Welcome back everyone. This is neonangel. And we’re going to be facing the third and final boss of the first wing in Blackrock Mountain. We’re facing Emperor Thaurissan today. And his special power is Power of the Firelord. He’s going to be able to do 30 damage to you if he’s able to use that power. His special cards are Flameheart – let’s him draw cards, gain Armor, but the most important one is Moira Bronzebeard. She’s the only thing that’s keeping him from using that special power. As long as she’s alive he’s not going to be able to use it. So our priority is to keep her alive [haha]. We don’t want to be hit with that 30 points of damage right away.

So let’s see how we do here. What I really like to see in the starting hand is Crazed Alchemist. He is the absolute best card to use right away on Moira, so you not only lessen her damage, but at the same time you make sure she can survive, because he has Unstable Ghouls in his deck, he also has Abominations, so as long as she can survive at least 2 damage at a time, then she should be fine. And you can heal her up the rest of the time. See, there’s an Unstable Ghoul already. So if I wouldn’t have flipped her, then I’d be having a tough time getting past that – without killing her, that is.

And you have several different ways in this deck that you can help make sure Moira survives, but the best way is the Crazed Alchemist. Another good one is the Power Word: Shield. That one’s okay to use as well. But whenever you use that or any other way you’re still taking 3 damage from her, so like I said, the Crazed Alchemist is the best to take care of her. Power Word: Glory is absolutely awesome for this deck. And it’s great if you can get it in the beginning, because it totally negates the damage that Moira is doing to you.

Always put the Power Word: Glory on Moira, because you’re never going to kill her, so – and she’s never going to attack anything that you have on the board. The only time she attacks a minion is if it has Taunt. I don’t have any Taunt minions and no way to make anything Taunt, so I’m not worried about that. See, I’ve slapped both of them on her so I’m gonna be getting 8 Health a turn from her.

Well, 7 because she’s still going to do 1 damage to me, but that’s pretty good. Crazed Alchemist is also really good to use on the Holy Champion, because as you can see, her Attack is getting really high so you know at that point I can just flip her and then start gaining in the other direction. And that’s a pretty good way to make sure that [haha] he’s gonna die. Of course he’s not dead yet, so a lot of times he’ll throw out an Abomination or something to try and stop me.

But I’ve got the Songstealer in hand, so I’ll be able to stop that. So he’s going to be dead next turn. Just add insult to injury here – go ahead and buff her up even more and smash his face in. So that is win number one for me. That one went pretty well. I’m gonna go ahead and play through until I’ve won five games. So you can just sit back and enjoy. That is not a very good start at all. I didn’t get any Crazed Alchemist or Power Word: Glory.

See I had to go ahead and use an Inner Fire on her, but that still does not help her survive. See, whenever you don’t get to use the Crazed Alchemist you have to use multiple cards to make sure that she’s gonna be able to survive. I was able to do it, but it’s just not very card efficient. He’s got me really low here. I…he used a Flamestrike on one minion. That was not very nice of him. Hopefully I can draw enough cards here to go ahead and make it through. If I win with a Northshire Cleric that’s gonna be pretty awesome. Hey – there’s the Inner Fire [haha]! So, yeah, I was able to do it! Just managed to squeak out there and stay alive. That’s win number two. So even if you don’t have a good start, it is possible to pull it out. You know you just have to persevere. Hang in there, you can do it! Now see, I haven’t been able to take care of Moira here and I can make her survive, but [haha] you see, I’ve had to use a ridiculous amount of cards just to be able to keep her alive for this.

See, I had to burn both of my Divine Spirits and one of my Inner Fires. So if I win this one, I’m going to be surprised. Yeah, it’s game over here. I just cannot come back from that. Again, a Flamestrike on one minion. That’s pretty crazy. And I’m dead. Which I sort of anticipated, having to burn that many cards just to be able to keep Moira alive, but unfortunately I didn’t draw the Alchemist, which as you can see, he’s really important to be able to draw for her.

Otherwise you just waste too many cards on that one minion. Luckily I’ve got the Power Word: Glory(s) on Moira, so that’s helping out a whole lot. Of course he would Flamestrike there. He actually had one good Flamestrike! If I can survive a turn here I believe I’ve got him. Yep, he’s gonna be dead. That’s win number three. And I don’t want to put out the Cleric just yet, because she’s totally gonna die. Well, I can buff her up here, yeah, yeah. She should be able to survive with those buffs. And hopefully I can make her huge here. Again though, it’s really, really close. I’m cutting it very, very close here. I just really – I need to be able to…need to be able to survive. Did not quite do it there. Just really, really close! I thought I might be able to pull that one out, but just got too close. I just needed another good heal.

See I’d like to be able to put the Holy Champion out, but if you aren’t able to protect her she’s just…has a huge target on her and I just hate seeing her get killed right away. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to pull this one out. This is another extremely close one. Now I need a spell. If I can get a spell I should be able to recover. There we go! DIE!!! That’s right. Win number four for me.

Let’s see if I can do it one more time. Not the best start again though. No Alchemist, no Power Word:Glory. Ahh, there we go. Now at least she can survive. But I’m already just ridiculously low right now. It’d be nice if he stopped Flamestriking everything that I put out there. Maybe I could actually have a chance. He’s dead now. So, as you can see, even whenever you get extremely low there’s always hope. So never give up! Anyway, I’m glad that you joined me today. I hope you enjoyed this guide and I hope it’s given you some good ideas on how to defeat Emperor Thaurissan. Anyway, I’ll see you next time. Thanks again for watching! Bye..

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