This is an sPvP build.

If you’re like me, Core engineer has a special place in your heart but it’s hard to willingly limit your performance by playing it when Holosmith does everything better. So I set out to come up with something with a playstyle closer to core engineer but with the Holosmith trait line.

Obviously, to play like Core you need some kits. So I slotted med kit and tool kit for the utility knowing that I’d have Holo for damage. You’ll have an answer for most situations; Getting burst, pull out gear shield or Elixir S. Condition spam? Switch to Med Kit and convert then to boons. Time to wreck face? Switch to Holo mode. Someone running? Switch to tool kit and pull them back.

**Why the Elixir line? **
-You’ll convert conditions to boons using the Med Kit
-Healing output is increased
-Increased boon duration
–Protection Injection and Invigorating Speed are also fine options in tier 1.

**Why the tools line? **
– Faster recharge on gear shield and magnet, plus more damage on pry bar
– Faster toolbelt recharge; Bandage self heals for 6000 every 15 seconds.
– Nice bit of damage from takedown round to assist in burst
– Increased damage while you have vigor works well with Vital Bomb and/or invigorating speed.
– All around more endurance


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