Hello everyone and welcome to another gta online guide where we today will take a look at Volatol (gta airplanes). A bomber added as part of the Doomsday DLC. So let’s get started with the guide. So for a price of only million without offer, you get an airplane that is which is reasonably bad. Make no mistake, this plane sucks. Did you think Bombushka was bad? Just wait till you get this giant hunk-a-junk You can probably call this Bombushka Mark II. The available upgrades for this flight are … bombs … That’s pretty much. It comes with machine guns that you can find on top and on the nose.

That does not have explosive shots. And because this plane is so gigantic you have to tilt the plane to the side if you want both machine guns to shoot up and down In the Doomsday Heist trailer you can see the same plane Bombs are bombing very quickly. But you will not find it in the game, no siree. It’s the same hurry to throw bombs like any other plane in the game. But what about the defensive, maybe it’s good? NO I do not want to waste your time. Do not buy this flight this plane sucks. I beat myself just because I had to buy this plane at full price. [Weird sounds] Do not make the same mistake as I did Subscribe to the Pyrealm Gaming channel to see lots of other short reviews coming to you soon.

See you all!.

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