When Queens Gauntlet came out the first time, killing Liadri with 8 orbs was one of the hardest achievements in the game. It took me over 8 hours back then so this time I’ve decided to look for some cheesy build and I’ve found this budget one for a thief. It’s not my build, all credits goes to a guy named Sogogox or whoever comes with it first, link to his kill is down below. Honestly, I’ve never played thief before, but with this, I did that on the 3rd try. I’ve, however, did some very slight changes to his build and I feel like some actions need a little bit of explanation if you haven’t play thief before so let’s jump on it.

You will need a lvl 80 Thief obviously with elite spec Daredevil so Heart of Thorns is required, but TBH you should achieve similar results with core thief as well. Links to both variations are down below. Now you will need some Dire gear, pistol, and dagger. Dire has toughness, vitality and condition damage stats. Rares will be just fine, but even exotics are super cheap on the trading post.

If you haven’t all trinkets and backpack with Dire stats just put there something else with toughness or condition damage. For runes take Krait ones, they cost like 1 silver and bleeding duration helps here. For Sigils Earth and Agony for even more bleeding. For food Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew, it will increase endurance regen, but you will be ok even without it. And now let’s take a look on the fight itself. First, make sure, you disable auto-cast on skill one because it will annoyingly interrupt picking up orbs. The only thing you have to be aware of are these pulling orbs so when they spawn just one shot them as soon as possible. You have to also dodge or step out of these big segmented AoEs, but it’s super easy to do just don’t panic you have time. Liadri’s ranged attacks hit quite hard so if you have a problem with them, just quickly move left and right. Her projectiles are directional so this way they will always miss. Your goal here is to lure ghosts into the vortexes.

If they touch you, the encounter will fail. Once they cross the vortex, they die and spawn the orb. You have to pick them up and throw them at Liadri. Repeat it 8 times for an achievement before you kill her. And now the cheesy thief part. All necessary damage will be covered by bleeding from auto attacks. Just spam it the entire time and she will die long before the timer expires. No more effort required. Every time the orb spawns use skill 5, Cloak and Dagged on nearby ghost for 5s stealth, pick it up and throw it without pressure..

As found on Youtube