ron McKenzie-Lefurgey with Top 10 Gaming. Later gamers!.

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