Hello, again. I’m neonangel, and today we’re going to be facing Atramedes in The Hidden Laboratory. His special ability is Echolocate. He is going to be able to create a weapon for free, so whenever you destroy his he’ll be able to get another one. Every time that you play a card it’s going to gain an Attack power. His special cards are Sonic Breath, it’s going to allow him to do 3 damage to a minion and gives his weapon 3 Attack. He’s also got Magmaw, which we’ve seen many times before. And there’s his weapon, his Dragonteeth. And like I said already, it gets a +1 for every card that you play. And you’ll see in the deck that I use here in a moment, umm, couple of ways to get rid of that are going to be the typical Acidic Swamp Ooze, and I’ve got a couple of Legendaries in here to deal with that as well. You’ll see I’ve got Blingtron 3000 and Harrison Jones. Now, neither one of those are absolutely critical to have in the deck, but the do help a whole lot.

They just make it a lot easier and the card draw off of Harrison Jones is amazing. Another star of this deck is the Frothing Beserker. You’ve got so many Taunts in this deck, just hide him behind a Taunt and he gets bigger and bigger, and that’s whats really going to allow you to defeat Atramedes. So we’ll go ahead and get started here and see how we do. And starting off with the Fiery War Axe is fine, but it’s nice to be able to get something to either destroy his weapon or some other Taunts to hide behind. And I’m not destroying the Whelp yet, because I’m going to go ahead and play the Frothing Beserker next turn, so I want to go ahead and have him get the bonus of me destroying him. I about screwed up there – play, need to play the weapon first, and then I can play the Corsair. I’m just gonna have to go ahead and play the Sunkeeper and pass here.

And I think I’m still gonna hold off on attacking with my weapon because I don’t want to kill the huge Frothing Beserker there – cause he’s gonna be dead next turn anyway. Yeah, he’s dead without me even doing anything else. And that’s one good thing about all the Taunts in this deck. You can basically force him to keep smashing his face into all of your Taunts and just killing himself, pretty much. So that’s win number one for me and I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games. And if you did need to replace the Legendaries in here, if you don’t have the Blingtron or Harrison Jones, then I would just either throw in a couple more Taunts or something else that could destroy his weapon, like the new Gluttonous Ooze. I know that an Epic, but it’s another good way to destroy his weapon. That should make him sufficiently huge there [haha]. That’s win two! As you can see, the Frothing Beserker is really the star just because he gets SO huge [haha]! And a lot of times he’ll ignore him.

He just wants to prioritize face. If I get to use Harrison here you’ll see just how wonderful the card advantage is. Cause most of the time you’ll get 5-6 cards off of it. It’s really good! And I was able to pull that one out! I don’t think I’m going to make it out alive on this one. I think I might have been able to stabilize there, but ummm, I forgot about the Dragon’s Breath that he had. Just got a little bit too low. That’s win number five! So thanks everyone for joining me today! Uh, that fight’s not too bad.

It really isn’t. As you can see, as long as you’re able to either destroy his weapon or just keep putting Taunts out there you’ll be able to get him. It’s not that bad. Anyway, I will see you next time for the finale for Nefarian, and umm, have a good one!.

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