So we’ve got a new map and as usual, also a new currency called Mistonium. There is a lot of stuff you can buy, especially these pretty cool Requiem armor sets. You will need somewhere around 1200 Lumps of Mistonium and that can take some time. There are several ways how to farm it and to be the most efficient, you should basically do all of them. The first and second one are lumps from Mist-Touched Caches and Mistonium Nodes what you can farm as a part of my TacO farming route, links to the guide and markers are down below. Caches give one guaranteed mistonium per day per account while Nodes has only chance to drop in range from 0 to 3 from one node. Nodes have a daily account limit around 80 so you can swap instances or characters and mine them over and over.

Don’t forget to also mine 3 mistonium from the home instance node. Jahai Bluffs Chests are also part of my mistonium route but have super low chance to drop I would guess like 1% so rather skip them. Behind the waterfall in Yatendi Village is another chest that has a chance as well but there it’s around 50%. Once you drop all 5 runes you can also loot Splendid Chest behind vault door in Sun’s Refuge. The fastest way how to get those runes is Shatterer event since all types of Branded spawns there. Hearts exchanges 5 mistonium per character per day for some karma and are pretty quick. Reclaimed Chantry is a bit confusing at first but once you understand the basics its easy to do.

Go to the NPC with an icon over his head and click on his dialogue option. Doesn’t matter which NPC, except those fighting ones. Once you accept it you will get a buff describing what he wants to talk about with the other NPC. So now go and check all remaining NPCs with an icon and pick the right answer. There are 6 different buffs and word in their names almost always appear in the sentence of the correct answer. Yatendi heart is super easy, just gather several farming supplies, the most convenient place is above the waypoint and then plant them on various plots on the other side. And in Pact Vanguard just pick up Branded Shards and throw them to dummies over and over. There are 8 events what gives 5 mistonium once per day per character. One of them is the Joko CC event, what usually fails so don’t even bother with it. Next two are Shatterer and Branded Djinn. Besides Mistonium has Shatterer chance to drop expensive Crystal Infusion and Djinni Account Bound Endless Tonic.

Then there are rift events. It’s actually one event what can spawn on one of the five different locations. You just kill a few mobs, one rift stalker and it’s done. Easily solo-able. And the new one will spawn in like 1 minute after the previous one ends. Each of those 5 locations has it’s own once per day per character cap. Another method is the map completion but you can do it only once per character obviously. However, it yields nice 25 mistonium And the last one is the PvP reward track. End reward gives 50 mistonium and if you have a lot of PvP rewards potions it will be just a few clicks away. .

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