Hello again. It’s neonangel, and we’re going to continue our journey through The Curse of Naxxramas. We’re at Grand Widow Faerlina, who is the second boss of the first wing in the Arachnid Quarter. Her special power is Rain of Fire. She fires a missile for each card you have in your hand. She also uses Deathcharger, which we’ve seen before. A Necroknight, which is a really large minion – you can actually us it to your advantage, cause he kills minions on both sides of him when he dies. And the Worshipper, which is my most hated piece of hers, gives her 3 attack on her turn. So he has to be dealt with immediately. And this looks really good, actually for a starting hand. I don’t think that I’m going to throw anything back.

You really want to start with cheap minions that you can go ahead and cast right away because you want to get out of range of her Rain of Fire as quickly as possible. Because see, she’s using it right now. And she’ll use it nearly every turn – it’s just so cheap for her. And don’t be discouraged if she kills a lot of minions that you put out in the beginning because that’s to be expected just from her hero power, and there’s really no way to get around that until you empty your hand. And as you can see by next turn um, I’m probably going to be out of her range.

See, there’s one of the Worshippers and this is where it really starts to cause a lot of trouble, because they’ll stack too. So if she has two of them out they will do 6 damage. But here I’m going to be able to kill the Worshipper. I really want to kill that above the Nerubian, just because that way she won’t be able to attack me. And with the Doomsayer [Doomguard] here, unfortunately I’m going to lose one Doomsayer [Doomguard], but that’s just how it goes. But I’m not gonna have any cards in my hand now, so her Rain of Fire is useless to her. Also at this point I’ll be able to just start drawing cards and playing them on that same turn, so that way I’m not taking any damage again from her ability.

And that’s okay – she wants to do that I get all of these spiders to spawn from the Haunted Creepers. So that’s okay. And I do want to go ahead and try and kill him just because he’s such an annoying minion. We don’t want any of her stuff getting buffed. That needs to die immediately [haha]. She does not need to draw any more cards than necessary. See – I can play both of them right away. And, you know I changed my mind on hitting her with the Abusive Sergeant, but I don’t have any way of getting it back to my hand, so it didn’t really matter. And keep in mind that in order for the Tiny Knights of Evil, for their ability to work, you have to actually discard something.

So that’s why I went ahead and held onto that card for Soulfire. If I would have had zero cards in my hand playing Soulfire their ability would not have triggered. And here we go again, with the Succubus I’m making sure that I trigger their ability, so I can go ahead an make them really large. And she’s dead next turn. I’m just toying with her at this point. She’s beyond dead. So the goal is to really just play cards as quickly as you can and that way her ability doesn’t hurt you anymore. So I’m gonna go ahead and play games again until I win at least five of them. And I’ll keep track of them for you – that was the first win, and here come the rest. And she keeps playing these Worshippers, so whenever she has a hand like that – if she just keeps drawing them and keeps playing them it – she’s really tough to keep up with.

And there’s one of the Necroknights. They are a pain, but if you can kill them you kill a lot of minions. I got disconnected there. And yet another Worshipper. Trying to remember, I think she has – another Worshipper there – she has like five, I think at least five Worshippers. And I think I’m dead here. Yep. Again, that was due to her drawing Worshipper after Worshipper and I just couldn’t keep up with that cause she’s able to keep attacking as long as they’re alive. Another Worshipper here. And there’s another win. And as you can see I was able to empty everything pretty quickly. So this one’s actually looking pretty good. And she’s dead. Win number three. That looks like a good start. These Worshippers drive me crazy. See, I kill one and she’s still got another one. And another one. And it’s gonna be close. I might could come out of this. We’ll see. And….I think I’m dead. Wait, no. Maybe I can, no. I might be able to make it here.

And…no [haha]. Stupid, stupid Deathcharger. Yeah, she was gonna be dead there – so she got lucky. So you can see that if she draws into a lot of her Worshippers and just keeps putting them down one after another – it gets very, very difficult to overcome that. Cause she can kill whatever you put out. And again here’s an example of that – Worshipper, Worshipper – let’s see if she puts out another one. Oh no, it’s the Necroknight. It’s okay though. We definitely want to kill him though. There’s another Worshipper. And another one. Yes, I’m in a pretty dangerous place right now.

So long as she doesn’t do anything crazy. Yep – she’s dead. So that’s win number four. And yes, I’m threatening her – because the Worshippers drive me crazy. She keeps putting them out again and again. But she’s dead. And that is the fifth and final win here. So as you can see uhh, you can run into some trouble there is you don’t empty out everything quick enough and if you don’t kill the Worshippers. So those are the most important things. But thanks again for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time..

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