Hello again. It’s neonangel. And back again in the Molten Core. It’s the second wing for the second Adventure in Hearthstone, Blackrock Mountain. We’re gonna be facing Baron Geddon today. And his special ability is Ignite Mana. If you have any unused mana at all he is going to do 10 damage to you. So that’s really hard to work around. His special cards are Flameheart, which we’ve seen before, and also Living Bomb, which he’ll put that on one of your minions and if that minion survives to the next turn it’s going to do 10 damage to all of your minions. Luckily, for us, the encounter seems to be broken at the time being and he doesn’t cast Living Bomb anymore, but he has done it in the past.

I’ve certainly encountered it before, but here lately whenever I started recording this he was not doing it. So hopefully he doesn’t, for the time being, but we’ll see. Whenever you’re going to start this fight it’s best if you can get a 1-drop and a 3-drop on your draw, because on your second turn you’ll go ahead an use your hero power. So at least that way you have the first 3 turns planned out. Cause you do want to definitely plan ahead with your mana. See, on that turn right there I didn’t have anything for the first turn, so I took 10 damage immediately. And you don’t want too many turns like that. And the goal of this particular deck is really to be able to get Mal’Ganis out there as early as possible. That way you don’t have to worry about how much damage he’s doing to you from his special ability. Uhh, cause it’s not a problem, but then Mal’Ganis has a huge target on him, so you really have to be sure that you can protect him while he’s out there, because if he dies, then you’re probably gonna be toast.

So I’ve already drawn Mal’Ganis here, but I don’t have any way to – well actually no, I do have the Voidcaller out there right now, so a lot of times that’s how I get him out is using the Voidcaller, but I’ve also still got a couple of Demons in there so I’ve got to try and round them up and get them out and see if I can orchestrate it to where I can put Mal’Ganis on the board from the Voidcaller. I can actually get him out right here, umm, I just need to go ahead and put the Voidcaller (Void Terror) out, umm, in fact that’s how I can go ahead and take care of the board right there is just go ahead and combine both of the minions that I have and that will toss Mal’Ganis out there.

And fingers crossed that he’s gonna be okay. I did that at that moment because he had nothing else on the board, so he’ll definitely toss some stuff out there to try and take care of him. He really has a huge target on him at this point right now. Now I need to be careful here, like I said, I have to protect Mal’Ganis. He HAS to stay alive. Now see he’s definitely in range of some of his other spells or, you know, he can toss something out there to do that last 2 damage to Mal’Ganis. Hopefully though it won’t matter. I might have got him low enough to where I can still get him anyway.

Oh, see [haha] – that’s what I didn’t want to happen right there, but I still think I can make it here. Cause luckily I have the Forbidden Ritual there, I’ve got two of them, so if worse comes to worse you know, I can just cast them and use up any remaining mana that I have. And I’ve got the Sacrificial Pact too, so I could actually kill the Flame Imp with that or hold onto it.

And I didn’t get many Tentacles from that, but I don’t really need that many either. Jaraxxus is definitely welcome right here, since I’m so low. And I think here I just need to smash him in the face. See, he should be dead next turn here, unless something goes terribly wrong. So that is going to be win number one. You can see how important Mal’Ganis is to the fight. And even though he killed Mal’Ganis there I was still able to win, so you know, all hope isn’t lost, but it does get very, very difficult to avoid his Ignite Mana special ability without Mal’Ganis. Now I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games against him.

And hopefully they all go just as well. Sense Demons is a great way to go digging for Mal’Ganis or for some of your other minions in there. Oh, that’s – I actually cast him that time [haha]. Definitely good to see him there. Especially when I’ve got two Succubi out there, just gaining tons of life for me. Oh he’s gonna be toast here. That is win number two. Uhhhh – that’s not what I wanted to see, unfortunately. So that is gonna be a first loss there. Hopefully this one will go a little bit better. And I’m really wanting to see a Mal’Ganis pop out of there. Uhh, there he is. Didn’t want him to get hit by Hellfire there, but not much I could do. He’s in a dangerous spot too. So I really need to be able to protect him. But he’s gonna be dead now anyway, so it’s alright. That one was pretty close though.

It’s a little bit scary getting Mal’Ganis out there so quickly, but I was able to take care of the other minions. Of course he’s still desperately trying to kill him, cause I have to keep Mal’Ganis alive. And of course, he’s able to kill him, so that puts me in a tough spot right here. Hopefully I can do enough damage to him before he takes me out. I’m gonna be taking probably 18 damage here this next turn, but I’m gonna go for the face, cause I think I’ve got him anyway.

Yeah, there’s a Power Overwhelming, so that should be lethal. Yep. Win number four. Now I can roll the dice here and hope that Mal’Ganis hits the board…but he did not. Unfortunately Jaraxxus did, it’s still okay though. I can still make it work. That’s just annoying when that happens. Yeah, he’s about to have a rough time here. He should be dead momentarily. Yeah, go ahead and put your Molten Giants out there – they are NOT going to save you! So that’s going to be win number five. I hope you’ve enjoyed this today. And as you can see, Mal’Ganis is the MVP here, he’s definitely the most important card. You want to get him out as soon as possible and he should be able to secure your win.

If at anytime in the future he starts casting Living Bombs again this deck should still be okay. So I hope you enjoy it. Thanks!.

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