Hi guys! This is neonangel, and this is my guide for Anub’Rekhan. He’s the first boss in the first wing of Hearthstone’s Adventure, The Curse of Naxxramas. His Hero Power is Skitter and it summons 4/4 Nerubians. He has special cards like Deathcharger – a really annoying 2/3 with Charge. Also Locust Swarm – it deals 3 damage to all minions and restores Health to him. And this is the 4/4 Nerubian token he gets from his ability “Skitter”. So let’s go ahead and get started. Whenever you mulligan for this fight it’s best if you wanna go ahead and start off with like a Doomsayer, or Loot Hoarder, Mad Scientist, Acolyte of Pain. Any of those that will let you draw cards so you can just get further through your deck and get the pieces that you need to defeat him. This is a Freeze Mage deck that I’m using, so you really don’t want to worry about destroying any of his minions.

You just want to delay him and use freeze tactics to stop him. You will discover very quickly that you are unable to keep up with him churning out these 4/4 Nerubian spiders every single turn, so don’t even try. You’re just going to get frustrated if you try and keep killing his minions. Be patient and you’ll be successful. And right now I’m just going to draw some cards and bide my time here. I’m going to go ahead and toss Ice Block out here so it’s ready and next turn I’m going to plan on playing Doomsayer and Frost Nova to blow everything up. And ideally, that’s what you’d like to do, is just blow everything up on turn five cause he’ll usually have a board full of stuff.

And sometimes whenever you put the Doomsayer out, he’ll get killed. Sometimes he’ll do stupid stuff like hit it with Mortal Coil when it’s not even going to kill it, so it doesn’t make sense, but if he does kill him there’s not a whole lot you can do there except start over – try again. And right now I’m going to go ahead and start drawing cards and either fill up on enough burn to do him in or get Alexstrasza and get him down close enough to kill him with what I already have. And right here – really not interested in killing minions, again, but I am gonna go ahead and try and draw more cards, and then freeze what I can. Now if he wants to kill the Doomsayer this time he’s gonna have to use some resources to do it.

But he survived again – yay! And I’ve got Emperor and Mad Scientist out right now so everything’s gonna get really crazy cheap unless he kills the Emperor right away, which a lot of times he does. He rarely lasts more than a turn. Now I probably just want to go ahead and continue to freeze things and go ahead and make all of my burn cheaper. I do have Alexstrasza in this deck, and she’s really great for bringing Anub’Rekhan really low in health, so you can just kill him with one or two spells, but she’s not absolutely critical to have in this deck, so you could replace her with something else.

And it looks like someone decided to send me a mistell, sorry about that. And here I think I’m just going to go ahead and clear the board right now. And I think here in another turn or two everything’s gonna be cheap enough to where I can just kill him all at once, again, without even using Alexstrasza. Cause I’ve got a ton of damage sitting there in my hand that I can cast. It’s like 28, it’s over – I think it’s over 30 damage, so… I think I could have probably killed him on that turn, but that’s okay. And he’s just gonna drop everything out of his hand pretty much, but it doesn’t matter cause he’s gonna be dead this turn.

So, as you can see, in the fight it wasn’t about killing his minions – trying to keep up with him that way – it’s really just about delaying him, because you can’t keep up with all his minions. But this is why I found Freeze Mage to be the best, because you don’t really have to worry about the minions killing you, because you’ve got the Ice Blocks in there and you’ve got the freeze tactics to slow him down. So there we go. And that’s my first win there. I’m gonna go through and uh, play five games – uh, well – I’m gonna play until I have five wins and I’m just gonna go ahead and record this, but you’re gonna get the faster version so you won’t have to sit through all of it. And I left the sound speeded up – because I think it sounds absolutely hilarious! And I’ve got the Doomsayers here, but the…uh, I didn’t have Frost Nova. This next turn I should be able to…well, I didn’t make it to the next turn, so haha. There’s a loss for me. Hopefully this next one will be better.

I’ve got the Frost Novas and the Doomsayer, which is exactly what you want to see. Now, again, you’ll be taking quite a bit of damage. As long as you make it to turn five with that kind of hand – that’s pretty good. And there comes Alexstraza. We’ll see if she actually lasts long enough to…yep, she did. Again, keep freezing stuff and – and then he does strange things like that, like kills his own Abomination. Now here I don’t want the egg to spawn the 4/4, so I’m trying to kill the egg before I freeze everything and blow it up, but… So I had to go ahead and actually kill a Nerubian there, which is fine. And whenever you have the Archmage Antonidas out it’s pretty much game over, because you will just keep filling your hand up with Fireballs. That’s win number three. Now I just need a Doomsayer. Still no Doomsayer, but that’s okay.

There’s the Doomsayer that I needed. And hopefully Archmage will win the day again. I’m starting to get a ton of Fireballs here. It doesn’t matter that – he’s dead. I’ve already got him low enough where it shouldn’t matter. And he’s dead next turn. That’s win number four. Did not get a very good start with this hand. There’s Doomsayer – a little bit late, but that’s okay – should be able to get it next turn. And I’m pretty vulnerable right now if he has another Frost Bolt or if he gets a Charger through there, then I’m in trouble – like that.

But he’s dead, so it’s okay. And that’s win number five. So, thanks for watching, guys. And I hope this gave you some ideas on how you should beat Anub’Rekhan. He’s really not all that bad. And if you liked this video please make sure and “like” it or subscribe to my channel for more videos. Thanks a lot!.

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